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bionic mosquito: Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory Today

Posted by M. C. on November 9, 2021

There is only one path possible for the return to some level of sanity, let alone liberty.  It is for the Christian Church and Christian leaders to properly lead in accord with the Scripture and Natural Law.  This is the narrative that sustained the West for centuries; it is the narrative – the only narrative in the history of the world – that gave us something approaching a healthy individual liberty.

…Critical Theory has come to dominate the academic world.

The Red Trojan Horse: A Concise Analysis of Cultural Marxism, by Alasdair Elder

This is the second of two posts on this book by Elder.  In the first, I covered the chapters in which he examined the history of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory.  In this post, I will review his comments on the current situation and his proposed solution.

NB: I use the term Cultural Marxism because this is how Elder labels the situation.  I think it is more accurately described as Cultural Gramsci-ism.

Just as Classical Marxism considers that everyone has been fooled by capitalism, Cultural Marxism considers everyone has been fooled by the patriarchy.  Race, gender, sexual orientation, even religion – all are fair game as tools to crush traditional cultural and ethical bounds.

The tactic is always the same: identify a privileged oppressive group; this leads to identifying the underprivileged oppressed group; the oppressive group is then tagged with at least one pathology – an “ism” or a phobia; a victim narrative is established; finally, a feedback loop is established – constant reinforcement of the victim narrative.

This mechanism can be seen in feminism, multiculturalism, transgenderism, etc.   Sound arguments are never presented or addressed; bullying and labeling are the preferred tools.  Per Anita Sarkeesian, “Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out.”

Hypocrisies abound, but these are irrelevant.  Pointing these out is also irrelevant.  Doing so merely demonstrates your phobia, your “ism.”  What is left for the Cultural Marxists is to be for nothing and against everything – ultimately leading to a radical individualism.

This is an individualism, not of responsibility and self-governance, but an individualism of complete isolation, resulting in such a nihilism that the societal fabric is destroyed, and all that is left of the culture is a void.  Total dependence on the state (communism) is all that is left.

This can be seen in many examples.  The nationalization of childhood (it takes a village).  Family life is dull, restrictive, oppressive.  Education is removed, replaced by schooling.  Memorization of facts (if that) instead of developing the ability to use reason in order to think critically. 

Feminism is another, used, finally, as a lever to destroy family – again, leaving children in the hands of the state.  Identity politics, offering power to every “identity” except straight white males.

Elder offers a nice overview of the economics of Cultural Marxism, although I would describe this as the economics of a state willing to leverage the destruction of a culture in order to maximize control.  Monetary and fiscal policy controlled by state actors and bankers, not by individuals acting in a market.  Fiat money, giving the control over the key commodity in a division of labor economy to a small group of central planners.

Elder does offer a chapter on the subject of religion and Cultural Marxism:

It was with very good reason that the progenitors of Cultural Marxism, particularly Georg Lukács and Antonio Gramsci, manifested such a vitriolic loathing for Christian culture. …it is impossible to deny that Christian values have formed the bedrock of Western Civilization.

Unfortunately, as will be seen shortly, Elder does nothing more with this reality. 

It was this cultural tradition that had to be destroyed; Freud’s views on Christianity as a psychologically unhealthy oppressive force would be quite useful for this purpose.

Elder points to the counterculture of the 1960s – the abandonment of traditional sexual mores, the promotion of mysticism and psychedelic “woo.”  As an aside, I recently heard, in a podcast by Tom Holland, a very interesting thought: someday, the 1960s will be seen as a historical turning point much as we today see Luther’s nailing of the ninety-five theses and the Reformation. 

Holland might be right, although I don’t think the effects will be as long lasting.  As violent, maybe; but there is no staying power in continuous deconstruction.

Returning to Elder: the enemy which he spends a good amount of effort on is Islam.  He spends far more time in this chapter on Islam than he does on Christianity.

I don’t know that Islam is any more of an “enemy” than the dozen other tools used by those who want to destroy Western Civilization.  In any case, it is a tool, it isn’t the craftsman. 

He makes an interesting point, and one that points out why continuous deconstruction will consume itself.  As more Muslims come to the West, what will come of transgender rights (and you may fill in any other of the shibboleths of the critical theorists)? 

My thought: deconstruction as a means cannot be satisfied merely with the communism as its end.  Deconstruction is not merely a means; it is the end, the purpose.  It will not be satisfied, as if to say “here, we have reached our goal.” 

There is no goal to reach, because every “achievement” only leads to a new hierarchy that must be deconstructed.  This will be the undoing of this era, but, again, it may be a painful experience for many of us between now and then

In the final chapter, entitled “The Cultural Battlefield,” Elder comes to his solution, or his method of combat.  I must say, it is a disappointing chapter.  After being clear that the Cultural Marxists have won the battle of the narrative, he focusses exclusively on the strategy of fighting with facts.  In speaking of the SJWs as useful idiots:

SJWs usually believe their lies because they are ignorant of any rational arguments to the contrary.

This really is an unbelievable statement.  They either know the arguments but don’t care, or they are screaming whenever someone tries to make a rational argument.  Elder earlier noted that sound arguments are never addressed.

…check the facts and examine statistics, which will always show such [Cultural Marxist] narratives to be false.

Wrong again.  Steven Pinker has made a career of facts and statistics.  He has lost the argument.  Facts and statistics don’t give meaning to life.  People don’t live in a world of facts and statistics; people live in a story, a narrative.  The most powerful story wins.  The West has lost its narrative, not its facts.

Elder is focused on winning one at a time by facts, yet the universities are turning out thousands a year on the other side.

To successfully combat an SJW, the red-pilled rebel must understand the programming, which controls the SJW in question…

Programming doesn’t get altered by facts; it gets altered by a change in the program.  The program is a narrative.  It acts on the facts presented to it in accord with the narrative with which it has been programmed.  Present the same facts to two different programs and you will get two different results.


After spending the entire book discussing how the means of the Cultural Marxists is exercised through the destruction of culture, Elder sees as the solution not some consideration about culture, but a presentation of facts.  It is an unfortunate conclusion. 

You can’t beat programming with facts.  Two individuals with two different “programs” will look at the same facts and come to different conclusion.  This is so obvious on its face; it is almost embarrassing to have to say it.

There is only one path possible for the return to some level of sanity, let alone liberty.  It is for the Christian Church and Christian leaders to properly lead in accord with the Scripture and Natural Law.  This is the narrative that sustained the West for centuries; it is the narrative – the only narrative in the history of the world – that gave us something approaching a healthy individual liberty.

Posted by bionic mosquito at 12:03 AM

Be seeing you

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The New Segregationists of the Left – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 21, 2021

Today, most college freshman have already been relentlessly subjected to the constant repetition of Marxist platitudes for twelve years. I have had students who just could not comprehend the simplest, most basic concepts in economics, but could give a two-hour oration about global warming, how “diversity is our strength,” or virtually any other left-wing fad

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Having been a university economics professor for forty-one years, I am sometimes asked how college students – and the university world in general – has changed over the years.  One response that I give is that when I started out I noticed that the campus Marxists – who had become “academics” not because they wanted lives as an intellectuals but as political activists in tenured jobs – would capture or corral about say, five or ten percent of the incoming students and convince them to become left-wing campus rabble rousers instead of spending their time educating themselves.  Uneducated, sanctimonious, loud-mouthed spouters of leftist platitudes, in other words, just like their Marxist professors.  Today, I would say that a strong majority of college students would fit into that category, not just five or ten percent.

The reason for this is that cultural Marxism has infested the lower levels of education, beginning with elementary school.  Today, most college freshman have already been relentlessly subjected to the constant repetition of Marxist platitudes for twelve years.  I have had students who just could not comprehend the simplest, most basic concepts in economics, but could give a two-hour oration about global warming, how “diversity is our strength,” or virtually any other left-wing fad.  They have been taught that to reject the platitudes of the Left makes one an enemy of society and, of course, a racist.  If you’re wondering why so many college students claim that they prefer socialism to economic freedom, this is it.  This, and the fact that they were never taught a single thing about socialist reality in particular and economics in general.

One positive thing I noticed over the years was that by the 1990s the interaction of black and white students had become, for the most part, perfectly normal with hardly any of them paying any attention at all to skin color.  There are exceptions of course, but the societal change was very noticeable.

It was not always like that.  When I was an undergraduate I was a fraternity president for two years and we were the only integrated fraternity on campus.  The black students were mostly socially segregated with their own Black Student Union (although many of them attended my fraternity’s parties after paying the $1 entrance fee for non-members).

Among my best friends were Elmore Patterson, a smart-as-a-whip black guy from Sharon, Pennsylvania; Fred Taylor, a Jamaican from Montego Bay; and Ramon Martinez, a Puerto Rican from Bedford Stuyvesant (who once told me he had never seen a live cow before going to college in Western Pennsylvania).  Fred, Ray and I (and Bob Brautigam) ran a house painting business in the summers.  Back then, even an Italian-American like myself was considered to be a “minority” at the very Waspish college that I attended!  The college president once invited all the other fraternity presidents to a dinner and left me out, even though we had the largest membership and the highest grade point average of all the fraternities during my entire four years there.  (We also had the best Animal House-style parties which is probably why I was excluded).

It really was remarkable to witness, in a relative short amount of time, how race became largely irrelevant to the average college student — unlike in my day, growing up and going to school in the Deep North of northwestern Pennsylvania.  America’s white parents in the post-60s generations obviously took to heart Martin Luther King, Jr.’s admonition about judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin and educated their children about it.

Then along came the college “cultural Marxists” who now dominate almost all of the academic world in America.  This seems to have started in the mid 1980s when Jesse Jackson led a mob of Stanford University students in a protest march while chanting “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go.”  Being the intellectual giant that he is, Jackson championed the cause of eliminating the teaching about the history of Western Civilization at the college level.  Too many high-achieving white guys.  The Stanford administration dutifully complied with the wishes of the mob of ignorant, chanting Leftists led by a racial extortionist.

The defining characteristic of the so-called cultural Marxists is that they reject the traditional Marxian class struggle theory of supposed antagonism between the capitalist and working “classes.”  Earlier generations of Marxists tried to gain totalitarian power for themselves with that schtick in Europe and America and it didn’t work.

So they invented a new strategy designed to recruit more than just factory workers to the cause.  In the newer “cultural” Marxist theory the class struggle is between an “oppressor” class and the “oppressed” classes, especially all minorities, women, the transgendered, and all those other gender categories that they have invented.  The oppressor class consists of all white heterosexual males; the oppressed classes includes everyone else.  That is why today’s Marxists are so hell bent on shoving so-called “critical race theory” down society’s throat.  This “theory” repudiates the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. about race and instead teaches that all white people – even newborn infants – are inherently evil and racist by virtue of their skin color.  Judge people by their skin color, not the content of their character, they preach.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is unceremoniously thrown under the bus.  The “oppressors” of society, who are the sole causes of everyone else’s problems, are therefore easy to spot – and to demonize, cancel, and destroy.

This Marxist poison is being taught in American schools at all levels today, in the government, and in parts of the corporate world.  It teaches black students, especially, that their white classmates are all to be looked at with deep suspicion because they secretly plan on doing them harm.  This is why groups of parents of all races have risen up to protest and fight against this insidious form of institutionalized, Marxist-inspired hatred and segregation.  How infuriating it must be for parents to raise a child for eighteen years by teaching him or her to be colorblind, and then to have some of the dumbest people in the country, employed by universities, attempting to turn them into ignorant and hateful bigots like themselves.    And charging the parents $50,000/year or more for the effort.

Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo [send him mail] is a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. His latest book is The Problem with Lincoln.

Be seeing you

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On Racism –

Posted by M. C. on June 5, 2020

For decades the FBI has had a department that monitors white supremacists.  The scarcity of white supremacists has encouraged the FBI to create, or to encourage the creation of, such groups, just as the FBI was organizing “terrorist plots” that they could break up in the aftermath of 9/11.  A budget needs a reason.

Paul Craig Roberts

If white people are racist, how was Obama twice elected president of the United States?  That such questions do not occur to those shouting “white racism” indicates weak minds, the presence of anti-whites out to make mischief, and people who speak on the basis of an unexamined assumption that has been drilled into their heads.

The unexamined question is: Are white people racist by nature?  Those who say whites are racist by nature simultaneously claim that hundreds of thousands of Lincoln’s soldiers died in order to free black people from slavery and that white people in the North carried on a relentless long war against white people in the South for the benefit of black people.

It is these same racist white people who passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act 56 years ago and permitted the establishment of racial quotas and contract set-asides for blacks that gave blacks rights and privileges that white people do not have.

If white people are so racist, how can it be that many of them are upset about George Floyd’s death from police violence and some joined the protests? Either white people are racist by nature or they aren’t racist by nature.  If whites are not racist by nature, how can it be that the New York Times is leading the rewriting of American history with its 1619 Project that explains the United States as a country founded on the racism of white people?

Such questions do not occur to Anthony DiMaggio who writes for CounterPunch —Revolution, Not Riots— .

DiMaggio repeats the propagandistic mantra that Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis—thank God not Southern—police is another sign of the structural violence against people of color.  So what is police violence against white people?  Are white people murdered and brutalized by police because of their skin color? Is this structural violence against white people?

You think police don’t use violence against white people? How uninformed you are!  In 2017 police shot to death more than twice as many white people as black people. In 2018 police shot to death almost twice as many white people as black people. In 2019 57% more white people than black people were shot to death.   So far in 2020, 35% more white people than black people have been shot to death by police.

Neither black nor white people know this for reasons I explain here—

A multicultural racially diverse society, which the United States has become as a result of illegal immigration and the change in immigration law in 1965, cannot survive if race hatred is a feature of the society.  In the US, white liberals have been teaching black Americans to hate white Americans for decades.  Black people have been indoctrinated into believing that every unpleasant feature of their existance is due to white racism. In many white people, this indoctrination has engendered guilt that causes them to excuse and make excuses for black violence. The effect over time is to make blacks more angry and whites less willing to resist violent acts of anger and to blame themselves instead. The survival of such a society is problematical. Watching Washingon foment conflict with more unified societies, such as Russia and China, is scary.

None of those screaming racism are interested in stopping police violence. Police violence against members of the public is a product of police training, not of racism.  Those screaming racism don’t want the violence corrected by reforming the way police are trained. They want the violence to continue as it is useful for their agenda of using white racism to create white guilt and black anger. This is the way to revolution. In Marxism, there was only class warfare between workers and capitalist—the proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie—but in Cultural Marxism or Identity Politics there is racial oppresson, gender oppression, homosexual oppression, and oppression against the disabled and elderly.  All of these oppressed people become alienated from society and potential supporters for revolution.

However, Cultural Marxism could also brew counterrevolution. Some whites might see where this is heading and the realization could create opposition to the attack on white people. Some regard Trump’s election as president as an indication that white Americans realize that they have been abandoned by the Democrat Party. Unless you are a well-to-do white liberal on the east or west coasts, the Democrat Party has written you off.  White people, including the working class that formerly was represented by the Democrat Party, have been defined by Hillary Clinton as  “the Trump deplorables.” Whites are already second-class citizens, especially if they are straight males, and they are being set up for worse to come. Politicians, except for Trump, are too scared of media attacks to confront the propaganda with the truth.

Of course there are racists, but the assumption that these animosities exist only between skin colors is problematic. In modern times the most extreme manifestitions of racial violence are tribal between blacks themselves, such as the Rwandan genocide, the mass slaughter of Tutsi by the Hutu.

Indeed, the black slave trade is the product of blacks themselves and has its origin in 1600 in the slave wars fought by the black Kingdom of Dahomey.  Dahomey’s use of black slaves for economic production predates the cotton planations in the US south. One would think that these well known and totally documented facts would be a part of black studies in universities, but such facts are unacceptable to the ruling ideology. Karl Polanyi’s history of Dahomey and the Slave Trade has simply disappeared. It is as if it never was written.  It has gone down Big Brother’s Memory Hole even before the digital revolution created Big Brother.

Whites, of course, have committed far more violence against one another than they have against people of color. Think of the war of the American north against the South, of all the wars between Europeans, the two wars between the US and Great Britain, capped off by World War I and World War II. White people have killed far more white people than people of color.

Even white language is said to be racist. The banned n-word is said to be symbolic of white racism. But every white ethnicity has been called names that are slurs— dago, polack, frog, limey. The Irish are bog-trotters.There is a range of slurs for Germans—kraut, boche, hun. Blacks have plenty of pejorative names for whites. For example, “Miss Ann” or “Ann” is a derisive reference to white women and to any black woman who is regarded as acting as if she is white. Blacks also use pejoratives for blacks. An oreo is a black person who is regarded as acting like a white person.  Aunt Jemima is a black woman who is friendly to, or kisses up to, white people. A black man who does the same is Uncle Tom. American whites have pejoratives for one another—cracker, hillbilly, redneck.  People in the south of England call those in the north northern monkeys. There are pejoratives for every ethnicity.  Jews call gentiles goy. Latin Americans call North Americans gringo. Ukrainians call Russians moskals. If slurs are an indication of racism, then the entire population of the world is racist.

For decades the FBI has had a department that monitors white supremacists.  The scarcity of white supremacists has encouraged the FBI to create, or to encourage the creation of, such groups, just as the FBI was organizing “terrorist plots” that they could break up in the aftermath of 9/11.  A budget needs a reason.

Where do we see evidence of white supremacists? Are statues of Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan being pulled down? Is the Lincoln Memorial covered in graffiti?  Are white supremacists rewriting American history in the universities and at the New York Times? Where are their magazines and newspapers? Who are their representatives in government and media? What is the power of such an invisible group?

In contrast, Antifa is a terrorist organization associated with organized violence. Yet it is white supremacists who are being blamed for the pre-delivery of convenient stockpiles of bricks in the protest areas of the cities where blacks are protesting George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police. How did white supremacists know which cities and which locations in the cities protests would take place?  When the point is to blame white people such questions do not matter to those doing the blaming.

But the questions do matter to a racially diverse multicultural society.  Such a society cannot survive the cultivation of racial enmity. When the goal is revolution, not reform, racial enmity is the weapon.

Be seeing you


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