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Why Have a State Defense Force? The Prez doesn’t Like Them So They Must be a good Thing.

Posted by M. C. on June 26, 2013

This is an open letter to PA State Representative Greg Lucas and PA Senator Sean Wiley.  I urge you to introduce a bill creating a Pennsylvania State Defense Force.

All able-bodied persons would be eligible (or required?) to join and must have a suitable firearm at their disposal.

Pennsylvania would join several other states having a state defense force not subject to federal control nor subject to draft into federal service.  These local forces would be rapidly available for natural and man-made disaster aid.  They would provide defence against attack by terrorist or foreign forces in Pennsylvania.

These forces are not subject to national call-up and therefore would not be obligated to attack, invade nor otherwise stick its noise into other country’s business in the name of empire building, Israel nor Halliburton.

Obama is calling for 14 states, via secret national security letters, to disband their SDFs.  He fears losing control of states.  We should fear his control via entities such as the NSA, DHS, FEMA, CIA and FBI.  We are in another bubble economy fuelled by the Fed and quantitative easing.  When the bubble bursts this time there are those that fear panic in the streets.  There is a reason the DHS is buying billions of rounds of ammunition.  What we don’t want is martial law as recently demonstrated in Boston.

Indeed the Boston manhunt was brought to successful conclusion by a regular guy looking around his own back yard.  Not by a federal storm trooper using fear tactics to search homes without a warrant.

The founding fathers were against a standing federal army for just the reasons we are experiencing today.  The best first step to reining back in our freedom is to create a State Defense Force.

Be seeing you

One Response to “Why Have a State Defense Force? The Prez doesn’t Like Them So They Must be a good Thing.”

  1. Hello, I am a member of a new unit that has been formed in PA which is actively seeking recognition as a valid State Defense Force. Please take an opportunity to look at and let me know what you think.

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