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How to Fix Congress-Spay and Neuter Seems Appropriate

Posted by M. C. on September 26, 2011

The Erie Times had an opinion piece by a democratic ex-congressman Lee Hamilton.  It is pretty mundane, we need to fix big government with more big government  The usual stuff.  Of course, I feel obligated to make a few comments.  Congress is doing nothing and hasn’t taken anything seriously for years, he says.  It’s when congress does take things seriously that I get worried.  Think New Deal, the depression, the department of education, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on the Constit…terrorism, TSA child gropers and porno scanners.

The first thing Mr. Hamilton thinks we should do is eliminate the filibuster.  I love the filibuster.  It is when congress is at its best.  Doing nothing.  Not adding thousands of pages to the federal code books.  Not adding more burden to the honest businessmen and taxpayers.  Not eroding yet even more freedoms.  Mr. Hamilton also talks about the mighty role set for the congress by the Constitution.  I see nothing about restoring the sanctity of the Constitution itself.  One would think that with having a (self-described) Constitutional expert in the White House, Constitutional sanctity would be in better shape.

One Response to “How to Fix Congress-Spay and Neuter Seems Appropriate”

  1. Ro said

    I know a good vetrinarian…

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