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The Meaning of Term Limits… and Size Matters

Posted by M. C. on August 10, 2013

There has been much discussion and even a petition drive in Erie County of late for term limits.

We of course already have a term limit mechanism-elections.  But this does not seem to work.

Why?  On a very local level an official may have done a good job of dealing with certain issues so you want to keep him/her around for a while.

The higher up the food chain the worse things get.  My Senator Casey for example says he is the gun-owners friend and often votes that way as PA, even though a democratic state, is a gun-owners state.  Casey wants re-elected and says what he must to accomplish that end.  But he is Obama’s man.  The mask came off and he voted for the UN small arms control treaty.

The upper levels of the food chain is where the real money is and money is the name of the game.  Politician X may be a lapdog for AIPAC but we don’t care because we don’t know what AIPAC is or care to know.  All we know is X gets us free stuff.  Roads, military contracts, bridges to nowhere.  Like many dictators we support, X may be an SOB but X is our SOB.  But we don’t think “SOB” because getting money stolen from someone else makes us happy and buys our vote.  Our SOB is oh such a good guy (Don’t get a complex.  If you are reading this and/or pissed about your government the “we” is hopefully not you).

Big government does not work very well.   The FED’s record at eliminating recessions, the drug war,  intrusive foreign policy and it’s resultant wars.  James Clapper is probably watching me write this post with his keystroke logger.  The less size and money we permit Sauron the better off we will be.

Think about what term limits really say.  Within one or two terms the average elected official has turned into a lying, cheating thief not worthy to serve us.  Not a scenario with much hope.  The current system is a total failure but maybe no system will be a success given man is a broken creature.  We can only hope and strive for some real “change”…for a change.

I have written previously about panarchism.  Essentially the free market version of government where you pick the system you want to live with.  Hopefully there will be enough variation under a system like this where one entity does not overwhelm the rest.  It is something to consider.

Whatever system, the bigger it gets and the more money there is for the taking the worse things will be.  The secret to success is drastically reducing the size of government.  No current Republicrat has the desire nor intestinal fortitude to do this.  Rand Paul has a decent head on his shoulders and he may do the most good but it won’t be good enough nor is he palatable.  Anyone good enough will be unpalatable for the typical low information voter, socialist, free stuff junkie and government employee.

I have little hope but I have the answer.  The Incredible Shrinking Government.

Be seeing you

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