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State Superintendent meets with CDC to discuss guidelines on going back to school in the fall |

Posted by M. C. on May 25, 2020

CDC begins home schooling advocacy program.



OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) –Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister met with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thursday afternoon to discuss the guidelines they released for going back to school in the fall.

“We are working to have a state level plan for the reopening of schools,” Hofmeister said.

The main point Hofmeister said she learned from the CDC was context.

“The most important thing is to think about safeguard snaps as layers or important ingredients that work together,” she said.

Hofmeister added that what some districts adopt may be different than others, citing things like resources and school population as reasons for schools implementing what guidelines work best for them.

The CDC’s guidelines read as follows:

◦ Wear masks over the age of 2

◦ No sharing of any items or supplies, all belongings in individual cubbies or labeled containers; no sharing electronic devices, toys, games, learning aids

◦ Desks 6 feet apart, all facing the same way

◦ Distance on school buses- one child per seat, skip rows

◦ Install sneeze guards and partitions wherever you cannot space 6ft apart

◦ One way routes in hallways; tape on sidewalks and walls to assure kids stay 6ft apart

◦ No communal shared spaces – cafeterias, playgrounds

◦ Physical barriers or screens between sinks in bathrooms

◦ Only pre-packages boxes or bags of food instead of cafeteria food; kids eat in classrooms

◦ No field trips, assemblies, or external organizations in the schools. Limit volunteers and visitors.

◦ Same children stay with same staff all day, no switching groups or teachers.

◦ Stagger arrival and departure times for students to limit exposure to crowds of kids.

◦ If possible, daily health and temperature checks.

◦ And several rules about cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and hand washing frequently.

“All of this has to work in context, and it’s important that stakeholders give their feedback and share what their comfort level is,” Hofmeister said.

Those stakeholders, or parents, have already started chiming in.

“I think they are extremely strict,” said Cara O’Daniel, a woman whose children go to Edmond Public Schools. “Especially for somewhere here in Oklahoma, a lot of ways they are not feasible.”

“I think they’re a little extreme,” said Beth Gentry, a woman whose children go to Oklahoma City Public Schools. “When my 11-year-old and I were talking this morning, I was reading them with her, and she was like, ‘We’re going to be like mice in cages.’”

While both O’Daniel and Gentry agreed that the guidelines are strict, they had differing opinions on whether the children should be going back to school in August. Gentry said she was ready for her kids to go back. O’Daniel was a little more hesitant. She said she wanted to wait for Edmond Public Schools to make a decision on the guidelines being implemented, then she would make a decision if she want to enroll her kids there again.

Oklahoma City Public Schools also released a statement that reads as follows:

“Although we are not sure what it will look like just yet, OKCPS does plan to begin school on August 10th. District teams are closely monitoring the guidelines being shared by local, state and federal officials as we work with other districts across the country to prepare for a number of back-to-school scenarios, including in-person, virtual and blended learning solutions. As circumstances shift in the coming weeks, OKCPS will continue to be nimble while always keeping safety at the forefront. Although it’s especially hard to do in these times of uncertainty, we encourage our students, staff and families to please remain patient. District leaders are hard at work and will share more information as soon as it is available.”

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Hofmeister said she hopes schools will find ways to implement these guidelines over the summer break.

“This is about a culture of thinking of others and thinking how to protect others and yourself,” she said.

Continued Coronavirus Coverage

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New calls emerge for “anti-vaxxers” to be thrown in re-education camps while their children are kidnapped and their homes seized

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2019

Make no mistake: The vaccine industry is an authoritarian, anti-human rights “Ministry of Truth” medical cartel that believes it owns your body and can force you to be injected with literally anything they call a “vaccine,” regardless of what it contains.

New calls emerge for “anti-vaxxers” to be thrown in re-education camps while their children are kidnapped and their homes seized

(Natural News) If you disagree with the medical establishment’s lies about vaccines, you have no right to exist in society at all, say pro-vaccine authoritarian tyrants. In case you were wondering what the real plans are for people who oppose the quack science dogma of the vaccine industry and its child murdering vaccine advocates, look no further than today’s rant from anti-Trump neocon Rick Wilson.

“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” tweeted Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson), a neo-con Republican strategist and so-called “never Trumper.”

This demand sums up the medical police state tyranny and anti-human authoritarianism that characterizes vaccine advocates, almost all of whom are “medical child molesters” who maim children for profit. They quite literally seek to throw parents in concentration camps if they refuse to have their children injected with nearly a hundred toxic vaccines that contain neurotoxic substances such as aluminum, squalene, mercury, aborted human fetal tissue, formaldehyde and even complete DNA sequences of aborted human babies whose genes were genetically engineered to cause cancer.

Here’s a screen shot of the tweet, since Rick Wilson is likely to delete it soon:

And here’s the live tweet, if you wish to respond to it (and haven’t yet been banned by Twitter for daring to oppose vaccine tyranny):

A Bush administration deep state / anti-Trump neocon

Rick Wilson is a creature of the criminal-minded Bush administration, which engineered the 9/11 attacks to put in place Patriot Act expansions of deep state surveillance to spy on the American people in the name of “national security.” As explained by

Wilson is best known as being the Republican strategists who served as George W. Bush’s Florida campaign chief during the hotly contested 2000 Florida presidential campaign re-count. Wilson was an appointee to the Department of Defense by then-Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney. He has also serve Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns and recently wrote the book, Everything Trump Touches, Dies. He has been a columnist for The New York Times, The Federalist, and Daily Beast.

Rick Wilson’s desire to have the state seize the homes of “anti-vaxxers,” kidnap their children and throw the parents into concentration camps is indicative of the deranged medical violence and tyranny that characterizes the entire vaccine industry. Wilson isn’t an aberration; he’s a “centrist” among vaccine pushers who almost universally share support for pedophilia, open borders child trafficking and medical child abuse, by the way. The same people pushing vaccines also push LGBTP – pedophilia – including “Drag Queen Story Hour” perversions…

Be seeing you



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Dems want to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime, then elect the person who actually committed the crime –

Posted by M. C. on October 1, 2019

Dems want to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime, then elect the person who actually committed the crime

Image: Dems want to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime, then elect the person who actually committed the crime

(Natural News) For the first two years of President Trump’s administration, Democrats and their sycophant allies in the fake news media and the Deep State hamstrung him with a phony “Russian collusion” scandal.

On top of that, the Trump White House was also beset by an ongoing coup attempt known as “Spygate.” Launched by the Obama regime, Spygate involved some of the highest-ranking officials in the FBI, intelligence community, and Justice Department who, together with their Dear Leader, weaponized and politicized one government institution after another to throw a duly-elected president out of office.

Spygate has since been exposed and those who were involved in it are being scrutinized by Attorney General William Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham, and others within the Trump administration who are attempting to bring some semblance of trust and respect back to these institutions.

But the coup attempt continues and unless Barr and Co. get off their duffs and start indicting guilty parties, the deep state is going to succeed.

The conspirators have shifted away from Spygate and Russian collusion to UkraineGate, accusing President Trump last week of doing something improper in attempting to enlist the Kiev government in his administration’s efforts to get to the bottom of the greatest political scandal ever committed in America.

You may have read that Democrats are once again beating the impeachment drum — as if they ever stopped from the moment Trump won the presidency — because they say Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Specifically, they claim Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless Zelensky agreed to help expose corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

According to a transcript of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky released by the White House, the president did no such thing. In fact, Zelensky himself has said publicly that Trump never pressured him to do anything.

In reality, it was Joe Biden who threatened to withhold aid from a previous Ukrainian president. And by every indication, it appears he did it to protect his son…

Except the current occupant of the White House didn’t do anything wrong. Biden, on the hand, admitted he intervened on behalf of his son.

The former VP can be seen on video at an event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations last year admitting he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko unless the latter fired the government’s prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption tied to a gas firm called Burisma. (Related: UNCOVERED: Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ is an anti-Trump Deep State CIA employee who used fake news reports to lodge complaint.)

The company just so happened to have had Hunter Biden as one of its board members — at $50,000 per month.

Biden has, of course, claimed that he never did anything to help protect his son — though, again, he’s on video admitting what he did.

Democrats know this. They’ve not only seen the video, they know Joe Biden.

The Democrat-aligned “Mainstream” media knows this. They know Biden and they, too, have seen the video. All the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders know too, but they’re political partisans so they refuse to criticize Biden.

And yet, Democrats want to impeach President Trump, who was actually trying to get to the bottom of corruption and criminal behavior while trying to elect a guy president who is guilty of corruption and abuse of power.

Only in America is something like this even remotely possible. You just can’t make this up.


Be seeing you

Ukraine Opens Investigation Into Company Hunter Biden ...

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