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If Nothing Else Obama Has Brass, But is a Poor Liar

Posted by M. C. on August 10, 2013

It takes confidence to go on Jay Leno and tell a boatload of lies about government spying when Obama knows his statements are being refuted everyday, at least in the on-line press.

He thinks the public isn’t paying attention.  Sadly he is too often right.

When the Bushes or Bubba lied to us it took years in most cases to find out we had been shucked.  Lately with Obama it is a matter of hours.  The dems have more of the same in store for us.  Mrs. Bubba, the one that landed in a Bosnian sniper attack and recently vowed she was done with public office after being SoS.

Two Obamaoids have struck me in the last day or so.

There is the headline for this posting.  …the President’s irritation with the truth.

Then there is Pat Buchanan’s comment here, again on Jay Leno …

“There have been times when they slip back into Cold War thinking,” said President Obama in his tutorial with Jay Leno.  And to show the Russians that such Cold War thinking is antiquated, Obama canceled his September summit with Vladimir Putin.

Obama’s foreign policy skills are on a par with his truth-telling.  Putin is a different story.  His lying and foreign policy skills are both superb.

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