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Facebook is Watching, The DHS Knows Your Children’s Biometrics – Don’t Drink the Digital Kool Aid.

Posted by M. C. on November 28, 2012

Unless you spend ALL your time on Facebook hopefully you ought to be aware the government is trying to data mine your communications, financial transactions and movements.  Newspapers, unions, newspapers, grocery stores (Why No!, We don’t sell club card information, they told us so!), Facebook, they are all watching.  When Big Sis asks for information the social networks and phone companies bend over.  They all do it but Facebook and especially AT & T are trendsetters.

See here, consider the advice and protect yourself.

I am amazed at the number of people using a credit or debit card at the wine and beer store. Juicy (sorry) info for someone.  A family buying the occasional bottle of gin or steak could suddenly see their health insurance rates go up.  Before long, an email or Facebook comment critical of the government may get you a one way ride to a FEMA re-education camp.  Insurance companies and police all build data banks.  The state police in Allegheny County PA got their hand slapped for illegally using BATF forms to map honest gun owners.  That was many years ago and pre-digital.  God only knows what they are up to now.

Most concerning is biometric scanning, RF chipping and data mining of children.  The idea is make young people programmed to accept constant intrusion.  Scan your palm, see the pretty, colored light and know you’re accepted.  This is fun!

Later, when “K” is arrested and presented with “incriminating” communications, videos of “suspicious” movements or maybe just turned in by a sensor for putting paper in the plastic recycle bin or a rain sensor violation, the pile of “evidence” won’t be a surprise.

“I’m telling you Marge, it is like they already know what you want at that grocery!  You don’t even have to take off your sunglasses for the iris scan checkout.  The guy doing the pat down when you enter must be ex-TSA, he is always smelling his hands!”

A few years ago the IRS commissar said they were looking forward to the time when the IRS would figure your taxes for you.  They would of course already have all your financial history.  One reason for the push for exclusive use of credit and debit cards.  The government makes it clear that anyone who uses cash is considered an “extremist”.

Remember the fast food ad where you just have to bring your RF chipped credit card near the register to complete the transaction?  Pretty cool until you find out the guy sitting next to the counter scanned your card too.  I use RF proof sleeves.  How about the ads where it is so much faster to use a credit card?  It isn’t, even considering how difficult making change seems these days.

Don’t drink the digital Kool Aid.  It is not as good as it seems.  The aftertaste will kill you.

Be seeing you

3 Responses to “Facebook is Watching, The DHS Knows Your Children’s Biometrics – Don’t Drink the Digital Kool Aid.”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    I have always believed that Facebook was a creation of the Intelligence Community. The Sheeple willingly provide massive amounts of info about themselves, and put it all out there for all the World to see. The Govt. minders don’t have to do any data mining. Just go to Facebook. Next they’ll find a way for the Sheeple to lock themselves up without outside supervision.

    • The fact that Facebook is successful and profitable leads me to believe it is not a gov’t operation, but considering their shenanigans…Ron Unz in the latest American Conservative writes about mainly Harvard as well as Yale and Princeton admissions policies. They know how to get around the rules and still look good. I have only skimmed it but there is reference to Facebook where he says it was initially available only at certain Ivy League schools. The point being, I think, that Zuckerberg’s Harvard buddies helped Facebook get a good start.

  2. Doug Rowley said

    A cashless society would be the ultimate and complete lockdown. We are only a “terrorist attack” away from the sheeple begging for it. Ever notice how easy it is to put something on Facebook, but how hard it is to take something off.

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