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The Government Culture of Death

Posted by M. C. on June 2, 2022

But absent that waiver, the government cannot infringe upon rights without engaging in monstrous theft. And government theft has consequences. Whether it calls its theft “taxation” or “regulation,” one can understand Nietzsche’s aphorism that the government exists by lying and stealing.

By Andrew P. Napolitano

When the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed that God was dead, he didn’t mean it literally, as that would have been impossible. He meant that God’s creatures have so failed to acknowledge Him and relate to Him, it is as if He decided to end His own existence.

Stated differently, Nietzsche recognized that Christianity had ceased to be influential in contemporary life. Though properly rejected as a madman, he reminded the world that the loss of virtue can only be sustained from the bottom up, not from the top down.

He meant that, for all the power the financial and governmental elites have, none of their valueless impulses would prevail were they not accepted by the majority or a determined minority.

He made these observations in 1886, during a time of relative peace but little freedom in Europe. His sentiments are just as valid in America today, where there is neither peace nor freedom.

People usually get the government they fear, whether it be Hitler’s willing executioners, Putin’s willing dupes or America’s willing subserviates.

Thus, when cultural and financial elites craft a government based on nihilism — a belief in nothing but power — when everything the government says is a lie, when everything the government has it has stolen, when the one thing the government does well is engage in violence, the result is a culture of death.

America today epitomizes a culture of death.

At home, America is at war with itself. The government permits the slaughter of babies in the womb and fails to prevent the slaughter of babies in a government classroom.

And America is at war abroad. The federal government has just sent cash and military hardware worth $56 billion to its vassal state, Ukraine. That amount rivals the annual military budget of Russia and is greater than the annual budget of the entire Ukraine government.

What’s going on?

What’s going on is the American rejection of the core Judeo-Christian value of the intrinsic worth of every person, and the tragic failure of American government at all levels to take rights seriously.

Because the government glorifies violence — constant wars, an annual defense budget larger than the next dozen countries combined including Russia and China, the adulation of the military, the encouragement and financing of abortions, and the use of the death penalty — it undermines the value of human life and sets a tone whereby because the government kills with impunity, violence becomes a personal tool.

Is it any wonder that deranged people pick up where the government has left off? For a person filled with hate and incapable of reason living in a society that rejects the intrinsic worth of every human life, is it very much of a leap from killing babies in the womb to killing strangers in a supermarket or a classroom?

Thomas Jefferson argued that the only moral purpose of government is to protect individual rights.

What is a right? A right is an indefeasible claim against the whole world that originates in our humanity. Thus the right to live, to worship or not to worship, to think as you wish, to say what you think, to publish what you say, to associate or not to associate, to acquire property voluntarily, to defend your life and property, to travel and to be left alone are rights that are inherent in our nature. Rights are above the law. Like the color of our eyes, they are immune from the lawmaking power.

The government, which is an artificial entity based on a monopoly of force in a geographic area, may not morally interfere with our rights unless we waive them. A house burglar waives his rights when he violates the property rights of the owner or legal occupant of the house.

But absent that waiver, the government cannot infringe upon rights without engaging in monstrous theft. And government theft has consequences. Whether it calls its theft “taxation” or “regulation,” one can understand Nietzsche’s aphorism that the government exists by lying and stealing.

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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Who Will Save You From This Insane Tyranny? Only You Have the Power To Save Yourself – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 15, 2022

By Gary D. Barnett

“In the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations take place, and the whole future, the whole history of the world, ultimately springs as a gigantic summation from this hidden source in individuals.”

Carl Gustav Jung

Here we are in an age of fear and excuses; an age of collective madness that strives for the death of the individual. Little do the masses know, as the end of individuality is the end of man. The crowd can destroy us, but the individual can save us. The idea of self then is the savior of humanity, for all efforts that rely on the masses as a whole to awaken to the idea of freedom will fail, as the mass will never act to free itself until it is too late.

While this thinking may seem defeatist, it is not, it is simply the way of human nature to hide from the truth. The few can change the world, but the common man who simply exists in life instead of living beyond life, cannot even save himself. In order for any true awakening of mind and spirit to take place, a rebirth brought about by a deep understanding of the inner psyche is necessary; requiring a personal and visceral activation of individual consciousness. This is not a learned behavior, and it is does not come from any perceived physical or personal experience, it is innate. Rarely is this awareness of the subconscious self, experienced by the common man, as it is reserved for those who have the strength and courage to look deep inside and not only face themselves, but also to accept what they find. Once this occurs, truth becomes evident, and fear disappears.

Considering our current circumstances, the more who separate from the crowd in order to find self, the more who are likely to disobey and dissent. It does not take huge numbers for the fight for freedom to survive and prosper, it takes only a minority of very courageous individuals to turn this tide of tyranny. The masses collectively will not win this battle, and in fact will hamper all efforts due to their indifference, but the few awakened can move mountains. If the few become greater in number, the evil can be defeated.

The state’s answer to the strong and awake is to corrupt the minds and bodies of as many people as possible. By gaining the cooperation of the masses, the ruling monsters can pit them against the very individuals with the power to save them. Many tools are being used to accomplish this destruction of the individual psyche, not the least of which is this deadly, poisonous, and body and gene-altering bioweapon called the ‘Covid vaccine.’ Psychological torture is rampant, and has been extremely effective in gaining the acquiescence of the herd, due mostly to unfounded fear. Because of this, most have complied with very totalitarian orders and mandates meant to subdue that bulk of society too weak to fight against this obvious fraud.

Extreme propaganda, false flags, emergency declarations, lockdowns, social distancing, mandated mask wearing, threats, fearmongering, job loss, forced business closures, massive inflation, limitless intimidation, staged and allowed violence, sickness, and much death have been the result of the state’s efforts to repress and control this society. When stress due to fear reaches these levels, the people’s ability to fight back is not enhanced as might be expected, but is vastly weakened. This is known by those evil enough to pursue this agenda of gaining more power in order to subdue and control the majority. When this happens, the real enemy that is the state, pretends to become the savior, and all those attempting to refute the lies become the enemy of the people. This is a true inversion of reality, and controlled perception becomes a real-world media phenomenon, based only on the mass hypnosis of the crowd. As sad as it is, this has been a successful effort by the controlling element of society, and one that threatens the very essence of man.

Considering all that has happened, it is obvious that the deadly fake injection is the most sought-after control method being used by the evil ‘master’ class today. This is why in light of the fact that they are worthless in any effort to control any so-called sickness or disease, and that they are so gravely dangerous, that they are being forced on this and other populations with such vigor. The technology available to those making, administering, and demanding acceptance of these toxic concoctions, is at this point fantastical, and what is being told to the ‘public’ is only a minor snippet of the actual technology available. These are bioweapons meant to change the body, mind, and genetic structure of its victims, including injecting substances that allow for mind control, and can maim and kill as well.

Depopulation is a large part of the state’s agenda, but the submission of the rest is necessary as well in order for long term control of large populations. The proposed injection attack planned for all children is vitally important to the ruling class, because if the injection of these bioweapons into the majority of children from the very young through adolescence can be accomplished, the future belongs to the state. The push to inject the children will not go away on its own, because that is the most important aspect of the plan for future control of humanity. Innocent children and the old and weak are the most vulnerable among us. Should this conspiratorial plot continue to gain success, many of the old will be killed or will die due to the shots, and the young can be fully restrained, supervised, and dominated through artificial methods for many years to come. This is what we face, and why it is so imperative that we stand against the tyranny as aware individuals, never allowing this takeover of mankind to see the light of day.

“No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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“Covid’ Bioweapon shot designed for control and depopulation

Eugenics Is Alive and Well, and the ‘Covid-19’ Scam is the Engine for Accomplishing Depopulation and Mind control

Be seeing you

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“No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself”Friedrich Nietzsche

Posted by M. C. on January 15, 2022

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Humanity as it Exists Today Is Facing Extinction – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

By Gary D. Barnett

“The tyrant, who in order to hold his power, suppresses every superiority, does away with good men, forbids education and light, controls every movement of the citizens and, keeping them under a perpetual servitude, wants them to grow accustomed to baseness and cowardice, has his spies everywhere to listen to what is said in the meetings, and spreads dissension and calumny among the citizens and impoverishes them, is obliged to make war in order to keep his subjects occupied and impose on them permanent need of a chief.”

~ Aristotle

What Aristotle understood about tyrants and the weakness and pathetic nature of man over 2,400 years ago, still holds true today. What this means is that with all that time passed, all that history, all the benefit of the great thinker’s minds over thousands of years, modern ‘education,’ modern technology, and every opportunity for a human awakening, the common man has not advanced intellectually, nor has he succeeded concerning any quest to affirm his own freedom. Reality suggests, in fact, that humanity has not actually progressed at all, but has descended deeper into a state of chaotic ignorance.

Considering this long term habituated state of being, how then can any critical thinking individual expect humanity as a whole to suddenly change during this current totalitarian onslaught against individual freedom? Throughout history, some countries and some parts of the world, were under more brutal and tyrannical rule than others, but some collective freedom did always exist briefly in certain societies. This always led to a ‘hope’ that the possibility of liberty was just around the corner, or at least attainable to those willing to fight for it. This of course was never assured or achieved because the populations of these less-abused societies were never willing to face the truth, or to take full responsibility or risk for their own well-being. Real freedom can never exist so long as governments continue to rule over others, regardless of what governing structure is in place, but the perception that freedom remained attainable for the crowd was kept alive. Was this by design?

The major difference today is that this attempted fascist and communistic takeover is a total global effort, so virtually every country on earth is under siege by evil governing forces and those who control them. In other words, there is a concerted effort by the so-called master class, to assure a global takeover of humanity, thereby stifling any and all thought of individual thought and freedom among the collective masses. There is only one sanctuary in a world such as this, and that sanctuary can only exist in the intellectually mature psyche and souls of free-thinking independent individuals. If the few can rule the many, why then cannot the billions defeat the ruling cabal attempting to destroy humanity as it exists today? The threat of human destruction should have been recognized by most all as inevitable long ago considering all historical accounts of totalitarian aggression, not to just those few who have had the courage to face the truth.

War has been used for thousands of years to subdue and control the masses, all in the name of safety. The threat of war will continue to be an arrow in the quiver of the ruling monsters, just as is being witnessed today with the aggressive posturing by the U.S against Russia, China, and much of the rest of the world. But conventional war has ceased to be the first tool of tyranny, as now the bogus threat of non-existent ‘viruses’ and plagues, created division, and purposely stoked hatred have become the ‘modern’ methods of warfare. Modern war is no longer war against far away imagined enemies using guns and bullets under the guise of nationalism, but war directed specifically against the domestic populations on a global scale. This tactic not only allows for total control over societies, but also allows for mass murder by the state of its own citizenry, which is democide. One of the most state desired benefits of this atrocious approach to killing, is that it allows the rulers to target specific individuals or groups that are falsely made out to be a threat to government and the public. All those said to be out of favor with the ruling class are said to be a danger to the status quo, causing at the same time due to unending propaganda, the frightened general population to support aggression toward those brave enough to stand against the state.

The very people that could save humanity will be the targeted classes. This will include truthtellers, whistleblowers, dissenters, courageous anti-vaxxers, freedom advocates, honest protesters against the state, and all others not willing to be obedient fools and lay down and bow to heinous false authority. These are the saviors of mankind, but will be said to be the enemy of the people, when in fact they are the defenders of freedom and the enemy of tyranny.

The plan of the non-human claimed ‘elites’ and their minions in government is to depopulate this earth, murder those willing to defend themselves and others against this totalitarian takeover called “The Great Reset,’ monopolize all monetary systems and create a global digitized system in order to gain control of all money and property, alter the human genome so as to create a fully controllable cyborg society under technocratic management; all under the dishonest auspices of safety and protecting the earth from fake manmade climate change. This can be done with injectable bioweapons falsely called ‘vaccines,’ and other invasive techniques as well, but so far has mostly been accomplished by fully voluntary cooperation by the pathetic masses.

What is to come of modern man? Human problems, fears, lack of courage and conviction, desire to escape responsibility, indifference, and reliance on others instead of self, have caused not only a lessening of intellect, but also have exposed the underbelly of the miserable modern human animal. The four most evident characteristics of modern man are weakness, ignorance, dependency, and fear, and all of these traits can lead only to an empty life of servitude.

But I’m just kidding. Continue as you do, take no responsibility for self, hope and wish for better times, hide in the shadows, never put down your phone, watch only mainstream news, turn in your neighbors that do not comply with state orders, show your papers wherever you go, wear your masks, get your ‘Covid’ injection and every booster, and sing the national anthem loudly. Your “new normal” will be here before you know it!

“If you are too weak to give yourselves your own law, then a tyrant shall lay his yoke upon you and say: “Obey! Clench your teeth and obey!” And all good and evil shall be drowned in obedience to him.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades. He is against all war and aggression, and against the state. He recently finished a collaboration with former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and was a contributor to her new book, “When China Sneezes” From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Political-Economic Crisis.” Currently, he lives in Montana with his wife and son. Visit his website.

Be seeing you

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Friedrich Nietzsche

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

“If you are too weak to give yourselves your own law, then a tyrant shall lay his yoke upon you and say: “Obey! Clench your teeth and obey!” And all good and evil shall be drowned in obedience to him.”

Be seeing you

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bionic mosquito: A World Without Christianity…

Posted by M. C. on April 30, 2020

bionic mosquito

A World Without Christianity…

…is a world without the possibility of liberty.

Tom Holland has written a book: Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. At some point, I will read this book and write something about it; I have heard enough from him in interviews that the book seems very worthwhile.

This post is based on one of these interviews, conducted by Glen Scrivener. Glen Scrivener is an ordained minister and evangelist. My following notes pick up at the 29-minute mark; however, the entire interview is worth listening to.

GS: There are many humanists who say Christianity played a part in Western liberal values, but even without Jesus Christ we would have got to where we are.

TH: (chuckling) No. and it’s so odd because it tends to be people who valorize science and Darwin and the theory of evolution… [prior to Christianity] there is nothing at all about the emergence of the qualities or the values or the teaching of Christianity at all.

I don’t recall if it was earlier in this interview, or in another interview with Holland, but Holland describes the Roman world into which Christianity was born. Anyone not a male Roman citizen demanding any sort of rights would be sent to death. Any male Roman citizen had the right to have sex with anyone of any age in any orifice of his choosing. Things like this.

All of this was considered right, and good. It was only in Christianity where the slaves were given equal dignity in God’s eyes, where women had the same rights in marriage and sex as men.

GS: You cannot get these from other sources?

TH: If you want a sense of what the world might have looked like without Christianity you can look at India, where you have very rich philosophical tradition, a very rich tradition of worshipping gods, you don’t have something that emerges and wipes that out.

Certainly Christian-like values did not emerge from India.

TH: I can absolutely imagine a world where Christianity doesn’t emerge, where what the Jewish Scriptures offers to Gentiles remains highly appealing, so there’s a kind of churn of conversion. But because the difficulty of becoming a Jew is such, it could never become universalist on the scale that Christianity does.

It didn’t before Christ; there is no reason at all that it would have been different after Christ.

GS: Could we, though, have generated some sort of human rights [absent Christianity]?

TH: I don’t see why you would. Why would you? The idea that human rights kind of hangs in the ether waiting to be discovered is as theological as believing that the Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and sits at the hand of God the Father. It requires a leap of faith.

It is interesting: we consider that natural rights “hang in the ether waiting to be discovered,” and this is true enough. But I think it is only true enough if one first accepts that man is made in God’s image and that God, in Jesus, gave us the means by which to understand proper virtues.

TH: The difference is that Christians recognize the divinity of Christ requires belief, whereas lots of people just assume that human rights exist, but they do not. They are a result of various legal developments in medieval Christendom. It doesn’t just spontaneously emerge.

Prior to and outside of Christianity, societies didn’t thrive by practicing what we today consider proper (i.e. Christian) ethics. Societies thrived via violence and brute force.

TH: The idea that humanists propagate, that science “proves” [the value of liberal values] is grotesque. Science is a mirror in which you see reflected what you want to see. The Nazis used science to justify racial genocide, liberals use it to justify “let’s hug the world.” But both of them reflect the cultural prejudices of people who are looking in that mirror of science.

Holland then describes his view of the fall from Christianity, which he says happened as a result of the two World Wars and people realizing the evils of the Holocaust. I will only say, that the fall happened long before, and Nietzsche’s madman saw this. Holland even references Nietzsche’s “Death of God,” so I do not follow his thinking here at all. He continues:

TH: We no longer needed the devil, because we had Hitler. We no longer needed hell because we had Auschwitz. So, whenever people want to do what is right, what is good, they look at the Nazis and do the opposite of what the Nazis did. The worst insult you can give anyone is that they are a racist or a Nazi.

This kind of [modern liberal] thinking sucked everyone in – universities, politicians, and churches. Therefore, the church no longer determines what people think. Whereas humanism is a kind of a Christian heresy, humanism has become so hegemonic that it has made the church kind of humanist.

This is why church attendance in the west is shrinking – who needs the church when all they do is regurgitate what is offered everywhere else?

GS: So, what would you like to see Christians preach?

TH: I see no point in bishops, preachers or evangelists just recycling the kind of stuff that you can get (chuckling) from any kind of soft left-liberal, because everyone is doing that. If I want that, I will get it from a liberal-democratic counselor.

Holland then describes the incomprehensible truth of Christianity:

TH: If you are a Christian, you think that the entire fabric of the cosmos was ruptured by this strange singularity where someone who is God and man sets everything on its head. To say its supernatural is to downplay it. If you believe that, then it should be possible to dwell on all the other “weird” stuff that becomes part of the Christian package.

Really, no one else is offering this. It sounds like a pretty good product differentiation strategy.

TH: I don’t want to hear what bishops think about Brexit; I know what they think about Brexit and it’s not very interesting. If they’ve got views on original sin, I would be very interested to hear that.

Original sin is a perfect example: if you are a woke liberal, you think “how awful, how terrible; Augustine was a terrible guy.” But watching the kind of shrillness of people convinced of their own virtue, howling down “sinners,” you realize that the concept of original sin keeps us all honest – we are all sinners.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn would write that the line separating good and evil passes right through every human heart. Every single one. Original sin; we are all depraved.

TH: Without original sin, you get a horrible hierarchy of virtue. You get exactly what atheists tend to criticize Christianity for. Christians always have a sense of their own sin; it keeps them honest.

And this is what we see around us today. The hierarchy of virtue is upside down. The greater the evil and the more depraved, the higher up the ladder it goes.


Removing Christianity from community life, as was accomplished in the Enlightenment, has led us to this place. I am reminded of Friedrich Nietzsche, from Twilight of the Idols:

When one gives up the Christian faith, one pulls the right to Christian morality out from under one’s feet… Christianity is a system, a whole view of things thought out together. By breaking one main concept out of it, the faith in God, one breaks the whole: nothing necessary remains in one’s hands.

Do you remember what Holland said about the ethics in pre-Christian Rome? There is nothing that keeps us from this.

Is liberty possible in such a world?

Be seeing you

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