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The Prisoner-Reality TV before it’s Time

Posted by M. C. on March 11, 2012

When I was a lad, there was a late 60’s British TV show on Sundays that my dad and I liked called “The Prisoner”. The premise revolved around a murky government type, presumably a spy, played by Patrick McGoohan that resigns on principle. This unnamed man is taken to “The Village” and assigned Number Six. The village is run by us or maybe them, we didn’t know. There are 17 episodes of Number 2 trying to break Number 6, his thwarting Number 2 and various attempts at escape. I have had a strange desire to get this series recently and found a reasonably priced complete series. Halfway through the “Arrival” episode my wife contributed “this is weird” and I agreed and then thought “…but not impossible”. After all, we live in a time where our government can kidnap foreigners and send them to overseas rat holes to be tortured. Thanks in part to my Congressmen Casey, Toomey and Kelly Americans anywhere can now be legally killed or held indefinitely without representation at the whim of our President. The Village is mild in comparison. My reason for my baffling new-found excitement for The Prisoner came to me in the shower! Jesse Ventura and his conspiracies program. I recently viewed an episode where he described several “Villages” right here in the USA. His description of the Village was perfect. Too small to hold the general populace but the perfect size to hold dissidents. You know, crazies that might have had Bob Barr bumper stickers last election like me. They are run by an unnamed, unelected appointed group of Number 2’s. Many Villages are located on or near military bases, inaccessible by civilians. Those of you that look beyond the lamestream media probably already know what I’m talking about. FEMA camps.

See Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website for recent FEMA revelations.

As we say in The Village-Be seeing you.

6 Responses to “The Prisoner-Reality TV before it’s Time”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The Empire will crowd the vast majority of Americans and Illegals into the cities after they steal the rest of America under the guise of Agenda 21. The Bureau of Land Management and the Dept. of the Interior are the tools of the Empire to confiscate our land. We the Prisoners will be be crowded into crime ridden ghettos across the Continent. We wont have cars because they’re not green. And the Green cars wil be too expensive as planned. The Empire will take our guns, so you will be at the mercy of street gangs who always seem to have guns regardless of the laws. So good luck trying to out-run Jose the bad guys on your bike. Have a good day Prisoner.

    • Talk to me about Agenda 21

      • Mike Rowley said

        Agenda 21 is about forcing almost everyone in North America off of their land if it’s in a rural setting. It’s about the re-wilding of the Continent. Most land will be either off limits to human use, to limited use, to thin corridors. These corridors will be for traveling to and from the cities that most people will be relegated to. This is all about poulation control. This has been in the planning for decades. Not something that can be sprung upon people all at once. It’s about increments. Regional govt. was the start. Dividing the country into 10 regions, doing away with the States and their Capitols. Pennsylvania is in region 3, consisting of 5 States that no longer exist as States any more. The Bureau of Land Management and the Dept. of the Interior are the vanguard of Agenda 21. The advance team so to speak. About 15 years ago National Parks and Monument went under the control of the U.N. by being declared World Heritage Sites. It all ties in with the selling of our major Seaports and Highways to foreign financial interests. We’re losing ground on all fronts.

      • I couldn’t believe what you wrote so I googled agenda 21. I saw UN & George Soros. What more do you need to know?
        The hole keeps getting deeper and the chains heavier. I am beginning to think we will be seeing the end of USA in our lifetime.
        Agenda 21 and the Pan American Union are quite new to me. The research should be interesting.
        I think there is a pretty good chance Soros is the antichrist.

  2. Doug Rowley said

    Everywhere in the world, and in every period of history, the “carrot and the stick” has been used by governments. In the western world the carrot has generally preceeded the stick. In the eastern world the stick preceeds the carrot. Western governments are, however, increasingly transforming to the stick first. You know how it works, in big business and by big brother. First a concept will be introduced and heavily promoted as green or technically superior or more socially diverse. The champions of these various concepts will jump in first to satisfy their cravings for recognition. The next step is to offer financial rewards for the next wave of conformers. The third step is to punish financially those who hesitate. The fourth step is to simply make it impossible not to conform and still function in society. The last step is the “Prisoner” concept. At the end of the day, any given individual cannot be forced to comply to anything. They can be forced, however, to be very sorry they didn’t.

  3. Mike Rowley said

    The end game so to speak is the European Union, the Asian Union, and the American Union. These units will be easier to govern by the World Parliament that they have envisioned for us. They even have intoduced a new system of Building Codes for North America. Now new construction has to conform to International Codes. It’s for residential new construction. Right now, and for the past several years, it has only been selectively enforced. Pretty smart huh? Don’t wake up the Sheeple to quickly.But communities can adopt them at any time.More and more are adopting the new International Residential code as I write this. This is FACT my son has a copy, and it’s real thick. I believe that we will see the end of the USA as we knew it in our life time. It’s not going to be any one event, it’s a process. The process is almost complete.

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