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SELICK: If Canadians wanted to eat crickets, we wouldn’t be forced to subsidize the cricket farm

Posted by M. C. on July 14, 2022

As far as the environment is concerned, there are other, non-coercive ways of making agriculture more productive while improving the environment. Farmer Joel Salatin of the famous Polyface Farm has lectured and written about this for decades. His method of regenerative agriculture restores land fertility while producing five times as much per acre as the neighbouring farms in his county.

Karen Selick

I know a Canadian man who lives in Thailand. He teaches English as his primary occupation, but he and his wife also have a “hobby farm” raising crickets in large wooden bins in their home. When the insects are ready for harvesting, his wife—a Thai native—fries them up with popular Thai seasonings. The crickets are then sold as snacks on the local streets.

For Thais, eating insects isn’t novel. Take a look at some of the other mouth-watering delicacies they eat: bamboo worms, silkworms, grasshoppers and giant water bugs.

Thais aren’t the only people in the world who eat insects. “Consumers in Latin America are already familiar with eating insects as food or snacks,” according to this Mexican bureaucrat in charge of food safety.

Recently, however, it has been announced that Canada, of all places – where I’ve lived all my life and have never known anyone to eat crickets – will become home to the world’s largest cricket farm, newly built in London, Ontario by Aspire Food Group. The company’s CEO, Mohammed Ashour, predicts that North Americans will soon join two billion other people on the planet who, he claims, already eat insects.

Note, though, that the world’s insect-eaters are almost all in third-world countries. While they may be making the best of their impoverished situation by spicing up bugs to palatability, I’ll bet most of them wouldn’t turn down a good beef steak if it were offered to them. The Thai restaurants I’ve been to in North America offer beef, pork, shrimp and chicken on the menu, but I’ve never seen one offer worms, grasshoppers or crickets.

People eat bugs primarily when they can’t afford more appetizing forms of protein. I checked with a friend in the nearby but much wealthier country of Singapore. He loves to buy street food from the famous “hawker centers”, but he told me that, no, he has never seen anyone selling crickets. Singapore’s per capita GDP is seven times that of Thailand. Even Malaysians, who live right next door to Thailand but have a GDP per capita that’s 54% higher, don’t eat crickets, although there are apparently insect agriculture start-ups gearing up right now, just as in Canada. I wonder why.

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SPYING ON CANADIANS: Trudeau’s ‘disinformation’ campaign more worrisome than F-bomb

Posted by M. C. on May 7, 2022

The Sun’s political columnist Brian Lilley says Justin Trudeau always tries to shut down stories from the media and the opposition he doesn’t agree with.

But…The spy flight happened.

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Supporting the Current Thing: COVID Mania adherents embrace the Ukraine narrative

Posted by M. C. on March 22, 2022

Not supporting a crippling sanctions regime on Russia, or arming neo fascist Ukrainian militias to the teeth, or even the imposition of a World War 3 level no fly zone over Ukraine, has become akin to being a bad person, and will sometimes even result in your labeling as a traitorous agent for a foreign regime.

Jordan Schachtel

I wanted to turn your attention to a fascinating poll that came out the other day.

The Toronto Star hired a polling agency to survey Canadians about their views about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. What made this poll unique is that it separated the sides to three separate groups: the triple vaccinated, the double vaxxed, and the unvaccinated.

Now, it’s one thing to have taken two COVID injections, but those who committed to the repeated booster regime were either compelled to do so (frequently under duress) or became true believers to the COVID narrative. As the polling shows, this group, by and large, submits to authority figures and embraces the current narrative, regardless of the actual merits of the solutions.

The other group — and remember, unvaccinated Canadians have faced severe discrimination for not taking the mRNA injections — saw the government’s appeal to their supposed health, and wholly rejected the COVID narrative. Unvaccinated Canadians are still not allowed to leave the country. Their rejection of the government narrative comes at an incredible personal and professional cost.

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Bizarre neurological illness plagues young Canadians — RT World News

Posted by M. C. on January 4, 2022

Tim Beatty, whose father Laurie died with similar symptoms only to be posthumously declared an Alzheimer’s case, is attempting to have his father’s remains tested for neurotoxins, including β-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), a suspected trigger for the illness.

Dozens of young people with no preexisting conditions are developing symptoms of a new disease as activists and families suspect a cover-up on the part of the local government.

A whistleblower with Vitalité Health Network in New Brunswick told The Guardian on Sunday that symptoms include hallucinations, difficulty thinking, limited mobility, insomnia, and rapid weight loss. Local government has reportedly struggled to dismiss the growing number of cases as Alzheimer’s or other neurological diseases uncommon outside the elderly.

While the official number of cases recorded since the mystery illness was first publicly acknowledged in early spring has not budged upward from 48, multiple sources told The Guardian that as many as 150 people may have contracted the fast-moving illness. Still more young people require assessment, and several have died. Read more ‘It’s happening & it’s probably spreading’: Canadian health officials baffled by MYSTERY deadly brain disease

I’m truly concerned about these cases because they seem to evolve so fast,” the source told the outlet, acknowledging that “we owe them some kind of explanation.”

One of the more disturbing elements of the condition is how little is known regarding transmission. In at least nine cases, caretakers and others in close contact with sick individuals have developed similar symptoms to the ailing party, suggesting the illness not only spreads readily between unrelated individuals but that there may be environmental factors involved. Some have compared the illness to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal brain disease caused by misshapen proteins called prions, though screening reportedly produced no confirmed CJD cases.

The province has struggled to keep the cases under wraps – the case cluster only became public last year when a memo was leaked to the media, and the government has insisted the “cluster” itself is merely the result of “misdiagnoses” grouping unrelated illnesses together. Officials declared in October that eight fatal cases were due to “known and unrelated pathologies,” rather than a shared and unknown illness. An epidemiological report released in October supposedly ruled out any food, behavioral, or environmental exposure that could explain the problem.

However, another public health scientist who sought to remain anonymous suggested the government was covering something up. “The fact that we have a younger spectrum of patients here argues very strongly against what appears to be the preferred position of the government of New Brunswick – that the cases in this cluster are being mistakenly lumped together.

Tim Beatty, whose father Laurie died with similar symptoms only to be posthumously declared an Alzheimer’s case, is attempting to have his father’s remains tested for neurotoxins, including β-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), a suspected trigger for the illness. The local economy relies heavily on lobster fishing, and the chemical can be found in high concentrations in lobster, according to a study cited by The Guardian. Beatty and other families who’ve lost loved ones to the mysterious illness have speculated that the government’s refusal to acknowledge the possible existence of the disease cluster in the region could be politically or economically motivated.

If a group of people wanted to breed conspiracy theorists, then our government has done a wonderful job at promoting it,” Beatty told The Guardian. “Are they just trying to create a narrative for the public that they hope we’ll absorb and walk away from? I just don’t understand it.

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