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Ocasio-Cortez: I Give ‘Zero’ F–ks About Criticism from Democrats

Posted by M. C. on January 22, 2019

Occasional Cortex and Colbert apparently went to the same finishing school as R. DiNero.

New York’s vision of the future.

by Joshua Caplan

Appearing on CBS’s Late Show with host Stephen Colbert on Monday evening, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said she gives “zero” fucks about the pushback she has received from challenging establishment Democrats.

COLBERT: For you and some other freshman members of Congress, you’re getting a fair amount of push back, privately and publicly from more established members of even your own party, saying, wait your turn, you know, go slow. Don’t ask for so much, so fast, right now. You’re new, wait your turn for everything and don’t make waves. Now, I want to ask this question in a respectful manner, knowing also that you’re from Queens, so you’ll understand this question —

REP. OCASIO-CORTEZ: And the BX [Bronx].

COLBERT: On a scale from zero to some, how many fucks do you give?

REP. OCASIO-CORTEZ: I think it’s, uh, zero…

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