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Chemical Weapons and Mendacity

Posted by M. C. on September 29, 2013

There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity! Harvey “Big Daddy” Pollitt

Guess Who Is Giving Up Chemical Weapons-US, Russia or Israel?

Check the none of the above box.

The US has thousands of tons of chemical weapons.

No doubt Russia has them.

Israel does not admit to having chemical nor nuclear weapons but is widely believed to having both and has signed neither chemical nor nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

Whom should we be worried about? Syria, who has nothing to gain and everything to fear by using WMDs, or countries that:

Enable poison gas use in Middle East oil wars,

Rain terror on civilians with (mostly faulty) cluster bombs ready for some curious child,

Cause cancer in civilians with depleted uraniaum munitions,

Flood countries with cancerous defolients,

Knowingly poison their own troops with agent orange,

Nukes a foreign country twice to show Russia they can do it,

Firebombs civilians in Japan and Germany,

Use napalm and white phosphorous,

Embargo and blockade countries into starvation to win their hearts and minds then bombs or rocket attacks the countryside into a pulp,

Have an anthrax research facility?

The earliest biological warfare I know of goes back to the French and Indian war where our proper English friends knowingly gave Indians small pox contaminated blankets (See Conceived In Liberty by Rothbard)

So much for Kerry’s morality spewing.

So whom do you think is the greater danger to world peace – Syria or the self-proclaimed world enforcer and it’s Middle East puppet master “ally” with proven track records of mass destruction?

Syria is the enemy of our enemy. Yet we are arming Al Qaeda to conquer Syria in their goal of a pan Sunni, anti-west, anti-Christian Middle East.

We are not good at the nation building thing.

It is time we followed Ron Paul’s advice and quit meddling in things that are not our business, attempt constructive diplomacy and peaceful trade. Let’s see how far that gets us.

It can’t be any worse than our current win their hearts and minds or burn their village philosophy.

Be seeing you


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