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C14 Neo-Nazi Group Shows Why Anti-Semitism Envoy Needed – The Forward

Posted by M. C. Fox on August 9, 2018

Why no appointment? Because the Nazi’s are our allies in running the Ukrainian government put in place by Hillary’s state department and Victoria Nuland.

A US “Brokered coup”

Global Neo-Nazism Is Increasing. Why Is The State Department Anti-Semitism Envoy Position Still Vacant?

On April 20, an organization called C14 — which has been described as having members who openly express neo-Nazi views by Radio Free Europe, among other outlets — carried out a terrifying anti-Roma pogrom in Kiev. Over the next two months, four other pogroms, including one in which a man was brutally killed and four others injured, raged across Ukraine. The outbreak of ethnic-fueled hatred was condemned by the The United Nations in Ukraine, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and a joint letter by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Front Line Defenders and Freedom House. All these expressed extreme concern with both the impunity of far-right gangs and the government’s lax response.

On July 21, the New York Times finally decided to cover the situation, focusing mostly on the original April 20 pogrom which had been proudly filmed by C14.

The article starts by presenting the pogroms as a he-said-she-said spat between C14 and the Roma:

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Noam Chomsky: Russian Interference Isn’t Influencing US Elections—But Israel Definitely Is | The Daily Sheeple

Posted by M. C. Fox on August 3, 2018

Last month, The Free Thought Project reported that South Carolina passed a law to legally define criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism,” showing a concerted effort to stifle criticism of a government that is indiscriminately killing innocent people, and keeping an entire population in poverty and constant terror.

World-renowned author and lecturer Noam Chomsky pointed out in a recent interview that Israel has actually had far more influence in the United States political system than Russia ever has, in the wake of mass media hysteria about alleged “collusion” in the 2016 election.

In an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Chomsky said:

So, take, say, the huge issue of interference in our pristine elections. Did the Russians interfere in our elections? An issue of overwhelming concern in the media. I mean, in most of the world, that’s almost a joke. First of all, if you’re interested in foreign interference in our elections, whatever the Russians may have done barely counts or weighs in the balance as compared with what another state does, openly, brazenly and with enormous support. Israeli intervention in U.S. elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done, I mean, even to the point where the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, goes directly to Congress, without even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, with overwhelming applause, to try to undermine the president’s policies—what happened with Obama and Netanyahu in 2015. Did Putin come to give an address to the joint sessions of Congress trying to—calling on them to reverse U.S. policy, without even informing the president? And that’s just a tiny bit of this overwhelming influence. So if you happen to be interested in influence of—foreign influence on elections, there are places to look. But even that is a joke.

Chomsky went on to point out that: Read the rest of this entry »

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