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Let Trans Athletes Have Their Own Sport Competitions | Chronicles

Posted by M. C. on June 4, 2021

Now, what they were previously doing to male wrestlers is being done to them by the transsexuals. They do not at all appreciate the latter intrusion and are in splendid ignorance of the fact that they were previously guilty of the very same act of trespass. How’s that for “mansplaining?”

By Walter Block

Nowadays, feminists are all up in arms about the insertion of males who declare themselves to be females into women’s sports. This is not an unreasonable concern for, if encouraged, or even allowed, transsexuals will sound the death knell of female athletic competitions.

The latest episode of transgender incursions in women’s sports concerns New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who previously lifted weights as a male. The Olympic authorities of that nation have not yet decided whether Hubbard will represent them in this year’s event in Japan, but they may very well do so. If they do, there goes an Olympic spot that would otherwise have gone to a biological woman. Feminists are once again outraged.

The biological fact is that boys, whether they declare themselves females or not, are stronger, faster, quicker, and more agile, than girls. This gives them a gigantic competitive advantage in pretty much every sport.

For example, almost 300 high school boys can beat the women’s world record in the quarter mile. Similar disparities between teenage boys and female Olympic champions exist in many other track and field events, as well as in swimming. John McEnroe famously speculated that if Serena Williams, one of the best female tennis players ever, competed with men, she would rank around 700th in the world.

There are now numerous cases on record in which male transsexuals entered female races and pulverized the field. The feminists are quite right to object to this undermining of girls’ sports. Happily, enlightened states such as Mississippi are now protecting young ladies from these unwarranted and unjustified invasions. Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves just signed a bill to ban trans athletes from women’s sports.

Yet, it was not that long ago that the shoe was on the other feminist foot. Then, they were demanding that girls be allowed to compete with boys in sports such as wrestling. The male wrestlers were appalled. Coming from decent families, boys were told “Don’t hit girls (and don’t crush them either!)” How to quell this incursion? Start the match flat on your back, lie there, get pinned, and allow the girls to win all the competitions? Take the very opposite tack? The former didn’t embarrass them, and the latter went against the grain of civilized order. The result was a despoliation of the sport of wrestling, courtesy of the feminists.

Now, what they were previously doing to male wrestlers is being done to them by the transsexuals. They do not at all appreciate the latter intrusion and are in splendid ignorance of the fact that they were previously guilty of the very same act of trespass. How’s that for “mansplaining?”

What about male transsexuals? Are they to have no competitive arenas of their own? Due to their use of estrogen, they are weaker and less competitive than otherwise would have been the case, but still far stronger than undrugged girls. And their female to male counterparts are stronger and thus more competitive than they were before, thanks to doses of testosterone, but still nowhere near the level of males. No, they should not be banished from sports rivalry. They, too, deserve to experience the joys of competition. They should be allowed to organize their own events, whether in high school, college or the Olympics. We already have the Paralympic Games. Why not also organize athletic games for transsexuals?

Walter Block

Walter Block is an economics professor at Loyola University and a Mises Institute senior fellow. He is author or several books, including Defending the Undefendable (1976). 

Be seeing you

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Biden issues executive order to abolish women’s sports – Welcome to Daily Liberty News

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2021

This isn’t unusual. The Matildas, the Australian women’s national team, lost 7-0 to the Newcastle FC youth team. Yep, the boys again.

By Tim Worstall, special to Daily Liberty News

Biden issues executive order to abolish women’s sports

By Tim Worstall, special to Daily Liberty News

Well, that was quick, Sleepy Joe’s first major error came the afternoon of the inauguration.

Of course, the leftists are claiming it as a victory for justice, righteousness and good but it’s still a mistake.

Joe’s made it illegal to discriminate against trans folks in sports. Or, the other way of saying the same thing, he’s abolished women’s sports.

Before you change something you’ve got to know why it was like that in the first place.

There’s an old logical idea called Chesterton’s Fence. You might see a fence out there in the wilds and think, hmm, no reason for this. We’ll tear it down.

But to know that there is no reason you’ve got to work out why was the fence put there in the first place?

Hey, maybe those Canadians do invade once a century? Or the cicadas rise up once every 17 years. Only if you can know the reason for the building of the thing can you conclude that it no longer works.

So, why do we have rules about women’s sport? Because without them there would be no women’s sports.

Flo-Jo, Florence Joyner Griffiths, still holds the 100 meters world record for women. A time of 10.49 in 1988. Sure, she died 10 years later some say as a result of all the steroids she’d taken to make that time.

Quaron Adams just did the 100 metres in 10.49 in a track meet. For high schools. He’s a freshman.

The all time drug fuelled world record for women is what 14 year old boys do in state track meets.

The US National Women’s Soccer Team is world conquering. Four World Cups and four Olympic gold medals. They lost to the FC Dallas under 15s boys team. 5-2 was the score which in soccer is a wide margin, that’s a beating.

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The US team receiving their champion medals in 2019. Image credit: Howcheng.

This isn’t unusual. The Matildas, the Australian women’s national team, lost 7-0 to the Newcastle FC youth team. Yep, the boys again.

This is why we have that division of sports into male and female versions. It’s not what is in the head, nor the social construct of gender. Just going through male puberty produces greater speed and more muscle mass.

OK, sure, we’ve all met noodle-armed soy-boys who struggle to raise a fuzzy beard because they’ve ordered too many soy lattes at Starbucks. But on average and across those who play sports — men will beat women and the elite men will always beat the elite women.

So, we cut the game in half – women play women, men do men. Because that’s the only way we’re going to see women on that winner’s podium.

What now happens when we insist the trans can play sports with their opposite gender (let’s be honest here)?

If it’s trans men playing football they’re gonna get smeared. But that’s their lookout, the problem is only to themselves. But once trans women play biological women we have that problem.

The problem of why we have women’s sports in the first place. Those genetics, that testosterone, don’t play nice.

Economists like to talk about different types of discrimination. Taste where it’s “I ain’t hiring no women!” and rational discrimination “I’ll look among the men for that 300 pound linebacker I need”.

Or as PJ O’Rourke put it, men and women differ in interesting ways which are important when making babies and not when trading bonds or making dinner.

The trick is to work out which is the making babies rational discrimination — and not the doing dinner one.

After all, why or how trans doesn’t matter.

Well, OK, it matters to those folks but not as a moral issue. Their lives, they get to live them. All anyone can ask of liberty is that we all get to do just that.

The limit on this freedom is when what I do stops someone else from having that same liberty.

At that point there sure do have to be limits on what I can do.

That is, at times, we must discriminate.

Sometimes about race, we go looking for sickle cell anaemia among people with West African ancestors, Tay Sachs among European Jews and cystic fibrosis among Western Europeans.

That’s just where those things are likely to happen so that’s where we look.

Sometimes about gender, we test biological women for cervical cancer and men for prostate.

We don’t test or discriminate on either of those grounds about bond trading or dinner making and we shouldn’t.

The same is true of trans.

Near all of the time we should not select or differentiate on this basis of gender but sometimes not only should we, we must. Because parts of the world just won’t work if we don’t, that’s why.

As Flo-Jo and Quaron prove we’ve got to discriminate between – not against, but between – those who have been through male puberty and those who have not in sports.

Otherwise we’re just not going to have women’s sports.

So, what is it that Sleepy Joe did on returning from swearing on that big, thick, Bible? Made his first major error. Because he did this the wrong way around.

The Executive Order is to make it illegal to discriminate between trans and biological gender in school and college sports. But it leaves open all those other areas of life where we shouldn’t discriminate.

Yep, the progressives’ big move on the vital issue of the day gets it the wrong way around.

They make it illegal to discriminate where we must and fail to stop it where we shouldn’t.

Sorta shows us what’s wrong with progressive politics, doesn’t it? That every mainstream journalist in the country is applauding it shows us what’s wrong there.

When the liberals do decide to do something they do exactly the wrong thing. We have to discriminate in women’s sports so that there is actually a thing called women’s sports.

Federal law now makes what we must do illegal.

It’s not gonna be a fun four year ride, is it?

Be seeing you

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