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Watch “‘New Normal’? Davos Billionaire Crowd Pushes Orwellian ‘Smart Mask'” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on April 8, 2021

Just as many US states are seeing Covid numbers plummet, Klaus “trans-humanist” Schwab’s World Economic Forum is pushing a new “smart mask” that not only tells you when to take a breath of fresh air: it also warns you to put it on if you’ve forgotten it. All tracked through your mobile phone. It is one more step toward China’s Orwellian “social credit” system (in fact, the mask itself was developed by a Chinese firm!). And the billionaire elites want to shove it down our throats.

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Posted by M. C. on February 2, 2021

Right out of the Edward Bernays’ playbook. Use a child, who will take orders and direction, as a prop to call for action on a vague and questionable threat to mankind.

Greta Thunberg

In a video message last week to the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda of virtual meetings, Greta Thunberg accused political and business leaders of dragging their feet on tackling the “climate and ecological crisis.”

She read from a teleprompter and one wonders who wrote the script of absurd charges.

This is how her comments started:

My name is Greta Thunberg and I’m not here to make deals. You see, I don’t belong to any financial interest or political party. So I can’t bargain or negotiate. I am only here to once again remind you of the emergency we’re in. The crisis that you and your predecessors have created and inflicted upon us. The crisis that you continue to ignore.

Proposals to reverse global warming are “vague, insufficient, hypothetical targets way into the future”, she said in her vague speech which contained an undertone of a call for global authoritarian action.

Naturally, the globalist (in the worst sense of the word) World Economic Forum, of course, cheered on her call for global action.

WEF reported on her teleprompter reading this way:

  • Greta Thunberg has urged world leaders to take immediate steps to address the environmental crisis.
  • Activists from around the world share her concern that international and national climate commitments aren’t being translated quickly enough into sustainable action.
  • Greenpeace Executive Director says COVID-19 pandemic has shown that only a multilateral approach to tackling climate change will work.

We asked…activists, leaders and economists to respond to her speech. Here’s what they said…Greenpeace’s Executive Director said many people around the world agreed with the teenage activist’s call for immediate action.
The pandemic has “shown us where multilateralism can make a real difference in finding solutions. And these are valuable lessons as we turn to the bigger crisis upon us, the climate crisis”, she said.
“Globally, we need strong rules to counter the climate emergency and to fight inequality. Environmental and social bodies should be able to impose sanctions and fines.
“Corporate accountability and liability need to extend to all corporate impacts on people and the environment around the world. Tax rules, similarly, need to be revamped to put people and planet first.”…
The public policy and economics professor [Kenneth Rogoff] said Thunberg’s ability to rally young people would lead to change but “ultimately, politicians are the ones who need to be held accountable”.
He suggested ”a global compact” between business and governments was needed to translate sustainability pledges into action. Below is the full Thunberg call for globalist authoritarianism measures (5 minutes and 51 seconds):

“Right now more than ever we are desperate for hope. But what is hope?
For me, hope is the feeling that keeps you going, even though all odds may be against you. For me hope comes from action not just words. For me, hope is telling it like it is.”#wef2021 #DavosAgenda— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) January 26, 2021

Right out of the Edward Bernays’ playbook. Use a child, who will take orders and direction, as a prop to call for action on a vague and questionable threat to mankind –RW

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Is Trump Using Nordstream 2 to Exit NATO?

Posted by M. C. on July 17, 2020

The Davos Crowd is making their big move to consolidate
power in Europe. Trump is working with Boris Johnson in the U.K. to
oppose that. That’s the simplified version of the chess board.

And this is why I think Trump refuses to give up on stopping Nordstream 2. He’s seen the depths to which The Davos Crowd will go to implement this radical change and he’s forcing the moment to its crisis, as T.S. Eliot put it.

He’s making the choice very clear for Merkel and company. If you want
Nordstream 2, suffer the consequences of having to do business without
the U.S.

This isn’t about Russia anymore, at all. It’s about Germany and the
future of the U.S. If Trump loses in November all of the work done to
slow down this push for transnational technocratic oligarchy will end.

The one thing I never thought I’d say is that Donald Trump is consistent, and yet on the subject of the Nordstream 2 pipeline he has been.

No single project has caused more wailing and gnashing of teeth than Nordstream 2. And since Nordstream 2 is simply the substitute for South Stream, which was supposed to come across the Black Sea into Bulgaria and then feed eastern Europe, this U.S. opposition to another Russian pipeline spans multiple administrations.

So, this is policy that goes far beyond simple 2020 electoral politics, Trump trying to look tough on the Russians, or his misguided Energy Dominance policy.

With Trump rescinding the sanctions exemption for Nordstream 2 he now has declared open war against Europe, specifically Germany over this project.

But here’s the thing, I think Trump is doing this for updated reasons that fit a different agenda than why the U.S. opposed Nordstream 2 previously, because he knows he can’t stop the pipeline now. All he can do is further alienate Germany, who he has targeted as the main problem in Europe.

Before I go any further, though, I think a little history lesson is in order.

U.S. opposition to Nordstream 2 is deeply ingrained on all sides of the political aisle in D.C. From Republicans still fighting the cold war to Democrats having deep ties to Ukrainian gas transit there are a multitude of reasons why Nordstream 2 is verboten in D.C.

On the other hand, Europe’s relationship with Nordstream 2 is, in a word, complicated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin scuttled South Stream back in late 2014 because the EU changed its pipeline rules during its development after the contracts were in place.

Most of that was U.S. pressure, but some of that was Germany’s Angela Merkel working with then-President Barack Obama to create the worst possible scenario for Gazprom – a pipeline that wasn’t profitable.

Merkel backed Obama’s play in Ukraine in 2014 as a power move to control prices for Russian gas into Europe, putting Soviet-era pipelines under EU gas directive jurisdiction.

The EU was always going to use Ukrainian gas transit as leverage over Putin to drive gas prices below Gazprom’s cost thinking they had no other options.

Putin famously pivoted to China, singing the mega-deal for Power of Siberia in retaliation to that. Since Putin had already brought Crimea in from the cold war and tacitly backed the breakaway of the Donbass Merkel was now the one on her back foot.

At the same time, to salvage the work done on South Stream to that point, Putin cut a deal with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to replace South Stream’s volumes to eastern Europe with Turkstream’s to Turkey.

The plans for Turkstream include multiple trains into eastern Europe with countries like Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic itching for that gas.

Russia’s options were manifest and Putin deftly outmaneuvered Merkel and Obama. These events forced Merkel’s hand after she stupidly caved to the Greens over ending Germany’s use of nuclear power and now she needed Nordstream 2.

And so Nordstream 2 became a big geopolitical football because Merkel saw, as well, the opportunity to bring the recalcitrant Poles and Baltics under her control as well, solidifying long-term EU plans to engulf all of Euope to Russia’s borders. Read the rest of this entry »

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Doug Casey on What the International Ruling Class Have Planned for You

Posted by M. C. on February 1, 2020

Davos people see the common man as the real problem.

And leading the charge is Davos attendee Greta Thunberg. She’s emblematic of how thoroughly degraded this has become. Greta is a manufactured celebrity. She came out of nowhere last year; massive but completely undeserved media attention made her into one of the planet’s most famous people. It’s not just laughable, but amazing, that a high school sophomore—with no knowledge or experience—has become a world opinion leader.

by Doug Casey

International Man: No matter the problem, the prescription of the Davos crowd is always more welfare, more warfare, more money printing, more taxes, and of course, more centralization of power into global institutions.

What’s your take?

Doug Casey: The people who attend Davos are all welfare statists. They’re not necessarily socialists, insofar as they don’t want to see government nationalize industries. Most understand how totally dysfunctional that is and that they don’t really benefit from it. Strict socialism, defined as State ownership of the means of production, is off the table. They prefer economic fascism, where a powerful State can funnel wealth to the corporations the elite own or control. They’re happy to throw some table scraps to the unwashed masses, of course. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is the best way to do that.

Again, they’re not socialists. They’re welfare statists. Completely opportunistic and absolutely unprincipled. Despicable people, actually. Few are entrepreneurial, independent thinkers or free-market oriented. Those types would be disruptive at Davos, and if they’re ever invited, it would be only once.

Other than celebrities, court intellectuals, and publicity-oriented multibillionaires, the attendees are almost all bureaucrats and politicians who thrive on stolen money. But it’s no longer easily visible briefcases full of cash. That’s quaint in today’s world. They steal indirectly, by making sure they benefit from state regulations, state favors, and the inflation of the currency.

Bribes are in the form of tax-deducible donations to charitable foundations and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). That’s not only much safer, but the money is vastly bigger, and the way it’s rigged adds to their prestige. Both making and taking a bribe disguises the miscreants as philanthropists and do-gooders when they use an NGO as a funnel.

But getting back to their economic views, they’re all for “quantitative easing.” Printing money—MMT—directly benefits the stock market. It raises corporate earnings, and much of the newly created cash directly boosts the prices of shares. It’s really sweet, if you’re an insider.

International Man: At this year’s event, climate change appears to be a big focus.

What are your thoughts on this?

Doug Casey: These fools love to talk about global warming, which they attribute to carbon dioxide. Their jets and limos are a small price to pay for the invaluable moral hectoring they give to the billions of hoi polloi.

Davos people see the common man as the real problem. And perversely, the common man believes what he’s told in the media—namely, that he is the problem. Pseudo science has become a new religion. It’s become a moral crusade against carbon, the one element that’s basic to all life; it’s now more hated than uranium, plutonium, or gold. Carbon is being pursued by a lynch mob of angry chimpanzees.

And leading the charge is Davos attendee Greta Thunberg. She’s emblematic of how thoroughly degraded this has become. Greta is a manufactured celebrity. She came out of nowhere last year; massive but completely undeserved media attention made her into one of the planet’s most famous people. It’s not just laughable, but amazing, that a high school sophomore—with no knowledge or experience—has become a world opinion leader. You may have heard her famous deranged rant, but just in case, here it is.

She has absolutely nothing going for her but things like anger, resentment, hatred, and fanaticism. No matter. The Masters of the Universe sit there as she scolds them for their evil in destroying the world and ruining her youth.

The silly little bitch is a frothing-at-the-mouth fanatic and suffers from several really severe psychological aberrations. She is to the world what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to the United States. She will undoubtedly go into some multi-billion dollar NGO, where she can do a maximum of damage.

People value urgency, sincerity, and passion. Like Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Castro, and the like, she’s got plenty. And nobody dares say a word about it, because she’s been granted the moral high ground. This augurs very poorly for the future.

Probably the only intelligent words spoken at Davos this year came from Donald Trump, of all people, when he decried “prophets of doom,” referring to the global warming crowd.

Climate change has been around for about four billion years. And the biggest driver of it, by far, is the sun. Not carbon dioxide, a trace gas. There’s 20 times more argon, in the atmosphere. Without the sun, earth would be a ball frozen at about two degrees above absolute zero. Not counting the effects of cosmic rays, the planet’s changes in orbit and tilt, the solar system’s rotation around the galaxy, and a score of other critical factors. But these people don’t talk about that, because those things are totally and obviously beyond our control. Best to stick with carbon, which is proving helpful in controlling the masses.

International Man: Given the disastrous policies the Davos crowd has in the pipeline, what should the average person do?

Doug Casey: Treat these people with the respect they deserve—which is to say, treat them like drunks discussing the weather at a cocktail party. Davos is just a social gathering for people who have a busybody streak. It would be completely unimportant except for the fact the media says it’s important.

The only thing that surprises me about Davos is that the hustler who runs it hasn’t yet invited the Kardashians.

Editor’s Note: There’s no question the elite are eager to promote policies like negative interest rates, the abolition of cash, and mass migration. These trends are in motion, and are accelerating at a rapid rate.

It’s all shaping up to be a world-class disaster…

Be seeing you

Greta Thunberg Scolds Davos: Climate Demands 'Completely ...




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Nolte: Private Aircraft Flew Prince Charles 16,000 Miles Days Before Greta Meeting

Posted by M. C. on January 27, 2020

Nothing we don’t already know. Just liked the comment.

by John Nolte

“Prince Charles took three flights on private jets and a helicopter before meeting the activist Greta Thunberg,” reports the Daily Mail.

Here we go again…

The Daily Mail lays out in graphic detail all the private flights Prince Eco-Hypocrite took in just 11 days, and includes the math, which adds up to 16,000 miles, 162 tons of carbon emissions, four flights with Charles on board, five flights without him on board (flying empty to pick him up and return to base), all at a cost of 280,000 pounds, or roughly $360,000 American dollars.

The Daily Mail adds that in just 11 days, Charles spewed more than 18 times an “average Briton’s yearly total” of carbon emissions.

Worse still, Prince PlanetKiller did all of this irreversible damage to Gaia just before he went to meet the world’s most famous high school dropout, Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg.

Prince Polluter met the 16-year-old Thunberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week for a photo-op.

A big deal was made of the fact Charles drove an electric Jaguar to the forum, as though the carbon burned elsewhere to charge the car somehow doesn’t matter.

Naturally, Prince PlanetRapist is claiming none of this is his fault…

Be seeing you

He is the ONLY reason the Queen refuses to step down, she knows what an idiot he is!





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Soros Confirms He is Losing in Europe – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

Posted by M. C. on February 17, 2019

If there was ever a moment that signaled the end of the European Union, it was George Soros admitting, in public, that we should look on all his works and despair.

An end to both, one can only hope.


Last month at Davos, George Soros turned around completely on China, echoing the Trump administration (of all things) in warning the world against the rise of China versus his previous stance.

The main reason for this shift in Soros’ attitude on China stems from his fear that the European Union will not achieve its goals of becoming the next great world power and subjugate the Chinese, but rather dissolve like the Soviet Union on which it is based.

He finally aired those fears in another of his infamous op-eds over at Project Syndicate (link through RT here). In sum, they are simply that Europeans must chuck off that which makes them individuals for the sake of Mother Europe.

The European Union is the highest ideal and, as such, should be that for all decent Europeans. This is the highest form of collectivist thinking.

And it’s time to circle the wagons against the ravening hordes of people who don’t like getting slowly bled to death, their culture eradicated, their neighborhoods destroyed and their dignity as people shot in the face with tear gas.

I’ve read megalomaniacal treatises in my life, but this one was impressive to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »

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They’re Scared to Death of Populism – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 19, 2017


But it needs to be granular, it needs to be regional, it needs to be focused on what will people get out of it and it probably means more redistribution than we have in place at the moment,” Lagarde told the panel.
So, to sum up – a bunch of rich, disconnected elites in Switzerland believe the world’s “middle class” will be better off if policy-makers “man-up” and increase taxes on the “wealthy” in order to redistribute wealth to the masses to “pay for social cohesion.” Yeah, that will work… we suspect echoes of “Four more years” will be heard in 2020 if they follow that path.
After the next news cycle does anyone care about or remember Davos? Next year Christine Lagarde may be attending via video link from prison. Hopefully when the EU and the Euro collapse Davos collapses with it.

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Davos Elite Flummoxed – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 17, 2017

Which leads us to the second core problemthat of an unprecedented disconnect between “Davos Man” and the real world, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the participants themselves.The Problem with Socia…Thomas DiLorenzoBest Price: $10.73Buy New $8.49

As Bloomberg puts it, while “the top executives, financiers, academics and politicians making their way up the mountain to the World Economic Forum will be talking a lot about such non-establishment leaders as President-elect Donald Trump, France’s National Front chief Marine Le Pen and Italian populist Beppe Grillo of the Five Star Movement, they won’t be meeting them. Not one of the leaders bent on overturning the world order as Davos has designed it will be present.”

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