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Wells Fargo Center Unveils Rage Room Where Fans Can Break Stuff And Unleash Their Anger

Posted by M. C. on October 9, 2019

A safe room for sports fans. Truly pathetic.

Are high schools and universities next?

One wonders what kind of sports person tolerates it.

What do you expect from a stadium named after one of the most corrupt banks in America.

Wells Fargo Center Unveils Rage Room Where Fans Can Break Stuff And Unleash Their Anger

By Matt Bowker

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Picture this: The Flyers are going through a February slump. The orange and black just inexplicably lost a 5-1 home game to the New York Islanders.

You need to blow off some steam before sitting in traffic.

So you go into the Wells Fargo Center’s Disassembly Room and smash some dishes, take a sledgehammer to a TV and unleash your rage upon everything in sight.

That’s right. The Wells Fargo Center has unveiled the first-ever rage room in a major professionals sports arena.

The rage room allows fans and guests to let out some stress by breaking, smashing and crushing items inside of the brand new Disassembly Room. Some of the breakable items even include the opposing team’s logos…

Be seeing you

Wells Fargo blames former retail division head for Wells ...






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Democrats are waging a financial civil war in America, targeting banks that fund pro-liberty projects that Leftists don’t like –

Posted by M. C. on March 21, 2019

How dare the company do that, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) lectured. How dare Wells Fargo not bow to the browbeating of Leftist Democrats and follow the lead of other banks in ditching gun makers and retailers.

Specifically, she blasted Sloan because Wells Fargo hasn’t adopted what the anti-gun Left calls “best practices” for the banking industry when it comes to firearms…

(Natural News) Let’s get one thing straight: The Democratic Left hates the Constitution. They always have and they always will because it is so effective in preventing authoritarians like them from taking over all the reins of power…

The Left looks at sabotaging the Second Amendment in the same way. Because they know they won’t ever muster support among enough states to repeal it, they are focusing instead on strategies to simply neuter it.

That’s what Operation Choke Point (OCP) was designed to do. As a refresher, OCP was an Obama-era initiative implemented by lawless hacks at his “Justice” Department to investigate (i.e. harass) banks that did business with gun dealers, as well as payday lenders and other companies thought to be involved in fraud or money-laundering.

As Frank Keating wrote in The Hill last year:

A little-known program carried out by President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) whipsawed small business for years, and to date no one has been held accountable. Federal officials pressured banks to close the accounts of businesses solely because they were ideologically opposed to their existence. This runs counter to the very principles of due process and fairness that form the backbone of our nation’s laws.

The Obamaites knew they couldn’t get a GOP Congress to approve legislation that would put gun makers and dealers out of business, so they devised another way to do it: Ruin them economically by cutting off their access to financial services, despite the fact that they were lawful businesses operating on the up-and-up.

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Why Big Banks LOVE Paying Fines to the U.S. Government | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on May 9, 2018

The Double Standard

When Volkswagen executives found out U.S. regulations would kill one of their diesel models, they pulled some tricks. They fooled U.S. regulators by installing software which misrepresented the emissions released.

But the U.S. found out, and arrested the top executives involved.

One of them, a German citizen, was sentenced to 7 years in prison late 2017 for his role in the scandal.

That’s a pretty intense prison sentence for trying to trick regulators. The government says that society is the victim in this case, because the regulations are an attempt to keep the environment clean.

But how does the government respond when a business directly victimizes hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of its own customers?

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