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Watch “Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call For Military Advisors To Ukraine!” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on July 25, 2022

A bipartisan group from the US Congress on a junket to Kiev have called for the Biden Administration to begin sending US military “advisors” to Ukraine. Not to the frontline (right away) they say. What could go wrong? Also today: Hungary’s Orban delivers a blistering speech on Europe’s failed Ukraine policy. And…in North Carolina the whole police force quits. You’ll never believe why.

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Ukraine Warns ‘Something Should Happen’ to Pipeline Delivering Russian Oil to Hungary

Posted by M. C. on May 28, 2022

By Ilya Tsukanov
Sputnik News

Budapest has spent weeks shooting down proposals by Brussels to ban Russian oil and gas in the European Union, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban warning that an embargo on Russian oil would be tantamount to “dropping an atomic bomb” on the Hungarian economy. Hungary purchases about 65 percent of its oil and 85 percent of its gas from Russia.

Kiev should make “something happen” to the Druzhba (“Friendship”) pipeline carrying Russian oil through Ukraine to Hungary to teach Budapest a lesson, Lana Zerkal, an adviser to Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko, has suggested.

“In my view, it would be very appropriate if something happened to the pipeline. But again, this is in the hands of the government and the president – to decide political questions, and whether we really want to speak to Orban in the language he understands and which he is imposing on the European Union”, Zerkal said, speaking at the Kiev Security Forum on Wednesday.

Druzhba is an “excellent lever” with which to influence Hungarian policy, she stressed.

Zerkal’s comments were echoed by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who called for the oil pipeline to be shut down last week, notwithstanding the expected loss of income to the Ukrainian budget via transit fees collected from Russia.

Built in the Soviet days, the massive Druzhba network originates in the Samara region, branching out into Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic States, and takes oil westward to Poland and Germany in the north and Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary in the south. Pipelines connecting to Druzhba take oil further west to Austria and south to the Adriatic Sea.

A 1,490 km stretch of the pipeline runs through Ukraine, with Ukrainian government company UkrTransNafta operating it.

Before the escalation of the Ukraine conflict, Kiev collected between $2-3 billion in annual transit fees from the oil and gas pumped through the country by Russia to Europe. Gas and oil flows have continued through the past three months, notwithstanding the unprecedented crisis. However, Ukraine moved to suspend the flow of some Russian gas deliveries to Europe earlier this month under the pretext that Moscow was “diverting supplies” – a tactic Russia has repeatedly accused Kiev itself of using.

The proposal to “do something” to Druzhba is part of the broader Ukrainian-Hungarian diplomatic feud, which in addition to geopolitical considerations also has a minority rights component. The spat has its origins in the 2014 Euromaidan coup, when nationalist and pro-Western forces overthrew the government in Kiev and proceeded to enforce social reforms which clamped down on ethnic minorities residing in the country. Over 150,000 Hungarians live in Ukraine’s western Zakarpattia region. Budapest was incensed by a 2017 education law which limited Hungarian-language study to the first four grades of primary school, calling it discriminatory. Kiev refused to repeal or amend the law, which also affected Russian-speaking Ukrainians across the country, to account for its ethnic Hungarian citizens’ interests.

Viktor Orban’s efforts to maintain cordial diplomatic and trade relations with Russia, and Budapest’s refusal to allow NATO to send weapons to Ukraine through Hungary, has further complicated the country’s relations with Kiev. Earlier this month, Orban’s name appeared on the Security Service of Ukraine-curated website Myrotvorets, which publishes the personal information of so-called “enemies of Ukraine”. Several individuals whose names have been posted on the site have been murdered.

Read the Whole Article

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Hungary’s Orban Shoots Down Russian Oil and Gas Embargo Discussions at EU Summit

Posted by M. C. on May 25, 2022

Budapest has resisted the European Union’s proposal to ban Moscow’s oil and gas, with its prime minister arguing that the bloc’s sanctions only work “on paper”.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that an agreement on the proposed EU embargo of Russian oil and gas is “very unlikely” to come in the coming days. He went on to argue that the lack of consensus between the European leaders indicated the unproductivity of discussing the sanctions package.

“Looking at the gravity of the issues still open, it is very unlikely that a comprehensive solution could be found before the special meeting of the European Council on 30-31 May,” Orban wrote in a letter to EU Chief Charles Michel, cited by AFP.

The Hungarian prime minister went on to recommend against addressing the issue at upcoming meeting.

Hungary’s stance on the proposed Russian oil embargo remains steadfast, with Budapest continuing to resist Brussels’ move to ban Russia’s energy products. Orban has argued that his country cannot support sanctions against Moscow that undermine Hungarian energy security.

On the contrary, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock voiced optimism that the European Union will reach a consensus on the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions “soon”, boasting about the EU’s “solidarity”.

According to the German foreign minister, Berlin is also on track to become fully independent from Russian energy in the near future.

Last week, the EC rolled out a €210 billion plan titled REPowerEU that established a bold goal of ditching Russian energy resources by 2027. However, as the Hungarian prime minister pointed out, the plan lacked “[funding] envelopes for the most concerned landlocked member states”. According to him, the proposed sanctions would trigger “serious supply problems” for Budapest and undermine Hungary’s economy.

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The Real Reason Behind the EU’s Drive to Embargo Russian Oil

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2022

Unfortunately, we are living through a time where the most powerful people in the world (at least in their minds) are openly trying to destroy the petroleum market for their own purposes and agenda. They are actively working to make oil and gas prices volatile to the point of destroying investment in the industry.

Author: Tom Luongo

This week the European Union is expected to announce a complete import ban on Russian oil. Hungary, in its first real act of defiance, is threatening to veto this; Germany, after some hemming and hawing, has finally decided it can survive such a ban.

Assuming Hungary’s objections are eventually overcome, at first blush this looks like yet another energy “own goal” by the people obsessed with soccer. The U.S. has already issued this ban.

Because European industry is heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas, the conventional wisdom is that the EU Commission is just petulant and incompetent.

Are they petulant? Yes. Incompetent? Possibly? But only if you think in conventional terms of doing the right thing for their people. What is clear to any serious observer of EU politics is that they are not interested in what their people have to say or want.

Theirs is an agenda which will brook no opposition, even if it means destroying its own economy to bring a rival to its knees.

That said, I sincerely doubt there will be a “buyers embargo” on natural gas because there is no viable substitute for it.

Hungary is using the need for unanimous consent within the European Council to block any ‘gas ban’ in any new economic sanctions package. There are at least three other countries which are happy Hungary is willing to suffer Brussels’ wrath.

But banning Russian oil, on the other hand, is different.

So, it is interesting that Hungary would do this, given they import no oil from Russia. {Ed. this is wrong, Hungary imports 65% of its oil through the Druzhba pipeline} This veto was predicted by me the morning after the Hungarians overwhelmingly rejected George Soros’s anti-Viktor Orban coalition and handed it an ignominious defeat.

Hungary, on the other hand, has energy independence from Brussels by having contracted directly with Gazprom for natural gas via Turkstream’s train that goes into Serbia and Hungary. This should give you some context as to why the EU is trying to sanction Serbia and cut off the flows of that pipeline where it crosses EU territory in Bulgaria.

See the rest here

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An election went well in Europe, and George Soros is not happy

Posted by M. C. on April 22, 2022

By Andrew Benjamin

The E.U. is corrupt, tyrannical, autocratic, and undemocratic.  It expresses the very characteristics of which it has accused Hungary, Poland, and its leaders.

On the take, bribed, spiteful, woke, and unjust, the E.U. has come unhinged after their plans to dominate Hungary’s people failed after the elections of March 3.

One of the key players aligned against Hungary is the billionaire oligarch George Soros, who backs a well-funded web of NGOs, media, and lobbyists.  Uncle “Gyuri” has been clear about his desire to punish Hungary using the E.U.’s sanctions mechanism: “I call on the EU to make Hungary a test case.”

Hungary’s two sins?

  1. Hungarians want Soros to harass some other people.
  2. Exercising democracy.

Globalists have proven themselves repeatedly to be authoritarian tyrants, unhesitatingly purveying propaganda to justify their positions. Soon after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a landslide victory (his fifth), the EU frothed with rage. As the EU is unhappy with the election results, it is preparing to sanction Hungary.

Yes, sanction Hungary over a democratically held election[.]

The E.U. called Hungary’s unwillingness to take a knee “Rule of Law breaches” — laws made up on the fly, with advance knowledge that Hungary has no way not to breach them.  Take the E.U.’s objections to the 92% results of a referendum — direct democracy and the will of its people — that ends the sexual indoctrination of its children by the selfsame E.U.’s chosen pedophiles.  Ninety-two percent of the people chose how they are to be governed.  The E.U.’s bureaucrats agree that the Dutch P.M. who rules another nation should decide the outcome of Hungary’s elections.

“As far as I am concerned, then there is nothing left for them in the EU,” Rutte said.

“The goal is to force Hungary to its knees regarding this issue. They have to understand that they are either part of the European Union and the community of shared values we are,” Rutte added, Euronews reports.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no “shared European values” promoting the teaching of transgenderism and homosexuality to non-consensual, pre-sexual activity children.

Just two days after Viktor Orbán’s internationally supervised electoral triumph, George Soros’s paid off and miffed E.U. puppets, the European Parliament, and its court, which had bet on a different outcome, announced that the E.U. would impoverish Hungary by withholding E40 billion in COVID relief and reconstruction funding.  The Hungarian nation was entitled to these by virtue of its having contributed its part to the E.U.’s wealth.

Hungary participates in the euro economy and gives more than it gets.  The 40 billion is Hungary’s money.

The E.U. has learned nothing from Brexit.

Hungary has.

See the rest here

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Can Poland Be Poland—and Stay in the EU? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on October 26, 2021

Responding to these threats, Prime Minster Mateusz Morawiecki is accusing the EU of “blackmailing” Poland and holding a “gun to our head.”

“If you want to make Europe into a nation-less superstate,” says Morawiecki, “first gain the consent of all European countries and societies for this.”

By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Let Poland be Poland!”

That was the call of American conservatives, four decades ago, when the Solidarity movement of labor leader Lech Walesa arose in the port city of Gdansk to demand their freedom of the Communist system imposed upon Poland by the Soviet Union after World War II.

A decade later, Poland broke free of the Soviet Bloc and Warsaw Pact, and later joined the European Union and NATO.

The question that has arisen today also has to do with issues of Polish identity and independence.

Specifically, can Poland be Poland — and still remain in the EU?

In recent years, the ruling Law and Justice Party has revised its governmental structures. The judiciary has been subordinated, brought under greater central supervision and control, and a disciplinary chamber has been established and empowered to remove judges.

Such action, says the EU Commission in Brussels, violates basic EU law, which applies to all member states and trumps national law.

Brussels wants the chamber abolished.

Moreover, on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and the media, the Polish government has taken stands more consistent with its Catholic traditions than with the social agenda of a secularized Europe.

The same holds true for the Hungary of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Poland and Hungary are ostracized as “illiberal democracies.”

At a rally of tens of thousands in Budapest Saturday, Orban told supporters that Washington, the EU in Brussels, and billionaire George Soros are using their money, media and networks to bring to power the Hungarian leftist opposition in next April’s parliamentary elections.

“But what matters,” said a defiant Orban, “is not what they in Brussels, in Washington and in the media, which is directed from abroad, want. It will be Hungarians deciding about their own fate.

“Our strength is in our unity … We believe in the same values: family, nation and a strong and independent Hungary.”

Let Hungary be Hungary.

In this social-cultural-moral clash inside the EU, outsider Vladimir Putin comes down on the side of the traditionalists and nationalists in countries where Christianity retains a hold against secularism.

This weekend, Moscow released excerpts of Putin’s blistering attack on a woke West at last week’s gathering of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi:

“We’re surprised to see things happening in countries that see themselves as flagships of progress,” said Putin. “The struggle for equality and against discrimination turns into aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.

“Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing, but the new ‘culture of abolition’ turns into ‘reverse discrimination’ … Here in Russia the absolute majority of our citizens don’t care what color a person’s skin is.

“People who dare to say that men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracized … not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.

“Let’s call a spade a spade: This simply verges on crimes against humanity under the banner of progress.”

In the clash between Poland and the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged that a solution be found acceptable to both, rather than engaging in a long and bitter battle that leaves one side victorious and the other estranged.

Yet, today, Poland is being threatened with economic sanctions, including a possible withholding of annual EU stipends and money set aside for EU nations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to these threats, Prime Minster Mateusz Morawiecki is accusing the EU of “blackmailing” Poland and holding a “gun to our head.”

“If you want to make Europe into a nation-less superstate,” says Morawiecki, “first gain the consent of all European countries and societies for this.”

Membership in the EU is popular in Poland, and the government has not threatened a walkout, a “Polexit,” like the “Brexit” that British Tories voted for in 2016 and carried out.

Still, Brussels fears that successful Polish defiance of its demands could lead other EU nations to make demands, and the grand project of creating a European superstate, a One Europe whose member nations are accorded limited rights similar to those of the 50 states of the American Union, could collapse and fall apart.

National governments receive from membership in the EU not only the benefits of open markets, free trade and travel from one nation to another, but also, for nations like Poland and others in eastern and southern Europe, annual transfer of wealth from the EU.

The chokehold the EU has on its members is money. Brussels can cut off the funds transferred annually to Poland, as well as funds voted to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, together a goodly slice of Poland’s GDP.

The questions raised by the rebellious Poles are fundamental: Which takes precedence, when they come into conflict, Poland’s constitution and Poland’s laws, or the laws of the European Union?

Conflict appears inevitable, and the Poles will ultimately have to decide whether their country and constitution transcend EU law, or the reverse is now true.

The Best of Patrick J. Buchanan Patrick J. Buchanan is co-founder and editor of The American Conservative. He is also the author of Where the Right Went Wrong, and Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War. His latest book is Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever See his website.

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I thought Italy would be next to leave the EU; now I’m convinced it will be Hungary because it looks like Brexit all over again — RT Op-ed

Posted by M. C. on August 30, 2021

Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit. I believe Viktor Orban could be readying his country for ‘Huxit’. If he is not, then he is playing a high-stakes game of poker with the overlords in Brussels.

Earlier this week, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) ran a headline saying, “it is time to talk about Huxit.” This is a huge development because the newspaper is considered to be the unofficial mouthpiece of Orban’s government.  

Last month, the newspaper announced that “the time has come, now in July 2021, to seriously consider the possibility of our withdrawal from a union of states with a thousand bleeding wounds, showing imperial symptoms, and treating the eastern and central European countries incredibly arrogantly.

The newspaper also stated that there is a culture clash between Western and Eastern European values, something I argued on last month. Similarly, Magyar Nemzetopined that “our paths have diverged as the West now consciously… breaks from Christian morality and values. Instead, they aim to build a cosmopolitan, faceless world society based on the unbridled self-enjoyment and self-destruction of the individual… we Hungarians, Poles and central and eastern European people hold on to our cultural and religious foundations.”

Reading this came like a welcome dose of déjà vu to an old Brexiteer like myself. All the way back in November 2010, the Daily Express, became the first mainstream British newspaper to come out in favour of the UK leaving the European Union.

The Daily Express announced that “from this day forth our energies will be directed to furthering the cause of those who believe Britain is Better Off Out.” And continued, “after far too many years as the victims of Brussels larceny, bullying, over-regulation and all-round interference, the time has come for the British people to win back their country and restore legitimacy and accountability to their political process.”

See the rest here

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Why Tucker’s trip to Hungary has sparked outrage – spiked

Posted by M. C. on August 10, 2021

There is a lot at stake in the culture war being waged against Hungary. Hungary stands out as one of the few places that actively promotes and upholds the civilisational values of the West. In many respects, its values are antithetical to those of the Western cultural establishment. Yet the sentiments that prevail in Hungary are the very ones that resonate with the outlook of millions of people throughout the Western world. That is why Hungary has become the target of so much animosity from the globalist media.

Frank Furedi

Western elites are terrified that their smear campaign against Hungary will unravel.

Why is the Western media so exercised about Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s trip to Hungary? Led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, the mainstream American media have been outraged that Carlson decided to broadcast from Hungary last week, interviewing Orbán and generally sounding a positive note about the country and its government. Even BBC News carried a commentary piece with the title, ‘Tucker Carlson: What the Fox News host is doing in Hungary’.

At first sight, this extensive coverage devoted to denouncing Carlson for his trip, and in turn the Hungarian government, appears positively bizarre. The title of an article published by Insider protests that ‘Tucker Carlson did PR for Hungary’s authoritarian leader, presenting the country as “freer” than the US’. Adopting a tone of outrage, the author of the article is at a loss to understand how anyone could have anything good to say about the government of Viktor Orbán.

Anne Applebaum, whose hatred for the Hungarian government has an unrestrained, visceral quality, echoes this sentiment in the Atlantic. In her column, ‘Tucker Carlson’s Self-Loathing International Tourism’, she asserts that Carlson and ‘other conservatives who dislike today’s America’ have ‘happily assumed roles in an autocrat’s public-relations campaign’.

From this perspective, anyone who questions mainstream American elite assumptions about Hungary is guilty of a crime against humanity. That Insider piece takes great exception to Carlson’s accusation that the US media have lied about the situation in Hungary. The author also condemns Carlson for calling into question the authority of Freedom House, one of the Western media’s favourite NGOs. Freedom House, which has described Hungary as less free than South Africa, has been endowed by the US State Department and the British Foreign Office with the authority to decide which countries are free and democratic and which are not.

Carlson’s critics took particular issue with his interview with Orbán, arguing that he gave the ‘Hungarian leader a platform to promote [his] worldview and bash his Western critics’. It is as if these people want to No Platform Hungary’s prime minister. They don’t seem to see the irony of denouncing Orbán for being ‘authoritarian’ while insisting that he be deprived of a platform to promote his ideas. Cancel culture has gone global.

See the rest here

Frank Furedi’s latest book Democracy Under Siege: Don’t let Them Lock It Down is published by Zer0 Books.

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‘The Enemy Within’ – RPI 1 Feb Update

Posted by M. C. on February 1, 2021

Like a Third World Country the capitol is occupied by the military. The Department of Homeland Security has released an unprecedented warning: if you question the oppressive role of the government, you are a domestic terrorist.

Even if you are a libertarian, who rejects violence in any form, you are subject to the new view that any opposition to the state and its dominant ideology is a form of terrorism.

In these dark days thousands of US military troops occupying Washington DC seem normal. But it is totally insane

Dear Friends:

There was an old saying in communist Hungary, a favorite to recite on May Day, where the communist party provided free beer and hot dogs: “The workers’ fist is an iron fist; it strikes where it is needed.”

I spent seven years living in barely post-communist Hungary and – sorry to shock you – some of my great friends and co-workers had been ardent communists who somehow managed to find a golden parachute as the old regime fell and the new “democracy” had settled as the dust after an explosion. 

As I wrote on Lew Rockwell earlier this week, the 1989 “fall of communism” was no democratic revolution but a move by the communist nomenklatura (in the case of Hungary the offspring of the communist leadership from 1948, 1956, and even 1918) to ride the zeitgeist to a profitable Hegelian synthesis where they would still hold the reins but be recognized by the “West” (Clinton at the time) as the harbingers of a great pro-West revolution in formerly East Europe. 

Christian and anti-communist victims of a half century of US-allied communism in Hungary had no place in the new “anti-communist” Hungary of post-1989. People like my good friend Count István Csáky, whose thousand year old Christian family lost everything when the communist rabble took over in 1948, were no better off after the end of 50 years of official satanism. There was no restoration of the status quo after the end of the anomaly called Marxism-Leninism. But the media never reported this fact so it did not exist. History was whig, it was unending progress toward perfection.

So there was no place in a world that had destroyed Csáky to allow Csáky to exist once the tyranny that had destroyed Csáky had ceased to exist.


It’s perhaps a downer for those who love mythology, but reality seldom lends itself to the tidy pronouncements of the mainstream media and the current vapid authors of popular history.

Cut to the present:

House Speaker Pelosi has in the fashion of Mátyás Rákosi decided that the other political party is not just an ideological or philosophical competitor, but the epitome of the “enemy within,” that must be vanquished and sent to the gulag. 

Like a Third World Country the capitol is occupied by the military. The Department of Homeland Security has released an unprecedented warning: if you question the oppressive role of the government, you are a domestic terrorist.

If you oppose the Biden/Pelosi regime you are an insurrectionist who needs prison time.

Even if you are a libertarian, who rejects violence in any form, you are subject to the new view that any opposition to the state and its dominant ideology is a form of terrorism.

In these dark days thousands of US military troops occupying Washington DC seem normal. But it is totally insane

What will we do when everything we believe has become outlawed? When peaceful and intellectual opposition to the tyranny of the current regime is punishable by total cancellation, which technology has guaranteed we are nullified? Like Csáky will we just cease to exist for a half century, or will we start to assert our truths as the system implodes? Please Donate Now!
Thank you for your support!
Sincerely yours,

Daniel McAdams
Executive Director
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

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Hungary: “Europe’s Borders Must be Protected” | ZeroHedge

Posted by M. C. on December 19, 2020

“Hungary will only be a Hungarian country as long as its borders remain intact. Therefore, not only our thousand-year-old statehood but also the future of our children obliges us to protect our borders.”

Tyler Durden's Photoby Tyler DurdenSaturday, Dec 19, 2020 – 7:00

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

The Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s top court, has ruled that Hungary violated EU law when it prevented illegal immigrants from seeking asylum. The ruling paves the way for the European Commission, the EU’s powerful administrative arm, to impose financial penalties over Hungary’s restrictive immigration policies. The Hungarian government has vowed that it will not bow to pressure to jump aboard the EU’s multicultural bandwagon.

In its December 17 ruling, the court, informally known as European Court of Justice (ECJ) accused the Hungarian government of corralling migrants into so-called transit zones and of limiting their ability to apply for asylum. The court also found that Hungary did not allow asylum seekers to leave detention while their cases were being considered and offered no special protection to children and the vulnerable.

The case stems from a lawsuit filed by the European Commission over a 2015 decision by Hungary to establish two transit zones on its southern border with Serbia to stop a mass influx of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The action prevented migrants from entering Hungary or transiting the country to reach other parts of the EU.

In May 2020, the ECJ ruled that the transit zones were illegal under EU law. In order to comply with the ruling, Hungary has since closed the transit zones. Asylum seekers wanting to enter Hungary now have to apply for asylum at Hungarian embassies or consulates in neighboring non-EU countries. “External border protection is an issue that Hungary cannot, does not want to, and will not concede,” said Gergely Gulyás, from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The ECJ, in its latest ruling, acknowledged that Hungary had closed the transit zones but that it was still guilty of breaking EU law. The ruling states:

  • “In the first place, the Court holds that Hungary has failed to fulfil its obligation to ensure effective access to the procedure for granting international protection, in so far as third-country nationals wishing to access, from the Serbian-Hungarian border, that procedure were in practice confronted with the virtual impossibility of making their application.”
  • “The Court recalls that the making of an application for international protection, prior to its registration, lodging and examination, is an essential step in the procedure for granting that protection and that Member States cannot delay it unjustifiably. On the contrary, Member States must ensure that the persons concerned are able to make an application, including at the borders, as soon as they declare their wish of doing so.”
  • “The Court confirms…that the obligation on applicants for international protection to remain in one of the transit zones for the duration of the procedure for examination of their application constitutes detention.”
  • “The Court emphasizes that the Procedures and Reception Directives require, inter alia, that detention be ordered in writing with reasons, that the specific needs of applicants identified as vulnerable and in need of special procedural guarantees be taken into account, in order that they receive ‘adequate support’, and that minors be placed in detention only as a last resort. Owing, in particular, to its systematic and automatic nature, however, the detention regime provided for under the Hungarian legislation in the transit zones, which concerns all applicants other than unaccompanied minors under 14 years of age, does not allow applicants to enjoy those guarantees.”
  • “Moreover, the Court rejects Hungary’s argument that the migration crisis justified derogating from certain rules in the Procedures and Reception Directives, with a view to maintaining public order and preserving internal security.”
  • “The Court holds that Hungary has failed to fulfil its obligations under the Return Directive, in so far as the Hungarian legislation allows for the removal of third-country nationals who are staying illegally in the territory without prior compliance with the procedures and safeguards provided for in that directive.”
  • “The Court recalls that an illegally staying third-country national falling within the scope of the Return Directive must be the subject of a return procedure, in compliance with the substantive and procedural safeguards established by that directive, before his or her removal, where appropriate, is carried out, it being understood that forced removal is to take place only as a last resort.”
  • “The Court considers that Hungary has not respected the right, conferred, in principle, by the Procedures Directive on any applicant for international protection, to remain in the territory of the Member State concerned after the rejection of his or her application, until the time limit within which to bring an appeal against that rejection or, if an appeal has been brought, until a decision has been taken on it.”
  • “The Court notes that, when a ‘crisis situation caused by mass immigration’ has been declared, the Hungarian legislation makes the exercise of that right subject to detailed rules not in conformity with EU law, in particular the obligation to remain in the transit zones, which resembles detention contrary to the Procedures and Reception Directives. On the other hand, when such a situation has not been declared, the exercise of that right is made subject to conditions which, while not necessarily contrary to EU law, are not defined in a sufficiently clear and precise manner to enable the persons concerned to ascertain the exact extent of their right.”

In a “note” at the end of the ruling, the ECJ revealed the apparent purpose of its ruling against Hungary:

  • “An action for failure to fulfil obligations directed against a Member State which has failed to comply with its obligations under European Union law may be brought by the Commission or by another Member State. If the Court of Justice finds that there has been a failure to fulfil obligations, the Member State concerned must comply with the Court’s judgment without delay.”
  • “Where the Commission considers that the Member State has not complied with the judgment, it may bring a further action seeking financial penalties. However, if measures transposing a directive have not been notified to the Commission, the Court of Justice can, on a proposal from the Commission, impose penalties at the stage of the initial judgment.”

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga vowed to continue to protect Hungarian sovereignty. In a December 17 Facebook post, she wrote:

Today’s decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union has become devoid of purpose, as the circumstances at issue in the present proceedings no longer exist. Transit zones have been closed but strict border control is maintained.

“We will continue to protect the borders of Hungary and Europe and will do everything we can to prevent the formation of international migrant corridors.

“Hungary will only be a Hungarian country as long as its borders remain intact. Therefore, not only our thousand-year-old statehood but also the future of our children obliges us to protect our borders.”

The ECJ’s ruling comes less than a month after the European Commission unveiled a controversial “Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion” which aims to streamline the migration and asylum process with faster screening and to have EU member states contribute their “fair share” based on their GDP and population.

The EU’s bid to reform its migration policy has been met with mixed reactions from a number of EU countries. Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have been vocal in their opposition to it.

Zoltán Kovács, the spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, wrote on Twitter that Hungary’s stance on migration remains unchanged:

“1/5 Since 2015, the stance of the HU Gov’t on migration has been clear and unchanged. We have presented this stance and our proposals on several occasions. We believe that the EU and its member states must cooperate in keeping the looming migration pressure outside our borders.

“2/5 To this end, we should form alliances with countries of origin, so that they are able to provide proper living standards and ensure that their people do not have to leave their homelands. Instead of importing the trouble to Europe, we must bring help to where it is needed.

“3/5 We believe that Europe’s borders must be protected: External hotspots will have to be established to process asylum claims; we must ensure that the external borders of the EU and the Schengen Area remain perfectly sealed along all sections.

“4/5 Our goal is to see EU member states support each other in achieving the tasks above. While HU does not support obligatory distribution, it does defend joint borders, and we expect to receive the same amount of support as other Schengen states protecting those external borders.

“5/5 We would like to remind everyone that since the 2015 migration crisis, the Hungarian Government has spent more than 1 billion euros on protecting the borders of Hungary and the European Union, without a single cent of contribution from Brussels.”

After the ECJ delivered its ruling, Kovács repeated Hungary’s opposition to the EU’s migration action plan. In a December 17 statement posted to Orbán’s official blog, he wrote:

“On November 24, 2020, the European Commission presented its migration Action Plan on the social integration and inclusion of migrants. The Commission believes that barriers to the participation and inclusion of immigrants in European societies need to be removed. At the press conference presenting the document, it was clear from the words of the EU Commissioners responsible that the Commission would continue to encourage the reception of migrants, as they believe that this will be necessary in the future for economic reasons.

“While the Action Plan would give immigrants more rights and entitlements, it does not seem to take into consideration the security risks associated with mass migration.

“According to the main points of the action plan, Brussels would provide migrants housing and give them a greater say in public affairs at all levels of government. With this, more migrants and EU citizens with a migrant background would be involved in consultations and decision-making processes at the local, regional, national and European level.

“The Union, according to the plan, would give more support to immigrants than to its own citizens by supporting businesses established and run by the former. Moreover, the plan, by supporting the employment of migrants, would put unemployed EU citizens in an even more difficult position.

“As if this is not enough, Brussels would also force us to adopt the mindset of the eurocrats on the issue, clearly setting forth in the Action Plan that it seeks to change the way Europeans think about migration and migrants: ‘Inclusion is also about addressing unconscious bias and achieving a change in mentality and the way people perceive one another and approach the unknown.’ Good to know.

“If you are thinking that all of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The Action Plan looks similar to George Soros’ plan to have Europe admit ‘at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future.’ The financial speculator has been for years promoting his ideas of an ‘open society’ to change Europe and European society. Those migrants that Europe should be admitting, according to the Soros plan, their distribution should be permanent and mandatory. He also made it clear that his plan aims to protect immigrants and that national borders are an obstacle to this.

“But the Commission’s Action Plan goes even further, seeking to bring in some 34 million migrants to become EU citizens (nearly 8 percent of the current EU population). That is, 34 million migrants would be granted citizenship and the right to vote.

Who says this is what Europe wants or needs? When have the citizens of Europe voted for this? As Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Parliament earlier this week, Hungary will oppose this plan with all its might and will not compromise.”

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