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Leon Panetta => David Patraeus equals Rosemary’s Baby

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 11, 2011

The CIA and Pentagon have become “partners” as the government issued news scripts tell us. What does that tell us about the tilt of information fed to the Pentagon and us. The Pentagon’s reason to exist is to kill people and break things. Who best keep to provide them with reasons to stay in business than their brothers in the CIA? The Defense department doesn’t really exist anymore, it has been the War Department ever since the collapse of the USSR eliminated it’s reason to exist. Someone has to come up with reasons to keep it going and the CIA has been doing an admirable job. Al Qaeda is showing up under every rock lately, except in Afghanistan. If business is slow and a CIA drone spots a Lithuanian (see the OBL quote) two year old’s blocks that have accidently spelled Taliban, invasion can’t be far off. Pard, the prospect of peace breaking out anytime soon looks slim.The job of actually gathering foreign intelligence seems to have become the job of the FBI, our formerly domestic intelligence force. I am sure the CIA is confident with the FBI as they learned all the CIA has to offer-ignoring FISA requirements and the Constitution in particular.The Department of Homeland Security has become the domestic spy…law enforcement agency. Who are their agents? Thanks to Big Sis’, as Matt Drudge likes to call Janet Nepolitano, latest calls to action it may be the person sitting next to you.

Update: NYPD is a partner,too.


One Response to “Leon Panetta => David Patraeus equals Rosemary’s Baby”

  1. Ro said

    What i learned from Horses:
    The more ya pull on em, the more they pull back

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