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Thank You Ecuador

Posted by M. C. on August 19, 2012

The Julian Assange episode raises a question.  What is in this deal for the UK and Sweden?  Maybe more accurately what do they have to lose by not submitting to the US?  Assange has not been charged with any crimes.  He can certainly be interviewed wherever he is residing.  The sexual charges are a tired ruse.  His only crime is embarrassing a bumbling, incompetent, lying state department.  “Follow the money” is most likely the operative phrase.  Dollar infusion via the FED, military support via NATO (the US taxpayer finances NATO, not the NATO countries).  The hold we have must be strong to make these countries publicly lick US boots.

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One Response to “Thank You Ecuador”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Britain and Sweden are only servile client States of the bumbling, corrupt Baby Huey Zionist USA. Britain has been broke since 1890 and lives off the scraps thrown to them by Baby Huey. They had better do what they’re told. Sweden is a morally bankrupt shadow that always crawls to the Zionist tune. Of course they obey, lest the cash be shut off by the vermin who own them.

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