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Obama’s Surprise Visit to Afghanistan and the Secret Agreement with Karzai-An Analysis of the Analysis

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 3, 2012

This was obviously an election year dog and pony show. No honest evaluation of the Secret Agreement is available. The administration did more jukes and jives than OJ Simpson when describing what the Secret Agreement contained. The article in the 2 May Erie Times is from the Associated Press. It is drivel, spoon fed by the administration. Let’s take it point by point.

The US commits to supporting Afghanistan’s etc, etc. This means you and I are bankrolling fiascos and lining the pockets of a world-class corrupt government. Throwing good money, ten years worth, after bad is what government does best. The US does this better this anyone. “Commitment” sounds Samaritan-like. The sheeple will buy in.

The US commits to strengthening accountability, oversight and transparency. This coming from:The creators of Fast and Furious, the Second Amendment killing program where the Attorney General lies and refuses release pertinent documents. The administration that only now admits to having a drone program but won’t admit to killing thousands of civilians. The FBI that entraps morons by having them plant fake bombs. Then brag about how they saved us from morons with fake bombs. That is how the FBI and DHS justify shredding the Constitution. The administration that is having the military train with US civilian police to practice rounding up dissenters to fill FEMA camps. It won’t be pretty when the economic SHTF. Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theories” program did an episode on FEMA camps. He pointed out the razor wire was arranged on the fence to keep the people in, not the bad guys out. The lamestream media won’t touch this. The masses do not bother to know or care. Government is their protector. It hands out free “government money”.

The US does not seek permanent military bases. Obama says We won’t be building any permanent bases. Excuse me, they are already built! I don’t know which I hate more-the lies or Big Brother thinking I am stupid enough to believe them. The bases aren’t going anywhere. The Military and arms dealers will continue to run the show. Oh yeah, there is oil nearby, remember?

Allows the possibility of keeping forces in Afghanistan for training and targeting Al Qaeda. Here we go! Depending on who is talking there are 3-5000 US troops still in Iraq. There are 15,000 US troops waiting in Kuwait. We aren’t leaving the Middle East. Ten years in Afghanistan, longer than it took to win two world wars, and the Afghan security forces are totally worthless. I think there will be a lot of “trainers” in country for a long time. But that was always the plan. Al Qaeda has been a dead duck in Afghanistan. We are fighting the Taliban. The Taliban never attacked us. But we attack them. The MIC never fails to find a terrorist (justification for its existence) when it needs one. The obedient media doesn’t bring this up. There is oil nearby, remember?

No commitment to specific future troop or funding levels. But I thought we were leaving. How can this be an issue? We are the guest that never leaves. We are keeping our options open, for Afghanistan’s benefit of course. There is oil nearby, remember?

Commits the US to seek funding …to support security forces and economic assistance. This means you and I are bankrolling fiascos and lining the pockets of a world-class corrupt government. There is oil nearby, remember?

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