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Want to Know How Much You Spend at the Liquor Store? How Fast did you Drive to Get There? Ask Uncle Sam

Posted by M. C. on April 3, 2012

The DHS, the local cops and your insurance company know or can find out quickly enough if they have a reason. Reasons such as writing this blog post or just reading it. They know how much red meat you eat, what movies you see and what part of town you were in last night.  Shopping club cards, credit and debit cards and OnStar (it is working 24/7 even if you haven’t paid-cut the wires today).  The cashless society is so easy, so convenient, so intrusive.  The government, and Timothy Geithner, wants to track your every move. Paper and coins don’t allow this.  Paper money and tellers cost banks big time.  Debit and credit cards cost YOU.  Cash sales are now a signal that you should be watched.  What are you hiding?  What are you up to?  This article talks about Washington’s real motives.  One topic not mentioned is how the IRS wants to track you so thoroughly it can do your taxes for you.  I’ll bet that warms your heart.  If you want to contest the figures you will no doubt be guilty until proven innocent.  Then again we likely have already been found guilty, we just haven’t been tried yet.

Be seeing you!

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