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There Are Two Kinds of Nullification, Three If You Count Marriage

Posted by M. C. on October 2, 2012

One is the kind exemplified by the Tenth Amendment Foundation. The idea being the federal government can pass laws only in affairs that are interstate. One recent example of this is where a gun manufacturer who only sells intrastate rightly claims he is not subject to BATF oversight. The tenth amendment has been overlooked for so long that any mention brings instant disdain. “Nonsense! We have always had the power” say those with the power.

The second is jury nullification. Background can be had by looking up the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA). The founding fathers believed a jury of peers is the last resort against unfair laws and unjust arrest. Those accused of violating an unfair law should be exonerated. Judges will instruct a jury that their decision must be based solely upon the law. A verdict not based solely on law but fairness and freedom strips the lawyer, politician and the judge of their power, veracity, their power over us mundanes and don’t forget their power. Did I mention it is all about power? What is the defendant’s life and liberty in comparison to that? This is not the original intent. Politicians, bureaucrats and their presstitutes don’t like to bring this up in inappropriate (mundane citizenry) company. I have seen reports of those expounding the “Fully Informed” philosophy in front of court houses being arrested. The same for those trying to teach in the jury room. Subtlety counts. There is hope though, as noted here. Maybe the message is getting through and people are waking up.

…I can hope can’t I?

Be seeing you

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