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Who is the Real Commander in Chief-William Kristol, Benjamin Netanyahu or Obama?

Posted by M. C. on April 7, 2012

I agree with Robert Cogan’s recent Erie Times letter arguing that an attack on Iran is not in our interest. I say it is hardly necessary by anyone. Another ineptly conceived and implemented war and the resulting sky rocketing oil prices won’t do us any good. One can read where the 2007 National Intelligence Estimates and the CIA say Iran stopped any nuclear weapon research 10 years ago. Iran may be doing more research now but who could blame them?  They are surrounded by enemies and Israel is holding the bomb over their heads.  They may want nuclear capability for the sake of parity with their neighbors.  The Ayatollah is not stupid. An Iranian attack on Israel, conventional or otherwise, would result in Iran’s destruction by Israel, conventionally or otherwise. A nuclear attack on the US by Iran is a ridiculous concept.  Israel is more of a nuclear threat to the Middle East than Iran. Israel has not signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. West Bank settlement creation and the starvation program in Gaza are primary de-stabilizing forces in the Middle East. The perpetual Pakistan-India confrontation is a much more immediate nuclear threat.  There is no in-depth coverage by the media probably because we will find out that Israel is India’s nuclear enabler.  The Iran hysteria is fueled by Israel firsters like The Weekly Standard’s William Kristol. They and Benjamin Netanyahu want us, the US, to do the dirty work. The military and their hawk supporters such as Senators Lieberman and McCain advocate intervention also. They create fear to justify empire building and the ever-increasing Military Industrial Complex they know and love. Bucking Israel and AIPAC is a career killer in Washington. Don’t count on clear-headed thinking from Congress nor President Obama when his flexibility increases next year.

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One Response to “Who is the Real Commander in Chief-William Kristol, Benjamin Netanyahu or Obama?”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Sooner or later our Zionist masters will get what they want, American troops doing Israel’s dirty work again. Why should Israeli troops be put in harm’s way when the the Goy is so ready, willing, and stupid enough to die for them once again. It’s breathtaking how blind and stupid the American Sheeple are. The Neo-Con Press will start the drum beating for war, the dutiful politicians will follow suit in exchange for campaign contributions. Soon Israel’s interests will become official American Policy. The enemies of the Vampire State of Israel will be morphed into monsters that are bent on destroying what few freedoms we have left. So off to war our young people go to die once again for the purpose of expanding the influence and borders of a parasitic State that produces only problems.

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