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Andrew Yang: Government Takeover of Drug Manufacturing, Licensing Would Lower Prices

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2019

He also advocates for punishing businesses who do not cooperate with the government.

Government already punishes businesses.

Military, education, health care, annual trillion dollar deficits. A 17 year long war, $trillion+  war with no end in sight that we were told would pay for itself. The  F-35 a $billion over budget. The first deployed $12 billion Ford class aircraft carrier has a launch system that won’t launch F-35 aircraft for years (if ever?).

Government has quite history of keeping costs down.

The sad thing is the sheeple will buy Yang’s story.

by Penny Starr

Democrat entrepreneur Andrew Yang is a long shot to win the White House in 2020, but he is still rolling out his presidential plans, including more federal government control over the medical prescription industry.

Andrew Yang’s plan includes using international standards for drug pricing, licensing drug companies that cooperate with the government’s regulations, and public manufacturing of medications.

Yang makes a pitch for his plans on his campaign website:

We need to put pressure on these companies to get their prices under control and more in line with the rest of the world. Americans pay twice as much as Australians and three times as much as the Dutch on prescription drugs due to lack of price control. We have to give the federal government authority to negotiate drug prices and use standard international price reference points so pharmaceutical companies can no longer exploit our market and the American people.

If these companies are not willing to compromise, we need to ensure the U.S. government has the ability to force licenses for these drugs to companies who will. Additionally, we need to authorize the creation of public manufacturing facilities to make these drugs, as well as other necessary drugs and unprofitable but necessary medications, for the American people.

Yang also said that Congress should legislate to make it possible for Medicare — or the government — to negotiate drug prices. He also advocates for punishing businesses who do not cooperate with the government.

“If a company is charging too much, someone willing to charge a reasonable amount will be granted a license to make the medication,” Yang said on his campaign website.

“According to his campaign, Yang would also allow for importing prescription medication from other countries ‘if all else fails,’” the Hill reported.

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New U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Can’t Launch F-35s Until 2027: Report | The National Interest

Posted by M. C. on June 13, 2019

There is one Ford Class commissioned in 2017. Ten years required to make it work.

That is OK. It’s primary aircraft the F-35 doesn’t work either.

Meanwhile…terrorists barely out of the stoneage hold US at bay.

What is this carrier doing if it can’t launch planes? Photo ops?

To paraphrase Dylan – We gotta change our way of thinking.

by WarIsBoring

A big problem. 

The U.S. Navy is facing severe scrutiny from Congress after it was discovered that the new Ford-class supercarriers would be unable to launch and recover aircraft, with the legislative branch going so far as to propose refusing deliveries of future carriers until they can sort the issues out.

The primary problems surrounding the carriers come from new technologies being unable to work as a system- namely the F-35C aircraft, the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System and the Advanced Arresting Gear.

EMALS and AAG have been plagued with issues since the beginning, and the entire Ford-class seems to suffer from cost-cutting measures and overruns, respectively.

According to The Drive, the Government Accountability Office claims that Ford-class carriers might not have the ability to deploy F-35s until 2027 at the very earliest.

In response to the Newport News Shipbuilding Company’s inability to produce a properly-functioning carrier, Congress now wants to make it illegal for the Navy to accept delivery of its next Ford-class aircraft carrier, the future USS John F. Kennedy until all the issues are resolved.

The Kennedy is expected to commission by 2024.

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