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Lance Armstrong’s Toughest Climb

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 30, 2012

The USADA has formally charged Lance Armstrong with using blood boosters and steroids.

The question that the lamestream media ignores is why are sports issues any of the government’s business.
Fans either care about how their sports are run or not.  The judgement is passed at the ticket counter.  But that is fodder for a  future post.

The USADA win/loss record has been poor lately.

Barry Bonds convicted on a technicality and Roger Clemens found innocent on quite poor, shall I say, trumped-up evidence.   A needle in a beer can. Why hasn’t the USADA released their evidence against Armstrong?  Embarrassment?

Government agencies (I’m thinking FBI, ATF, DHS in particular) have these guiding principles.

1.  Do nothing  to tarnish the image.

2.  Do not violate rule 1.

3.  Get convictions any way possible for pay raises and promotions.

73. Don’t invade the wrong house and stomp the pets to death

103.  Make sure you have the guilty person.

273.  Serve and Protect.

Shocker – I question the USADA’s true motives.

The French and Cyclists Union International have been trying to get Lance for
years.  Indeed Lance constantly makes clear he is the most drug tested athlete in history.  The French
don’t like anyone let alone US citizens.  Particularly one that dominated their national sport for the better part
of a decade. If the French haven’t nailed him after 500 some drug tests then I think he must be fairly clean.  We
may know more when the USADA decides to make the evidence public.  Just remember cyclists tend to sweat a lot and
occasionally fall.  Some DNA on a cotton ball does not amount to much.

I’ll admit that I want to see Lance cleared of all charges.  But if he is really guilty, something completely
different from a quasi-government organization ruling, then he deserves what he gets.  But…it is not the government’s job to do the giving.

Be seeing you


One Response to “Lance Armstrong’s Toughest Climb”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The government will soon want to know what you eat, drink, and deficate out. Conservatives are concerned how you are born, who you copulate with, and how you die. Liberals are concerned with all of you’re other functions, who you know, what you read and think, and your movements around the nation and beyond. Both are really worried about you’re gun owner-ship.Government agencies are made up of parasitic personalities that will readily frame you, inprison you, sentence you to death, in order to cover their vile backsides. No activity will be beyond the interest of Government parasites and groveling snitches that live off the scraps from their maggot filled table in the future. As for the French, they’re the very definition of the “underman”. They’re generally filthy little vampires that have never lived up to the full potential of Western Civilization.

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