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Your Constitution is Sold Down the River By the US Senate, Again

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 31, 2012

Passed: HR 5949 Renews the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA. Carte Blanche to spy on your communication without a warrant. Casey and Toomey voted for it.

Failed: An amendment that requires a warrant to access private credit card, internet and banking data.

Casey and Toomey voted against.

Failed: An amendment requiring important FISA rulings to be made available to the public to judge if fourth amendment violations have been committed.

Casey and Toomey voted against.

Casey and Toomey voted against honest citizens and the Constitution.

Casey and Toomey voted for government data banking your every physical movement and your every financial transaction.

Casey and Toomey are big government drooling lapdogs to the empire builders and the military industrial complex. They willingly roll over onto their backs on command.

Casey and Toomey are dangerous people.

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One Response to “Your Constitution is Sold Down the River By the US Senate, Again”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    None of this should suprise anyone who stays informed. These Parasite Zionist Shills are in the Senate and or the Congress to serve themselves and their back-room masters. They do’nt give a rat’s ass about anything else.When they leave office they are rewarded again with consulting contracts with like minded vermin in the corporate world. They have to complete construction of the Control Matrix that spys on all of us. Your ticket on the FEMA EXPRESS will be hand delivered to you. So keep that light on. In the meantime when you’re watching TV consider that Big Brother is watching you on the other end.

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