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Lame PSEA ad for Taxing the Public to Fund the Failing Public School System

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 10, 2012

PSEA President Michael Crossey has an ad in the 10 June 2012 Erie Times News extolling the virtues of higher corporate taxes for public education. Education taxes that have contributed to plummeting US student capabilities. Mr. Crossey goes on for a quarter page moaning about how Governor Corbet is in cahoots with corporations, minimizing their tax burden, bringing destruction ad mayhem upon the populace. Either Mr. Crossey is quite naive or he is trying to pull a fast one because businesses are not tax payers. They are tax collectors. When you make a purchase from the coffee shop does the shop pay the sales tax? The sales tax is included as a separate item. The myriad of other taxes and expenses are included as part of the purchase price. It is no different when you pay for an automobile, cooking range or a television. The PSEA is asking us to increase our own financial burden and attempting to fool us into thinking the money is really coming from others. Disgraced PA state senator Bill DeWeese tried to pull the same trick when saying the public would not see drilling taxes. The PSEA was not above taking a retirement payoff from Tom Ridge in return for their election support. That slimy transaction is a major budget problem for every public school in the state. Just ask the closest school board member. The PSEA always forgets to mention this. The PSEA (and Ridge) screwed us for a cushy retirement. Now that teachers are being laid off the PSEA wants to screw us again to pay for the first screw job.

The public education system better get it act together because things are only going to get worse (for them). The (affordable) on-line degree business is catching on fast. Colleges and universities will feel the pinch soon if they haven’t already. How long will it be before the phenomena filters down to the secondary and primary level? Children in the far-flung Australian outback have gone to school via radio for generations. Not a whole lot different from using the ‘net in my mind. I would wager the internet has already replaced the school radio down-under.  An education meteor is about to strike the PSEA dinosaur.

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One Response to “Lame PSEA ad for Taxing the Public to Fund the Failing Public School System”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    All you have to do is look about to realize that the educational system has failed badly. An honest observer would also readily admit that education is really not for everyone. This would be due to a generational lack of interest among certain demographics that have long been a societal burden. Lets tell the truth. The time and money spent on education should only be allocated to those that would truly benefit from it. To those that would truly give back to society through their inherent desire to succeed and prosper. Those who would not benefit from education because of lack of interest and desire should be relegated to the enlisted ranks of the military and prison labor. Those same demographics would then be in controlled situations where they could put their primitive anti-social instincts to good use. The educational bureaucracy is run by oligarchs who strive not to educate, but to train their subjects to be obedient citizens. But on the other hand much of what they have to work with is flawed and resistant to being civilized.

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