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Something We Can All Agree On

Posted by M. C. on March 7, 2022

It’s not good to be Ukraine right now, I get that. The US egged them on, and now won’t even consider a NATO no-fly zone. I’d be mad too. Especially if I was a comedian.

By Karen Kwiatkowski

Tom Clancy foretold the attacks of 9-11, in his 1994 book Debt of Honor, featuring Japanese industrialists crashing civilian airliners into the US Capitol Building.

I stopped following the books some years ago, but the Hubs was watching a 2014 movie from Clancy’s post-humous juggarnaut, called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  It had been paused on the screen, and I noticed the plot description provided by Philo, where I get my streaming TV fix.

Given the Ukraine invasion, DC’s neo-demonization of Putin, and the interesting global side effects of Putin’s action so far, I thought the Philo tag –  “Jack Ryan uncovers secret Russian plot to crash the US economy” – to be amazingly prescient.

There really are no secrets, only obscurations, lies, competing narratives and mysteries waiting to be solved.  I wouldn’t want to give Putin too much credit, but dare I ask if there may be an actual “plot” to crash the US economy?

Naturally, my first guess as to who is crashing our economy, and our country, would be our own US government, the MICIMATT, and the Federal Reserve network of affiliated banks, investors, and beneficiaries.  Apologies for repeating myself. If they aren’t destroying the US economy on purpose, in an insane desire for complete control over everything and every idea, then they are either really stupid or just devilishly lucky.  We could call this the Orwell assumption.

The WEF and Davos vision, articulated quite openly, needs obedient slaves, and far fewer of them than currently exist.  The humans at the top of that food chain intend to stay that way.  As the saying goes, cannibals will cannibal.  Or maybe that was another saying.  Maybe they are behind the plot to crash the US economy.  They certainly have not backed away from us “owning nothing and being happy about it.”  There will probably be plenty of drugs to help us cope, because this is indeed the Huxley assumption.

I’ve written about petrodollar warfare, and I learned a lot from a 2005 book by that name written by William Clark.   No one denies US Job #1 has been to ensure the world’s most affordable and efficient energy source is traded in dollars, and that US currency is the world reserve currency.  Some would say this fanatical desire on the part of US elites and the MICIMATT is the fundamental reason for the US-sponsored rise of the House of Saud, our decades of persistent antagonism to Iran, Iraq, Libya and Venezuela among others, and today’s narrative of enthusiastic hatred for Russia, particularly Vlad Putin.  Actually, just about anyone would say this, and most people, especially those who have served in those theaters or commanded them, say it all the time.

The anti-gold, anti-crypto attitude of the US government also stems from its petrodollar communion, that fragile wafer of a dried-up idea, clenched in the white-knuckled hands of US policy kingmakers.  Beyond hating competing reference points of value, and freedom, the US appears to believe that other countries cannot make agreements to trade products, technology and natural resources among themselves – until and unless Uncle Sam, and quite possibly, Uncle Joe, gets a cut of the proceeds.

Well, if it isn’t the MICIMATT, the World Economic Forum, or the preservation of the petrodollar, maybe it is Old Europe itself that wants to see the US economy fail?  After all, resentment against the US runs deep.  When it comes to murder, you must look first to those who know you best.  Or, maybe this is China’s strategy – as they grow their own consumer base, and create new growing markets around the world, they no longer need the US shopper.  Curiously, the Chinese have chosen not to occupy and destroy countries as a precursor to building back better, so – note to self –  their plan probably isn’t going to work.

I don’t think India is planning a nefarious way to destroy the US economy, or Brazil, or even our little off-the-books ally Israel.  Well, clearly, that leaves Vlad and the Russians, and this Ukraine invasion is the first volley.

Because, as I have heard on every channel, in every op-ed, and in all the news, even from the sacred throats of our own US Senators, what needs to happen is that someone should assassinate Vlad, and make Russia a NATO country.  That’ll fix it!

I can’t take credit for that last idea – a few days ago, I was watching a zoom presentation at our local community college, where the featured speaker, who fancied himself a past spook and current Russia expert, mentioned how scared China would be if Russia was a NATO country.  It was hilarious, because only a few minutes earlier, he was going on about how NATO is purely and solely a humble, harmless, defensive alliance. This speaker also called for Putin to be assassinated, hopefully by a Russian, but definitely by someone.  Maybe he was just repeating Senator Graham’s words, I can’t say.  The NPC is strong in this country.

Clearly, we don’t know who is trying to destroy the US economy, but Tom Luongo has absolutely nailed what is happening along these lines.  You have to read this!  One could always say we are doing it to ourselves, US emperors playing Checkers while Russia plays chess, and China plays Go!  Because I am a good American, I am supposed to think Vlad is doing it all by himself, him and his 125,000 Russian troops in Ukraine, population 43 million.   By comparison, NYC with a population of nearly 9 million, has a police department with 55,000 employees.

It’s not good to be Ukraine right now, I get that.  The US egged them on, and now won’t even consider a NATO no-fly zone.  I’d be mad too.  Especially if I was a comedian.

I cannot do justice to Tom Luongo’s analysis, but he includes at one point a tweet that warmed my heart:

Failure of imagination, or western hubris.

Alternative view: Russia will soon begin to demonstrate in very stark terms that in the Petrodollar system, it is the “Petro-” portion that is the true value, not the “-dollar” portion, via either price or shortages or both.

— Luke Gromen (@LukeGromen) March 2, 2022

Can I love my country, and hate the anti-free market, imperially-driven petro-dollar system it currently revolves around?

Well, I do.  The funny thing is I suspect that most Russian, most Americans, and even most Ukrainians could all say the exact same thing.  It’s a start.

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. [send her mail], a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, farmer and aspiring anarcho-capitalist. She ran for Congress in Virginia’s 6th district in 2012.

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