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Drugs Play a Growing Role? That Is Not Supposed to Happen!

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2012

Saturday’s Erie Times had an article by Tim Hahn here quoting county coroner Lyle Cook. Cook states that drugs are major factor in accidental deaths and suicides. The question that begs to be asked is WHAT drugs. Were these drugs over the counter or prescription drugs taken purposely in excess or out of ignorance? OTC drugs are certainly abused as we can see by the popular past time of running meth labs. Prescription drugs differ little from “illegal” drugs anymore with respect to how they can be illegally obtained. They are certainly popular, just ask Rush Limbaugh. Then there are those nasty “illegal” drugs that in many cases have an effect on society that is no worse than mal-used, side effect ridden, do more damage than repair, FDA approved prescription drugs. No matter what drugs the coroner was talking about, the article validates that the war on drugs was lost long ago. It is time we declared victory and quit fighting.

3 Responses to “Drugs Play a Growing Role? That Is Not Supposed to Happen!”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    This cororner is less than reliable in my opinion. I remember him at times speaking before all the facts were in. The Forensic Pathologist does the actual work.. This for me calls into question the reason for the position of Coronor. Remember it’s an elected position. Anyone can run for the office. A number of years back Ere County had a Forensic Pathologist at the Coronor’s office whose contract was not re-newed because he failed to side with the Police and DA’s Office as often as they thought he should. I got this from someone on the inside. As far as the War on Drugs, it’s all about control and money. The parasitic bureaucrats will never give up the jobs nor the control that goes with their failed War.And don’t forget the War on Drugs feeds our ever expanding Prison system.

  2. will said

    mate do you have a twitter?

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