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E-15 Gas – Corn holed For Your Own Good

Posted by M. C. on September 27, 2012

I have heard it takes as much energy to make a gallon of corn-gas as it generates in our cars. This is actually a net loss. There is not as much energy available per gallon (ask any USAC Sprint Car or Indycar Mechanic) so mileage drops. The reduced availability of corn as a food stuff has created havoc in world food market. 100% methanol is used in some racing power-plants because it runs cooler than gasoline. Racing engine usage (i.e. low hours between tear-downs) accommodates alcohol based fuels. Older vehicles and power equipment suffer with its usage. Corrosion of internal parts being the culprit. I am really annoyed at how the racing community mouths the government’s ethanol baloney. It couldn’t be that the government is threatening to put the screws to racing if they don’t kneel!

Our government has deemed it necessary for us to mass convert to alcohol. Voting environmentalists, agribusiness contributors and floundering, inefficient, taxpayer bolstered auto manufacturers that need more sales demand it. It can’t be done too fast or the blow-back could be excessive. Older cars will turn to junk before the owners eyes. We will be forced to junk otherwise perfectly good cars and buy newer, expensive models. So it is being done slowly, covertly. See here.

This is the perfect example of why we need government out of our lives. The government’s Chevy Volt poster car is a sales disaster. Manufacturing plants have been shut down twice, travel range is limited (even with one occupant, windows closed, no AC nor radio running), the price is exorbitant and GM and the taxpayer lose a ton with each sale even at the $40+thousand price tag. How long before some EPA wizard mandates Volt owners to be E-100 corn-holed?

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2 Responses to “E-15 Gas – Corn holed For Your Own Good”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    To give the all wise central planners any credit at all, I suspect that they would consider these expensive “investments” in the same vein as the private sector rolling out “loss leaders.” The problem is that they have nothing to sell after the consumer takes the bait. But then, maybe the whole idea is to see if the consumer even takes the bait.

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