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State Thieves and Forfeiture for Profit – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on February 15, 2020

Here’s how it works: state and local law enforcement turn assets over to federal authorities for federal crimes. The feds then return up to 80 percent of the assets back from whence it came. This effectively allows state and local authorities to circumvent relevant local laws by bringing in the feds. For example, in Missouri, seized money is supposed to go to the schools. When equitable sharing is used, nothing goes to schools.”

TSA and government in general are low life thieves at best. Still, you have to be really stupid to travel with that much cash and not expect to be hassled by the government or any other thief.


News today revealed that this tyrannical government had seized in September $181,500 from a Florida trucking company employee on his way to buy trucks in Cleveland for cash. Cash is that commodity that is supposed to be legal tender, and therefore legitimate money. The employee, Boris Nulman, was given $191,000 by his employers, Scott Smith and Michael Rosenberg, owners of FGL Transport, Inc., and told to get on a plane to Cleveland in order to buy some trucks for their business. While going through “security” and dealing with the perverted TSA, his bag was inspected, and the agents stole all but $10,000. Keep in mind that this was a domestic, not an international flight.

As always, the government thieves claimed without any evidence that this money was proceeds from “specified unlawful activity” and likely for the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a “controlled substance.” No charges were filed, and the owners of the company claim to have evidence that this money was taken directly out of their business account. They are now forced to sue two federal agencies, a daunting and expensive venture to be sure. These agencies can use other stolen money from taxpayers to hire attorneys, and drag this out in court for a very long time. This usually ends up bankrupting the lowly citizen, while the government keeps its ill-gotten gains, and spends taxpayer money to defend their theft in the corrupt courts.

The lawsuit is against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. How is stealing the rightfully owned money of American citizens “border protection? Who is really being protected here? Obviously it is not American citizens. The Newspaper report from Tampa stated that the government has not provided any reason whatsoever that it believes this money came from any illegal activities, but regardless, they will not return the money. This is nothing new, but it is a stark reminder that the government can forcibly steal from Americans without any evidence or cause, and keep the proceeds, and possibly in the process, bankrupt the victims. It is painfully obvious that this government believes it owns all the property of the people, and can take it at any time it chooses to do so, and without cause.

Apparently, buying goods voluntarily with one’s own money can be considered suspicious by government thugs, and then they claim the right to steal the property of anyone they desire. What this boils down to is honest citizens being treated as criminals, and therefore all their property can be confiscated without any charges or trial. This is the America of today, and these are the evil agents of force called police and security, that can take at will the property of others to use as they see fit. It is after all just a way to build extra revenue for these departments at the expense of those it claims to protect. What a farce.

Government thugs call this asset forfeiture, but it is nothing short of outright theft of private property under the guise of protection from money laundering and other so-called crime and non-crime. But stopping crime is never the goal, for if it were, those in government would be the first arrested. They are the cheats and liars, they are the murderers, they are the thieves, and this is all done in the name of the state. They do this for one reason only, and that is to fill their coffers with the property of others, and in the process gain even more control and power over the public.

While much is hidden, or too complicated to decipher, the federal government, specifically the Department of Justice, (DOJ) collected $29 billion from 2001 to 2014. (This beginning date is no coincidence) Money stolen during this time went up over 1000%. Much of this stolen money was from those that committed no crime, and were never charged with any crime. No surprise, but most all this money goes to Law Enforcement, the same thieves that stole it in the first place.

The police today steal more money through their immoral and criminal asset forfeiture programs that all real criminals steal put together. Yes, the biggest thieves in the country are the police. They love to steal other people’s money because the corrupt courts allow it. They even keep wish lists, so they can target certain individuals in order to steal the things they desire. This program is simply a multi-billion dollar slush fund for police and government.

“As if civil asset forfeiture wasn’t bad enough on its own, there is also a process allowing police organizations to circumvent the existing laws. It’s called equitable sharing and it’s a gold mine for both the federal government and police departments. This process further incentivizes civil asset forfeiture as a means of funding police departments at the federal, state and local levels.

Here’s how it works: state and local law enforcement turn assets over to federal authorities for federal crimes. The feds then return up to 80 percent of the assets back from whence it came. This effectively allows state and local authorities to circumvent relevant local laws by bringing in the feds. For example, in Missouri, seized money is supposed to go to the schools. When equitable sharing is used, nothing goes to schools.”

These programs are “policing for money,” and are as corrupt as mob shakedowns, except that mobsters are much more honest than the state and its police. Everything is stolen, from cash, to automobiles and boats, to land and buildings, to art and jewels, and of course drugs are stolen and sold as well, but that is more covert.

This is much more complicated than it seems at first glance, because it involves the lawmakers in Congress, the government agencies of force, the federal police system, the local and state police, and all the courts at every level, including the Supreme Court of the United States. All these entities work in concert to steal the property of the citizenry, and to do so under the veil of law. It is atrocious, and it is criminal from the bottom to the top.

Be seeing you





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Why Lomeli and Not the Other 49,999? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on February 12, 2020


The unthinkable has befallen one of the TSA’s gate-rapists: he has not only been arrested in the performance of his “duties,” he’s actually facing charges.

Take a moment to recover: the shock immobilized me a good while, too. The Thieves and Sexual Assailants have pawed men, women and little kids for 19 very long, torturous years at Amerikan airports, plunging their hands up shirts and down britches, strip-searching grandmothers, chortling over naked passengers, stealing second base on the pretext that women hide bombs in their bosoms, and fondling boys. In short, the TSA hourly commits all manner of atrocity—and with nauseating impunity, too. Each time a victim cries “Rape!”, the agency’s blatantly false boilerplate claims that it “strives to treat every passenger with dignity and respect…” Adding insult to injury, it “investigates” itself and—surprise!—declares its sadists innocent. To choose one example from millions: after “British singer Morrissey said” that a “San Francisco TSA worker … went straight for my private bits and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage,” the TSA averred that its “officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual.”

Need we further testimony that sexual assault is not only the TSA’s “job” but its official policy? However violent or offensive its degenerates’ depredations, it vigorously defends both.

Until now. For reasons no sane serf can fathom, the State of California and the TSA itself are denouncing one of the latter’s leches for what he is: a criminal.

This being the government, though, its immensely delayed justice doesn’t even begin to satisfy. For starters, prosecutors have charged 22-year-old Johnathon Lomeli not with molestation but with “one felony count of false imprisonment for intentionally and unlawfully detaining an individual through the use of fraud or deceit. ” Second, they imply that he and he alone of the TSA’s 50,000 goons is guilty of sexual assault. And for proof, they offer two specious, microscopic distinctions.

Which is to say that though a pale imitation of due process finally caught up with ol’ Johnathon, his fellow fiends may safely continue wallowing in depravity. I despise Lomeli as I do all the TSA’s brutes, but even I couldn’t blame him for asking, “Why me? Everyone else gets away with it!”

Lomeli kicked off his criminal career last summer at Los Angeles International when he “allegedly trick[ed] an airline passenger into showing him her breasts and letting him look into her pants.”

Nothing new there: despite its protestations that it does not strip-search passengers, the TSA in fact does. Frequently. And I’ll bet Lomeli didn’t even break a sweat while “tricking” his prey: given the debauchery travelers expect from these blue-gloved barbarians, he probably barked but a single command before the poor woman was unbuttoning her shirt.

That brings us to the first of those distinctions without a difference: the TSA insists that only “an officer of the same gender” will grope us. Why its cretins imagine such abuse will soothe passengers when the Feds not only tolerate but encourage sodomy, we cannot begin to guess. And even if we pretend that none of the TSA’s pervs are that perverted, assault is assault regardless of the predator’s sex. I have yet to hear any survivor of rape lament, “Oh, if only a person of my own sex had attacked me, I wouldn’t be nearly as traumatized!”

Ergo, since the male Lomeli ogled a female, the government damns his vice rather than paying him for it. (Wonder whether his lawyer will advise Lomeli to plead that he felt up–sorry, felt like a woman that day, and therefore no crime occurred…)

And here’s our second distinction without any substance: after that first flash of flesh, Lomelli “took” the lady “to what he said would be a private room for more security screening … But once they were alone on an elevator, she said he told her he could do the screening right there. The woman said Lomeli told her he had to make sure she still had nothing in her bra, requiring her to lift her shirt ‘to show me your full breasts.’ He also again looked down her pants, she said, before telling her she was free to go and adding that she had nice breasts.”

Lomeli’s leering diverges very little from other way-too-close encounters with the TSA—unless you’re a statist. Then you discern all sorts of fanciful contrasts: as California’s attorney general solemnly thundered, “The felony allegedly occurred outside of the primary security screening area.” Ah, yes, that magical “primary security screening area”! It whitewashes crime and renders sexual assault “a welcome reassurance of safety.” Those few yards of enchanted real estate, dear reader, make all the difference.

Nor do Our Rulers fret about creating checkpoints that confuse passengers into allowing or even cooperating with such grotesque violations as Lomeli’s. Meanwhile, the prosecutor huffs, “Women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect everywhere … There is no excuse for this kind of alleged behavior. It’s not okay on the street, it’s not okay in our schools, and it’s certainly not welcome at the airport.”

Tell it to the TSA, buddy. Forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine of its savages still infest airports, degrading women every moment of every day.

Not to be outdone in hypocrisy, the TSA “called [Lomeli’s] alleged behavior ‘unacceptable and an affront to the hardworking [sic] and committed members of our workforce [sic].’”

An “affront”? C’mon: it was job-training.

Be seeing you


Your Alternative to Facial Recognition






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Blame Leviathan, Not Us – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 24, 2020

I don’t know what it is with the TSA and hair, but lengthy locks fascinate these deviants as much as they do free-lance ones. The TSA regularly harasses female passengers by combing through their tresses; Tara’s magnificent plaits must have sounded a siren’s song to them. And so the TSA’s thuggette “pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed & said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins.”

That’s deeply offensive, as the TSA’s gate-rape always is.


Finally! The Twitterverse is actually chiding a racist who happens to be black!

Eric Adams is not only a black supremacist but a politician, too—and a particularly pointless one at that (pardon the redundancy): he’s president of the Borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Yes, that would be the same City already cursed with more “public servants” than rats per square mile. So what does the “borough president”—and there are five of ‘em, one each for Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island—find to do in that toxic stew? Not much, as even Pravda—er, the New York Daily News acknowledged: “Useless wastes,” it complained in 2009. “Borough presidents don’t do much except spend tax money.”

And how! Eleven years ago, the Big Apple’s subjects were paying these parasitic “presidents” $150,000 annually while also “provid[ing] them with a car and driver”—both “car” and “driver” should be plural— as well as staffs: “assistants to the president” who earn[ed] between $35,000 and $136,420” in 2014; “administrative managers” at anywhere from $60,000 to $124,353 per year; and “administrative staff analysts” ($49,492 to $109,664). I shudder at how the wages for these sinecures must have escalated over the last decade.

All this for leeches who “were stripped of most of their authority years ago, but whose positions remain nonetheless” in the Marxist insanity that is New York’s government. Still, I suppose pampered but powerless politicians are preferable to pampered but powerful ones.

At any rate, ol’ Eric is Amerika’s answer to Megs and Prince Harry: a worthless, utterly indulged freeloader who ought to be on his knees, thanking the taxpayers who foot his bills.

Instead, he publicly castigates them. On “Monday at the National Action Networks’ MLK Day celebration in Harlem,” he denounced white newcomers to New York City because they “‘are not only high-jacking your [i.e., his audience’s] apartments and displacing your living arrangements, … they displace your conversations and said that things that are important to you are no longer important and they decide what’s important and what’s not important.”

Do I detect a contender here with Pelosi for the title of “Most Inarticulate Tyrant”?

But when he continued, he was clear enough that the Daily News admitted, “Adams’s remarks were striking for his all but explicitly racial tone.” Nope, he was beyond explicit: “‘Go back to Iowa! You go back to Ohio! New York City belongs to the people that [were] here and made New York City what it is,’ Adams, an ex-cop, said to applause. ‘I know I’m a New Yorker. I protected [sic for ‘without even the pretence of a warrant, I stopped and frisked other black men in’] this city. I have a right to put my voice in how this city is run.’”

Oh, the megalomania of Our Rulers! Since when does beating people senseless give cops “a right to put my voice in how a city is run”? And why should a city be “run”? Why can’t residents manage their own lives under the gentle but efficacious “invisible hand” of voluntary association and transactions?

Thank Heaven this vainglorious, prodigal bigot was “[c]alled out for the comments on Twitter…” “[M]any on social media said that his remarks were unnecessarily divisive and uncomfortably close to xenophobic diatribes aimed at new immigrants.” Whoa! For once, Progressives aren’t excusing hate-speech despite the speaker’s black identity and their open season on whites. Do you suppose Hell has frozen over, too?

“‘I guess we should look to relocate the Statue of Liberty,’ read one typical response. ‘Don’t want to give anyone the impression we want anymore [sic] out of towners. Good way to honor the spirit of Martin Luther King.’ … Some questioned whether Iowa was ‘the new dog whistle for white people,’ while others pointed out that New York has long prided itself on being an international city that welcomes newcomers from all over.”

Yet even as the media reports such scoldings, it covers for Eric by interpreting his tirade as a condemnation of “gentrification.” So do his accomplices in official crime: “Mayor de Blasio’s office gave muted criticism of the beep’s remarks. ‘The mayor doesn’t agree with how it was said, but the borough president voiced a very real frustration,” spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein said in a statement. ‘We need to improve affordability in this city to ensure New Yorkers can stay in the city they love…”

That’s so rich it’s nauseating. The reason “affordability” ain’t is the City’s stratospheric taxes on real estate: “The property tax is New York City’s largest source of revenue. It is projected to generate $24 billion in fiscal year 2017, or 44 percent of all City tax revenues and about twice as much as the second largest source, the local personal income tax.”

Indeed. A single building—the Trump Plaza, say, on Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side, with 175 apartments— pays a jaw-dropping $3,857,237 in taxes every year. That means each apartment coughs up an average of $22,041 per annum in addition to a mortgage and its portion of shared expenses (salaries for the doormen and porters, electricity to light the halls, etc.) Yet New York’s political greedballs routinely vilify residents for craving decent housing and the developers and landlords supplying it as the cause of the City’s extortionate prices.

Do inordinate taxes on co-ops, condos, and rentals confine Adams’ audience to lower-priced, dilapidated neighborhoods? Yep. Demagogues can blame white New Yorkers and their alleged racism for hiking rents all they like, but the true culprit is government.

Ditto for a contretemps last week at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, when Tara Houska, a “Native American traveler” with “her hair in long braids,” suffered an assault from the Thieves and Sexual Assailants. Ms. Houska is “an attorney and indigenous rights activist”—that’s “American Indian racist” in plain English—and thus more sophisticated and glib than ex-cop Adams; ergo, her charging Whitey with the TSA’s depravity has earned plaudits rather than reprimands.

It seems when Tara was “Going through @TSA … the agent said she needed to pat down my braids.”

I don’t know what it is with the TSA and hair, but lengthy locks fascinate these deviants as much as they do free-lance ones. The TSA regularly harasses female passengers by combing through their tresses; Tara’s magnificent plaits must have sounded a siren’s song to them. And so the TSA’s thuggette “pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed & said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins.”

That’s deeply offensive, as the TSA’s gate-rape always is. But Tara’s reaction was equally objectionable. Like many black women who’ve endured this outrage, she imputes it not to the TSA’s systemic evil but to the “blonde” groper’s bias (“This kind of racism is not something that is new to our people,” Houska [said]…“This is just one small incident but it’s reflective of a larger culture”). “My hair is part of my spirit,” she huffed. “I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated. Your ‘fun’ hurt.”

Pssst, Tara: most women, Native or not, prize their hair, nor do they appreciate strangers’ rummaging through it. You are neither special nor alone in that sentiment.

But Tara’s not a smug “activist” for nothing. She decreed this a “#TeachingMoment” in which she can lecture us—as if we rather than the TSA abused her (thank me, dear reader, for mercifully condensing her harangue): “All these little microaggressions add up, and we should be treating each other with respect across the board.” Worse, like most of the TSA’s prey, she was waaaaay too willing to grant the agency’s right to search her in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment; Tara’s quarrel—a losing one—lies with how the TSA’s degenerates chose to conduct that search: “It’s TSA and so it’s invasive no matter what — it’s their job to sometimes pat you down and it’s part of safety and I get that,… That said, it was dehumanizing and just really disrespectful. It was kind of humiliating, to be honest, as a person but also as an indigenous person.”

Absolutely it was. But put the blame squarely where it belongs: on the anti-Constitutional TSA. This white girl has tired of Leviathan’s atrocities being laid at her door.

Be seeing you


The Alternative to “Facial” Recognition

Careful, he might be carrying!






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When the Punchline’s Worse than the Joke

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2019

Precheck, for the blissfully ignorant, is the TSA’s breathtaking swindle whereby it sells back to passengers the liberty and dignity it stole from them in the first place


…Actually, the Marine told the joke—or tried to. “[Lance Cpl. Joseph] Simkus told a TSA agent they should check his shoes for C-4, an explosive.” Not much of a quip, is it? Indeed, since Marines sometimes work with C-4, the corporal might have been warning the Prod-n-Poke Brigade about his boots. But the TSA’s brutes never waste an opportunity to prey on passengers…

I see you savvy travelers shaking your heads: “Well, what do you expect? Everyone knows you can’t clown around at airports now.”

And I say shame on us for tolerating the police-state so supinely all these years that we now condone its crimes. Did the corporal behave wisely? No. Should that banish him to a cage? Only in totalitarian regimes.

Sadly, at least one of Cpl. Simkus’ fellow Marines is piling on. He takes the security scam as seriously as it took his brother-in-arms despite the indictment last weekend of six “former TSA officers” in “an alleged drug trafficking operation that smuggled 20 tons of cocaine into the US through Puerto Rico over an 18-year period.”

I’m no fan of the military. But throwing a Marine under the bus for the TSA seems a new level of insanity, even for Our Rulers. “A few good men” have “for two and a quarter centuries … defined the standards of courage, esprit, and military prowess,” while the TSA has for way, way, way too long defined the standards of degradation, pedophilia and larceny downward. Not to mention that its perverts

  1. Miss 95% (!!!!!!) of contraband in undercover tests;
  2. Have never intercepted a terrorist anywhere in the world;
  3. Have never uncovered any plot by terrorists anywhere in the world;
  4. Allow suspects associated with terrorists entry to airports;
  5. Bully handicapped little girls;
  6. Savage survivors of cancer;
  7. Torment crippled children;
  8. Etc., ad nauseam.

Corporal Simkus isn’t the only Marine to run afoul of the TSA. Our Rulers may demand adulation, freebies, and special treatment for their legionnaires, but they’ve exempted the TSA from all of that just as they absolve it from common decency. Until last year, that is, when Congress “enrolled” “all “service members” in PreCheck. Precheck, for the blissfully ignorant, is the TSA’s breathtaking swindle whereby it sells back to passengers the liberty and dignity it stole from them in the first place;…

Ergo, when “three employees of TSA… detained and forced” “Jessica Lundquist (‘LUNDQUIST’) … a ticketed passenger attempting to travel through Hollywood Burbank Airport (‘BUR’) on September 29th, 2019” “to submit to an invasive ‘groin search’ whereby they used their fingers to touch LUNDQUIST’s genitals and buttocks without consent and despite her objection and pleas to leave,” it didn’t count. Since Ms. Lundquist boasts no “service-connected disability,” her travail doesn’t matter.

Here’s hoping the Marine Corps rescues its lance corporal and then stomps the TSA’s butt before kicking its loathsome carcass from here to Iwo Jima. No high-spirited recruit should suffer as Joe has to protect the delusion that this cruel agency somehow safeguards aviation.

But neither should Ms. Lundquist. Or anyone.

Be seeing you





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Posted by M. C. on October 12, 2019

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TSA allowing illegal migrants to fly without proper documents

Posted by M. C. on June 6, 2019

No Border, No country.

The blind leading the illegal. Say good-bye USA.

The federal agency tasked with overseeing security at transportation hubs has been violating its own policy by allowing migrants who have been released from federal custody onto flights despite not having required documents, according to several Department of Homeland Security officials.

For the past six months, the Transportation Security Administration has allowed migrants released from the custody of other Homeland Security agencies to board flights to other parts of the country despite the passengers lacking any of the 15 documents it states are the only acceptable forms of identification.

Since early December, the agency has avoided temporarily changing federal policy and also not introduced a permanent solution to address this new phenomenon, despite no indication border apprehensions and mass releases are slowing down any time soon.

Since January, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released from custody more than 200,000 migrants who arrived at the border as part of a family. The releases are mandatory under a 2015 court ruling that bars ICE from holding families more than 20 days.

ICE often drops people off at bus stations, where nongovernmental organizations that have been alerted to the drop-offs send volunteers to help migrants make travel arrangements to join family members in other cities. The agency then wipes its hands clean following the releases. ICE would not comment on the legal precedent for undocumented immigrants boarding flights in the U.S.

So instead, those looking to depart the border via regional airports become TSA’s burden. If TSA chose to turn away people at airports it would apply more pressure to overwhelmed bus companies like Greyhound and local motels in border towns, complicating an already dire situation for localities struggling to care for this demographic…

Be seeing you

La-Raza-Founder (1)

…from the USA



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Uncle Sam’s Latest Plan to Spy on Air Travelers | The Nestmann Group

Posted by M. C. on May 29, 2019

These days, you can wind up on a watchlist for merely complaining to a TSA agent. Getting on a watchlist doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to board your flight, but it will result in delays at the airport.

By Mark Nestmann

When you arrive at the airport to board a flight, do you have any legitimate “expectation of privacy?” Uncle Sam and the Orwellian Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) would like you to think you don’t.

I beg to differ.

It’s not enough to be poked, prodded, and groped by bored TSA agents as we pass through airport checkpoints. The agency is now telling us – falsely – that we need TSA-compliant identification documents to board our flights.

To make sure those documents properly identify us, the TSA is rolling out face recognition systems at major airports. The goal is to use biometric technology to identify 100% of passengers boarding international flights by 2021.

The airlines are only too happy to cooperate. Delta, JetBlue, British Airways, Lufthansa, and American Airlines are integrating face recognition into their check-in process. Naturally, it’s pitched as a matter of “security” along with “passenger convenience.” In some cases, you needn’t even show your passport or boarding pass to board your flight. You just stare into a camera.

This practice became much better known a couple months ago when a JetBlue passenger who went through this process tweeted: Did I consent to this?

The inconvenience and privacy invasion we suffer when we fly might be more palatable if there were any evidence that it’s effective. But there isn’t any. In 2015, the TSA sent undercover agents to dozens of America’s largest airports to test security protocols. Shockingly, the agents were able to smuggle explosives or weapons through security checkpoints 95% of the time. The TSA failed in 67 out of 70 tests.

Two years later, screeners again failed to detect 95% of explosives and drugs in an undercover test at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Indeed, evidence suggests that the TSA has never intercepted anyone intending to hijack a plane at an airport checkpoint.

This is the system you finance with $7 billion of your tax dollars each year. It’s worse than you ever imagined. It is, in the words of security expert Bruce Schneier, “security theater” at its finest…

For domestic flights, no law or regulation prohibits you from traveling anonymously. When privacy activists filed a Freedom of Information request for the TSA’s records of travelers who show up at an airport checkpoint without ID, they learned that more than 98% of them were able to board their flights. That means the TSA is lying when it posts signs like this one warning passengers that if they want to board a flight after October 1, 2020, using a driver’s license as identification, it must be compliant with the Real ID Act

You can get on a plane without ID only if you print your boarding pass at home and proceed directly to the gate without checked luggage. Once you’re at the gate on a domestic flight, you won’t need to show ID to board the plane – just your boarding pass. If you have checked luggage, though, it’s unlikely that a ticket agent will accept it without ID…

These days, you can wind up on a watchlist for merely complaining to a TSA agent. Getting on a watchlist doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to board your flight, but it will result in delays at the airport…

Be seeing you




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The TSA’s Secret Watchlist for Travelers Who Don’t Kowtow – The Future of Freedom Foundation

Posted by M. C. on February 15, 2019

Any woman who ever pushed a screener’s hands away from squeezing her breasts could also be guilty

Or perhaps the agency simply presumes that “it’s not an assault when federal agents do it.”


“I need a witness!” exclaimed the worried Transportation Security Administration screener at Reagan Washington National Airport a few months ago. Because I had forgotten to remove my belt before going through a TSA scanner, he explained that I must undergo an “enhanced patdown.” I told him that if he jammed my groin, I’d file a formal complaint against him. So he summoned his supervisor to keep an eye on the proceedings. After his white-suited boss arrived on the scene, I announced that I too, needed a witness. The boss bureaucrat assured me there was a video camera recording the scene. “But does it have audio?” I demanded to know. “That’s confidential security information,” he replied. “Ha! More like security theater,” I retorted.

I thought of this exchange when the New York Times revealed that the TSA has created a new secret watchlist for troublesome passengers. The TSA justifies the new list because TSA screeners were said to have been assaulted 34 times last year. “We were seeing an alarming increase in the number of assaults against our officers,” fretted Darby LaJoye, one of the TSA’s top security officials. TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein declared, “TSA is committed to its people and wants to ensure there are safeguards in place to protect TSA officers and others from any individual who has previously exhibited disruptive or assaultive behavior at a screening checkpoint and is scheduled to fly.”

However, the TSA’s press office refused to release a list or any details of those assaults, including how many times accused assailants were arrested. The TSA also refused to answer my question: “How does TSA define an ‘assault’ on a TSA screener?” I was told I would need to file a Freedom of Information Act request for that information, but the TSA scorns federal law and often delays responses for months or years. Such tactics help explain why some people believe that “TSA” stands for “tactics to suppress accountability.”

Naturally, the TSA’s new official definition of “troublemaker” for this list goes far beyond people who slug screeners. Have you ever “loitered” near a checkpoint? Bingo. Any woman who ever pushed a screener’s hands away from squeezing her breasts could also be guilty — even though the TSA never formally promulgated its territorial claim to that part of the female anatomy… Read the rest of this entry »

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Government Shutdown Is the Best-Ever Argument for Privatization | The Nestmann Group

Posted by M. C. on February 7, 2019

So, if you enjoy being groped by TSA screeners, you’ll love dealing with the bureaucrats that will administer Medicare for all and free college. And you’ll enjoy paying their salaries with higher taxes even more. Have fun!

By Mark Nestmann

I was starting to feel sorry for the 800,000 federal employees who hadn’t received paychecks for more than a month. Then Donald Trump caved to the Democrats and ended the government shutdown last week.

There’s now a bipartisan effort in Congress to enact a law that would make government shutdowns less likely. But I have a much better and more permanent solution: privatize most of the functions that Uncle Sam’s intrepid bureaucrats perform.

Take the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), for instance. A big reason Trump ended the shutdown was that so many TSA employees had called in sick that flight delays were becoming intolerable. That wouldn’t have happened if the government hadn’t been in the airline security business.

Not that it’s doing an especially good job. In 2015, the TSA sent undercover agents to dozens of America’s largest airports to test security protocols. Shockingly, the agents were able to smuggle fake explosives or weapons through security checkpoints 95% of the time. The TSA failed in 67 out of 70 tests.

Two years later, the TSA tried again. The good news is that the failure rate fell from 95% to 70%. The bad news is … well, a 70% failure rate is nothing to celebrate.

One reason is the TSA performs so poorly is that the politicians in charge of our national security believe catering to lobbyists is more important than security.

Consider the saga of the Rapiscan scanner. Read the rest of this entry »

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How The Shutdown Can Be Used – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 12, 2019


We would never entrust a government functionary to secure the transport of valuable personal treasures like a Picasso or the Hope Diamond or a Faberge egg. There is a distinguished marketplace of professionals that handle that field far more adeptly. Then why do we trust a government functionary with securing our most vital form of long distance travel?

As all too many of us intimately recall, not only are planes able to be hijacked to the detriment of all on board, they can be used as guided missiles to the detriment of those on the ground, as was the case in the 9/11 attacks.

For some reason, rather than recognizing the failure of the quasi-governmental system and pushing government further out of the airline security process after the post 9/11 failures, we turned to the ever ineffective government to further step in to air travel security…

TSA Isn’t Doing Their Job, Isn’t Getting Paid, Now Is A Perfect Opportunity To Dissolve The TSA Read the rest of this entry »

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