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This Martial Law Will End, and End Badly

Posted by M. C. on March 22, 2020

The plebes – to their credit – know intuitively the economic reality which dictates there is no bottom in a market economy based upon closing the markets. Thus, they knew they had better stock up on food, guns and other necessities. And it will be bad: Great Depression-level bad. Last week, Tyler Cowen of George Mason University rather off-handedly posited that if current policy is maintained until August, the result would be 20 percent unemployment – not for months – but for years. 

There are now two kinds of people in the world: 1. Those who believe the Democratic candidates for President, and 2. Adults. There’s no going back to the old economy or old jobs, and Biden and Sanders are both knowingly lying to you.


First, let’s get the three principles for the post-COVID-19 world out there:

  1. If you think COVID-19 is fake, or not really scary, you don’t know science and are an ignorant person.
  2. If you post cavalierly about frolicking socially with your friends, you have no empathy for the elderly and other vulnerable populations and are a horrible person.
  3. If you think we only had two options to fight COVID-19 – “A. Destroy the economy, or B. Grandma dies.” – you are sheeple-level stupid, and the media programming has brainwashed you. There were options C, D, E and F.

Now that I’ve offended everyone on social media, let’s talk about that last principle, which also happens to be the one no one in the media or Washington wants you to talk about. Politicians and their media spokesliars call their policy “social distancing,” but that’s just the political marketing angle for an economic and social shutdown we’ve always called martial law.

The other options could have included a two-stage isolation of the infected and separately isolating the vulnerable elderly and immuno-compromised populations. The latter self-isolate in their own communities in many cases anyway. For those that don’t already self-isolate, all those empty hotel rooms today could have provided sanctuary, or the federal government could have cleared out all those ICE detention centers and welcomed boomers into them. Today’s closed casinos – already famous for feting seniors – could also have become a refuge for the oxygen-tank-and-walker set.

Moreover, Trump using his bully-pulpit to call for greater ICU capacity to accommodate COVID-19 cases would have been helpful. The pandemics of a century ago – polio, the Spanish flu, smallpox and cholera outbreaks – should have provided historical clues that increasing hospital capacity is key. The data thus far from Italy and China shows COVID-19 has taxed the capacities of hospitals, as the elderly and the younger with pre-existing conditions need hospitalization many multiples more frequently than the regular flu virus.

The unfolding disaster of martial law

The plebes – to their credit – know intuitively the economic reality which dictates there is no bottom in a market economy based upon closing the markets. Thus, they knew they had better stock up on food, guns and other necessities. And it will be bad: Great Depression-level bad. Last week, Tyler Cowen of George Mason University rather off-handedly posited that if current policy is maintained until August, the result would be 20 percent unemployment – not for months – but for years.

This false choice of “a new great depression or grandma and two million more dies” has already aged worse than a dead tuna on a hot summer day, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the Trump administration has already pulled lead on suppressing the dire jobs numbers. It will only stink more as time goes on. But that doesn’t mean people with a brain stem no more complex than a box jellyfish won’t defend the martial law status quo. I turned on Fox News the other night to hear that twit Sean Hannity agree with Sen. Lindsay Graham’s call for the federal government to – not end the closure of markets – but reimburse wages for people being prevented by federal and state mandates from producing the goods and services we all want.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump have embraced Andrew Yang’s UBI platitude. With what money, neither pair said. Nor did they have to; there isn’t any money in a federal government already running a $1 trillion deficit whose tax revenue income source is about to hit the far slope of K2. So much for “conservative” small government principles. All politicians and mass media corporate whores are Keynesians now.

Democrats never pretended to have small government principles, but Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders likewise opted to cynically lie to the American people in the most recent Democratic debate rather than tell inconvenient truths. Biden claimed of people who have lost income to the virus shutdown: “We can make them whole now, now, and put in process a system whereby they all are made whole.” Sanders also deployed nearly identical language: “We have got to say to the American people, if you lose your job, you will be made whole.”

There are now two kinds of people in the world: 1. Those who believe the Democratic candidates for President, and 2. Adults. There’s no going back to the old economy or old jobs, and Biden and Sanders are both knowingly lying to you.

But the above at least confirms we will never have any relief from the politicians of either party in Washington or the establishment corporate media.

If working Americans want an end to the looming great depression, they’ve got to rise up in a revolution and end it themselves. Expect the stock market to lose a minimum of 5-10% per week and the effective unemployment rate (the unemployed plus furloughed employees no longer receiving a check) to increase 2% per week until that revolution happens. Much of that effective unemployment – maybe even half – will be permanent once the shutdowns are lifted, as leveraged or marginal firms shutter after accumulated fixed costs and no revenue make re-openings impossible.

The end of martial law will come, as the status quo becomes increasingly unbearable and a new Great Depression emerges. I’m convinced the workers will rise up, even if “social distancing” does make protests and riots more difficult. And the riots will come once the peaceful protests are inevitably ignored by Washington.

This end was known, or at least should have been obvious, owing to the likelihood that Trump had no clue. America is not just ruled by fascists; we are governed by dumb fascists.

If Trump had possessed the stones, and even a whiff of economic sense, he would have called out Italian President Sergio Mattarella as a lunatic for ruining his country by putting the entire nation on lockdown. He would have quipped that Mattarella is really “Stupid Mussolini”: Mussolini made the trains run on time, but Mattarella is dedicated to making sure the trains don’t run. Trump could have then recommended the voluntary isolation of the elderly in the US, and encouraged the markets to provide spaces for sanctuary to seniors. Instead, America’s Mango Mussolini decided to show solidarity with the Eurocratic democratic socialists ruining their nations by aping their stupid fascist policy of economic suicide.

This shutdown was probably the inevitable result of letting scientists set government policy: What else would one expect from a socially awkward group of pencil-necks with no knowledge of regular human social interaction, or, for that matter, economics? Of course scientists were going to suggest ruining society; these dweebs never understood human society in the first place. All that mattered was their “human social interaction” computer models about how the virus might spread. Scientists are like Bill Murray in the movie “Caddyshack,” blowing up the whole golf course in order to stop a gopher infestation. But it’s emblematic of any government by so-called “experts,” who will “solve” the problem but inevitably show shortcomings in areas in which they are not experts, creating greater overall misery.

Even Wall Street has also been slow on the uptake; it has certainly been behind the prols mobbing the grocery stores. If you happened to turn on CNBC, Bloomberg or any other financial network last week (or even yesterday), you were treated to the highly-paid and delusional chattering class telling us that the bottom is near. Yes, I’m talking about you, Jim Kramer. All they see are percentages and profit margins, and the directives of their corporate masters. But the plebes knew there is no bottom to a market when nobody is making things or providing services and everybody is still consuming them. The bottom won’t happen until the shutdowns end.

If there’s a “sheeple,” it’s the media class. Sure, there were lots of people who stupidly accepted the incremental state-based martial law in reaction to the COVID-19 virus, and blindly repeated the political talking points. But most workers intuitively know that’s not true, even when they’re repeating those same talking points. It’s actually the people who are America’s greatest chance for ending the  madness. It’s time those workers lead, and demand an end to the charade and reopen the markets. The longer they wait, the greater the economic damage.

Workers of the world, unite … to reinstate capitalism!

Be seeing you





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Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations and the rich, explained

Posted by M. C. on March 8, 2020

If your favorite snowflake gets a job Zir will see that free stuff isn’t free.

Business taxes are costs of business and have to be paid for by raising prices, lowering your 401K value, reducing work forces or any combination thereof.

Cut tax loads in half and feel the joy. Cut government by 90% and feel more joy.

The sheeple won’t get it until, in the government’s effort to extract even more blood, they find out the definition of “rich” is redefined to include them.

Joe Biden wants to see higher taxes on the rich, especially those who derive most of their income from stock ownership and other investments, according to a detailed revenue plan first reported this week by Bloomberg.

The former vice president’s overall vision for increasing social spending in the United States is ambitious — headlined by a $1.7 trillion climate plan, a $750 billion health plan, and a $750 billion education plan — but significantly less so than the ideas that left-wing rivals Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have put on the table.

His tax ideas, meanwhile, are less dramatic than the new wealth tax proposal Warren made famous — to say nothing of the even bigger wealth tax Sanders has proposed — often sounding more like tedious accounting details than visionary plans. They would roughly equal his $3.2 trillion in spending proposals over a decade, an order of magnitude less than what the left-wingers need to finance their Medicare-for-all plans.

But strikingly, even though Biden’s proposals on this front are much more moderate, they are almost identical in their orientation — raising money from a similar group of people for mostly similar reasons. Despite the disagreement about how far to go, all Democrats these days are basically reading from the same playbook, one that says Reagan-era conventional wisdom about the relationship between taxes and growth is wrong.

Consequently, if Biden’s plans were enacted, taxes on capital owners would end up substantially higher than they were at the end of President Barack Obama’s tenure, even as taxes on the working and middle classes are lower.

Joe Biden’s 10 tax increases

The Biden plan raises revenue in 10 ways, not really united by much of a conceptual theme other than a desire to primarily hit wealthy investors.

The most important of these, widely discussed by many Democrats in recent years, is ending the tax code’s practice of taxing capital gains and dividend income at a lower rate than ordinary labor income. Biden also wants to raise the corporate income tax rate from its current 21 percent to 28 percent — still lower than the 35 percent rate that existed pre-Trump, but Biden is keeping (and in some ways enhancing) many of the revenue-raising and loophole-closing measures that partially offset the cost of the Trump tax cut.

The third source of revenue is on the obscure topic of inheriting stocks and other investments. Capital gains taxes are levied on the profits realized at the time you sell a share of stock, so to the extent that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gets rich because Amazon stock gets more and more valuable, he doesn’t pay any tax on that as long as he holds the shares. The taxes come when he sells the shares and reaps the profits.

But if he passes shares on to his heirs as a gift, or when he dies and they sell the shares, the “cost basis” of the stock is “stepped-up” to the price at the time the shares were transferred. In other words, if you inherit stock and then immediately sell it, there are no taxable capital gains at all.

Biden would do away with this rule. He also wants to implement a version of what Warren has called a “real corporate profits tax” — preventing companies from reporting profits to investors while telling the IRS they have no taxable income. Biden’s version of this would levy a minimum tax of 15 percent on reported profits, even if deductions and credits push taxable profits down to zero.

Biden would also increase what is, essentially, the minimum tax rate on foreign income. The Trump tax bill created a rule known as the Global Intangible Low Tax Income (GILTI) provision to try to discourage companies from shifting their profits to subsidiaries located in low-tax foreign jurisdictions. The current GILTI rate is a mild 10.5 percent, which Biden would double to 21 percent in the context of raising the corporate rate overall.

Biden is also reviving an Obama-era proposal to cap the value of all tax deductions at 28 percent, essentially eroding their value for rich people in the top tax bracket. He also wants to raise that top tax bracket rate back to its Obama-era level.

One of his campaign’s more interesting ideas — though not spelled out in detail — is that the United States should sanction foreign tax havens to get them to tighten up compliance, a measure they say could “conservatively” raise $200 billion over 10 years. In principle, it could raise a lot more than that, though of course the devil would be in the details in terms of what you actually did and how much change it generated.

Last are two small items: the perennial Democratic favorite of eliminating some tax deductions used by fossil fuel extraction companies, and a proposal to repeal a couple of tax provisions that are favorable to real estate investors like President Donald Trump.

Democrats are all heading in the same direction

This is all very different from the Sanders or Warren message in that it’s much less sweeping. At a fundraising event earlier in the cycle, Biden told donors that in his presidency rich people would need to pay more in taxes, but “no one’s standard of living would change. Nothing would fundamentally change.”

This plan more or less delivers on that promise. Rich people would pay higher taxes and, in the case of some very rich people, a lot more in taxes. And of course there are lots of millionaires and billionaires who would very much resist that kind of change.

But the vast majority of people would see no change at all, a huge difference from any Medicare-for-all plan which would involve broad taxes on employers at a minimum, and unlike in the Warren or Sanders plans, there’s no hint of the currently fashionable desire to liquidate billionaires as a class.

On another level, though, the various Democrats’ plans are striking in their similarity. The animating principle of most US tax policy since Ronald Reagan’s election has been the idea that taxes on investment income are very harmful to the economy. The idea is that you want to encourage financial investment because doing so leads to real investment in tangible things — office buildings, factories, business equipment, new inventions — that raise productivity, wages, and living standards.

The Obama administration backed off that consensus by including a “Medicare surtax” on investment income as part of paying for the Affordable Care Act. But later in his administration, Obama also proposed a number of other tax changes that would violate this consensus, including several that Biden is now touting, based on a range of newer work in economics that calls into question the link between investment taxation and growth.

Sanders and Warren go much further down this road than Biden or Obama. But really, whether you talk about a “wealth tax” or Biden’s 10-part plan or Sen. Ron Wyden’s idea to tax unrealized capital gains, everyone is positing that one can soak the ownership class without risking any broader harms to the economy.

Be seeing you


I am from the IRS and am here to help.

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Facebook says it can locate users who opt out of tracking

Posted by M. C. on December 18, 2019

IP addresses also help companies such as Facebook battle misinformation by showing the general origin of potentially nefarious activity, such as a stream of politically oriented posts which might be aimed at a particular country.

The question is who determines what is MISinformation? Facebook, Soros.

Who decides what is truth, who is guilty, who is innocent. Facebook (and Google and Microsoft, all of whom wear the mark of the beast – Soros).

If they want (to find, arrest, stop) you, they will find a way.

Whoa to those in the wrong time, at the wrong time, saying something, anything someone, somewhere doesn’t like.

This is pretty brazen. Facebook is saying opt-out is a joke and Zuckerberg doesn’t care if  you know.

San Francisco (AFP) – Facebook can determine where users are even if they opt out of having their whereabouts tracked, the company revealed in a letter sent to US senators.

In the missive, which was widely shared on social media Tuesday, Facebook explained ways it can still figure out where people are after they have selected not to share precise location data with the company.

The social network, which was responding to a request for information by two senators, contended that knowing a user’s whereabouts has benefits ranging from showing ads for nearby shops to fighting hackers and battling misinformation.

“There is no opting out. No control over your personal information,” Republican Senator Josh Hawley said in a tweet.

“That’s Big Tech. And that’s why Congress needs to take action.”

Facebook said that clues for figuring out a user’s location include being tagged in a photo at a specific place or a check-in at a location such as at a restaurant during a dinner with friends.

People may share an address for purchases at a shopping section at Facebook, or simply include it in their profile information.

Along with location information shared in posts by users, devices connecting to the internet are given IP addresses and a user’s whereabouts can then be noted…

Be seeing you




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Andrew Yang: Government Takeover of Drug Manufacturing, Licensing Would Lower Prices

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2019

He also advocates for punishing businesses who do not cooperate with the government.

Government already punishes businesses.

Military, education, health care, annual trillion dollar deficits. A 17 year long war, $trillion+  war with no end in sight that we were told would pay for itself. The  F-35 a $billion over budget. The first deployed $12 billion Ford class aircraft carrier has a launch system that won’t launch F-35 aircraft for years (if ever?).

Government has quite history of keeping costs down.

The sad thing is the sheeple will buy Yang’s story.

by Penny Starr

Democrat entrepreneur Andrew Yang is a long shot to win the White House in 2020, but he is still rolling out his presidential plans, including more federal government control over the medical prescription industry.

Andrew Yang’s plan includes using international standards for drug pricing, licensing drug companies that cooperate with the government’s regulations, and public manufacturing of medications.

Yang makes a pitch for his plans on his campaign website:

We need to put pressure on these companies to get their prices under control and more in line with the rest of the world. Americans pay twice as much as Australians and three times as much as the Dutch on prescription drugs due to lack of price control. We have to give the federal government authority to negotiate drug prices and use standard international price reference points so pharmaceutical companies can no longer exploit our market and the American people.

If these companies are not willing to compromise, we need to ensure the U.S. government has the ability to force licenses for these drugs to companies who will. Additionally, we need to authorize the creation of public manufacturing facilities to make these drugs, as well as other necessary drugs and unprofitable but necessary medications, for the American people.

Yang also said that Congress should legislate to make it possible for Medicare — or the government — to negotiate drug prices. He also advocates for punishing businesses who do not cooperate with the government.

“If a company is charging too much, someone willing to charge a reasonable amount will be granted a license to make the medication,” Yang said on his campaign website.

“According to his campaign, Yang would also allow for importing prescription medication from other countries ‘if all else fails,’” the Hill reported.

Be seeing you






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New calls emerge for “anti-vaxxers” to be thrown in re-education camps while their children are kidnapped and their homes seized

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2019

Make no mistake: The vaccine industry is an authoritarian, anti-human rights “Ministry of Truth” medical cartel that believes it owns your body and can force you to be injected with literally anything they call a “vaccine,” regardless of what it contains.

New calls emerge for “anti-vaxxers” to be thrown in re-education camps while their children are kidnapped and their homes seized

(Natural News) If you disagree with the medical establishment’s lies about vaccines, you have no right to exist in society at all, say pro-vaccine authoritarian tyrants. In case you were wondering what the real plans are for people who oppose the quack science dogma of the vaccine industry and its child murdering vaccine advocates, look no further than today’s rant from anti-Trump neocon Rick Wilson.

“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” tweeted Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson), a neo-con Republican strategist and so-called “never Trumper.”

This demand sums up the medical police state tyranny and anti-human authoritarianism that characterizes vaccine advocates, almost all of whom are “medical child molesters” who maim children for profit. They quite literally seek to throw parents in concentration camps if they refuse to have their children injected with nearly a hundred toxic vaccines that contain neurotoxic substances such as aluminum, squalene, mercury, aborted human fetal tissue, formaldehyde and even complete DNA sequences of aborted human babies whose genes were genetically engineered to cause cancer.

Here’s a screen shot of the tweet, since Rick Wilson is likely to delete it soon:

And here’s the live tweet, if you wish to respond to it (and haven’t yet been banned by Twitter for daring to oppose vaccine tyranny):

A Bush administration deep state / anti-Trump neocon

Rick Wilson is a creature of the criminal-minded Bush administration, which engineered the 9/11 attacks to put in place Patriot Act expansions of deep state surveillance to spy on the American people in the name of “national security.” As explained by

Wilson is best known as being the Republican strategists who served as George W. Bush’s Florida campaign chief during the hotly contested 2000 Florida presidential campaign re-count. Wilson was an appointee to the Department of Defense by then-Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney. He has also serve Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns and recently wrote the book, Everything Trump Touches, Dies. He has been a columnist for The New York Times, The Federalist, and Daily Beast.

Rick Wilson’s desire to have the state seize the homes of “anti-vaxxers,” kidnap their children and throw the parents into concentration camps is indicative of the deranged medical violence and tyranny that characterizes the entire vaccine industry. Wilson isn’t an aberration; he’s a “centrist” among vaccine pushers who almost universally share support for pedophilia, open borders child trafficking and medical child abuse, by the way. The same people pushing vaccines also push LGBTP – pedophilia – including “Drag Queen Story Hour” perversions…

Be seeing you



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Intelligent Machines This company embeds microchips in its employees, and they love it

Posted by M. C. on August 21, 2018

“You get used to it; it’s easy,” McMullan says. As far as he knows, just two Three Square Market employees have had their chips removed—and that was when they left the company.

Should have named his company Oceania.

These people are beyond words, beyond Sheeple. Purposely advancing their own, and OUR, destruction.

CIA MIT seems OK with it.


When Patrick McMullan wants a Diet Dr Pepper while he’s at work, he pays for it with a wave of his hand. McMullan has a microchip implanted between his thumb and forefinger, and the vending machine immediately deducts money from his account. At his office, he’s one of dozens of employees who have been doing likewise for a year now.

McMullan is the president of Three Square Market, a technology company that provides self-service mini-markets to hospitals, hotels, and company break rooms. Last August, he became one of roughly 50 employees at its headquarters in River Falls, Wisconsin, who volunteered to have a chip injected into their hand. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aurora CO, Senseless Violence? Only If You Don’t Ask the Questi

Posted by M. C. on July 29, 2012

The 24 July Erie-Times Pat Cuneo editorial was about Aurora CO and gun control. Big surprise.  Thinkers are focusing elsewhere: the entertainment industry, violent sports and our militarized (police & otherwise) culture. The “sport & entertainment” angle may be too close for comfort at the Erie-Times or it just doesn’t fit the agenda after the Penn State disaster.  Half-wits “plank” or lay down on highway center-lines at night just because they see it in a film. Grimmer adventures should not be unexpected. Warner Brothers lost no time halting violent trailers and DC comics has delayed issuance of the latest Batman comic. The latter had nothing to do with Aurora of course, it was a sensibilities issue.  WB and Time Warner know where the problems lie. Do you think Obama will be taking his Hollywood worship team to task? Read the rest of this entry »

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