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Germany To Hit the Wall?

Posted by M. C. on September 1, 2022

By Patrick Foy

There is no need to go into the sorry details, to get into the weeds. The point is, Washington picked up the phone to Berlin and Paris, and said, quash Minsk II! Negotiations with Moscow were throttled. Minsk II was jettisoned.

That clown in London—what’s his name?— P.M. Johnson, encouraged Berlin and Paris in their folly. Now Europe’s economy is collapsing from lack of energy which Russia routinely supplied. Russia was not (and is not) an enemy of Europe. It was a partner.

As soon as Germany and France threw Minsk II overboard, and let Washington dictate the agenda, Europe was doomed. 

OMG. Is Germany about to hit the wall? From what I’ve been reading, outside the inner precincts of the American mainstream media, the answer to that question appears to be, “Yes, if nothing changes, the wall will be hit this winter.” Certainly, the possibility is there.

It all comes down to the Washington-instigated war in Ukraine and the fact that Germany as well as the rest of Europe have been foolish enough to swallow Washington’s false narrative and follow its self-destructive lead.

The offramp to a negotiated settlement with Ukraine, prior to the Russian intervention on February 24th, was blown up when the EU and NATO, basically Germany and France, walked away from the Minsk II agreement.

That agreement, which Ukraine signed, with France and Germany as guarantors, would have provided a degree of autonomy within Ukraine for parts of Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine. If you look at the current battlefield map, it is this limited area which Russia now occupies.

It is this area that wanted to break away from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. The Russian population there had been asking Putin for help ever since the CIA and Neocon battle-axe Victoria Nuland orchestrated the 2014 coup in Kiev which overthrew the elected government.

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