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Facebook Part II: More on Social Media and Smart Phone Hazards

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 1, 2012

There are several things to consider when socializing electronically.  Suppose you are protesting in Peoria or catching butterflies in Bangor but live in Omaha.  You proudly post your activities to your hundreds of “friends”.  One of those “friends” near Omaha realizes you aren’t going to be home tonight.  You could return to an empty house.
So you like to keep your smart phone GPS running.  It is fun to see where you are on a map and nice to let your friends and family know where to find you.  The problem is anyone can find you.  It goes without saying that Big Sis is watching.  So can the friend in Omaha.  Suppose you post a photo on social media.  I am told that there is date, time and GPS data coded in the photo file.  Apparently it is easy to dig that out.  Again, advertising where you are and are not when the GPS is on.  Privacy is a fluid thing in social media and on the web-rules and technology are always changing- be aware and THINK!
Travel patterns should always be a mystery.  Vary all patterns people can see.
Just shutting a smart phone off doesn’t guarantee solitude.  Phones can be turned on to a degree by the phone company or hackers.  The only sure-fire solution is to take out the battery.  De-batterying is a pain, one can use an RF proof case but your battery will go dead quicker “hunting” for a signal if you leave the power on.
If you don’t mind who knows your location at any given time that is fine.  But maybe your work takes you to questionable places SF, Las Vegas, Miami or just across the tracks.  You could be a Libertarian, a prepper, like to use cash, don’t use plastic or attend Freedom Fest-In other words an EXTREMIST.  You may be known for expressing your views or you don’t and value your privacy.  Either way you are an – EXTREMIST!   Perhaps you are in the public eye or are on one end of a lawsuit.  Neighbors could be jealous or wary of you for a reason known only to them.  There are many reasons for the government and other bad guys to stick their nose in your business.  The government is quite adept at phone tracking.  No warrant needed, they are fighting terrorists, extremists, drug cartels and need arrests and convictions.  That is what it is all about.  Actual guilt of the party in question is not what it is all about.  Phone companies bend over (backwards) to help.  Neither is your friend.
Password protect your phone and computer for loss or theft protection.  Limit automatic logins.  Use protection, on your computer and phone too!  Malware, spyware, antivirus protection. A history eraser, keyscrambling, Tor (it has phone apps!).  Turn off the GPS.  Check out the privacy software list here.  Some is free/low cost and can be found here.
More indispensable advice I should have mentioned last time
Just like an unprotected RF chipped credit card can be scanned so can your car key fob.  Use the lock button on the door to lock your doors.  Do not lock using the fob button.  The person with the scanner just has to wait for you to get out of sight.  Unlocking with the fob is OK, when you are within sight of the vehicle.
Be seeing you


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