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Don’t Act “Suspicious” When The Drones Start Flying Over your House

Posted by M. C. on August 25, 2012

I was just reading again today about 18 “suspected” militants killed in a drone attack.  All drone victims are now described as “suspected”.  Can you imagine reading “Joe Smith, suspected criminal, was executed today”.   That is real life in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Up until a year or so ago the government would release drone victims names.  The problem was these victims would keep showing back up, making one wonder who was actually killed.  Obama now fills in the weekly kill list based on suspicious movement patterns recorded by drone observation.  The name, the face, what these people actually do are unknown, of no real consequence.  I am sure fighting to just to stay alive and avoiding the our reaper would make any movement look “suspicious” in today’s ‘Stan environment.  Our government is blowing up people whom they know nothing about.  With leadership like that it is no wonder after 10+ years we are having our ass handed to us on a plate.  Domestic drone sales are expected to soar, fueled by our militarized police.  You had better take those Teaparty and Ron Paul bumperstickers off your car.  They may put you on tomorrow’s kill list, thanks in part to the National Defense Authorization Act and PA senators Casey, Toomey and Rep Kelly.

Look up there!  Is it a bird, is it a plane?  No its …Uh-oh.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Act “Suspicious” When The Drones Start Flying Over your House”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The drone technology is going to enable the drones to shrink dramatically in size. Some are the size of Humming birds, and mimic their characteristics and appearance. I’ve seen demos of even smaller drones flying in tight formations doing manuevers like jet fighters. I’m sure in the near future they’ll be hovering outside your bedroom window not making a sound, but recording YOU in HD.Transmitting audio and video in real time back to Homeland Security. Maybe the govt. will farm all of this out to private contractors who have to produce a monthly quota of “terrorists” to keep that contract. Private contractors may even have to come up with a monthly body count. Hmmmm… where have we seen that before? Welcome to the future of rule by Executive Order and constant Drone activity in the skies over Everytown USA.

  2. Doug Rowley said

    Lethal, efficient, cheap, safe to the user, and annonymous. What’s not to like? We might need a domestic war to justify wide scale use. We have declared war on poverty and drugs. We have undeclared war on the unborn, free speech, and the rest of the Constitution. There will be political justification of some sort and then this technology will be used to intimidate and punish nonconformists and noncompliants in even the most remote areas of the land of the free. Can you imagine how much tidier it would have been on Ruby Ridge?

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