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Germany Can Save Itself, and Possibly the World, by Abandoning Four Failed Policies

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2022

Conclusion: What’s Good for Germany Is Good for the World

Patrick Barron

The following is a plea to Germany—the war is over and has been for three-quarters of a century. It’s time to stop prostrating yourself for the supposed “good” of Europe. It’s time to take complete control of your domestic and foreign policy, without interference from haughty, busybody world elites, and do what is best for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised that what is good for yourself is also good for your neighbors and the world.

Here are four failed policies that must be ended:

  1. The green energy projects.
  2. Membership in the European Monetary Union (EMU).
  3. Membership in the European Union.
  4. Membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and economic sanctions against Russia.

None of these policies are working. As American humorist and political sage Will Rogers said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

  1. End the green energy projects. This is a good place to start, since your hardworking citizens are likely to freeze this winter. The green energy project, born of the global warming / climate change hysteria, will never power Germany or any other country, that matter. It has failed and cannot succeed. Simply scrap all the publicly funded green energy projects, end all “green energy” subsidies, and wish the private ones well. Sure, maybe there’s a niche here and there for wind and solar, but the national goal to replace fossil fuels must be abandoned. You cannot heat your homes and run an industrial economy on green energy.
  2. Abandon the euro and reinstate the deutschmark. If ever there were a competition for the world’s most foolish currency bloc, the European Monetary Union (EMU) would win all the prizes. As Claudio Grass explained recently, the euro is worse than even a state-sponsored fiat currency. It has no one national owner but nineteen, and a majority want to print more euros. It is the tragedy of the commons applied to currency.  See the rest here

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