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Negligence In The Mainstream Media Begets The Real Revolution

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 26, 2014

I just read a letter in the Erie Times-News where the writer was talking how we should be getting tough with Syria for gassing innocent civilians. My first thought was I have to respond in the paper to enlighten this poor soul about Turkey’s responsibility. The writer probably has limited his news intake to newspapers and Bob Schiefer. I had already used up my one a month letter allocation and could not respond in a timely manner. But Hey! The Erie Times should be doing this as part of the responsibility they have taken on to keep the public informed.

Didn’t happen, not gonna happen.

Here are three recent events of world and national significance:

Victoria Nuland’s intercepted cell phone call where she is discussing who the US wants to put in power in the Ukraine. The CIA and state department front group the National Endowment for Democracy staged the Ukrainian coup. The government the US installed is of Fascist and neo-Nazi origins.

Harry Reid’s son Rory represents the Chinese company that wants to build a solar panel farm in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management’s chief is a former Reid aid and his approval to head the BLM was greased by Harry.

Seymour Hersch’s expose of Turkey and it’s leader Recep Erdogan. Erdogan was responsible for gassing the Syrian civilians in order to prod the US into ousting Assad from Syria. The joint chiefs of staff knew the Al Qaida in Syria we support had chemical weapons capability and were against military action. Kerry’s talk about limited strikes in Syria was a lie and the plan was to take out the entire Syrian infrastructure in addition to military targets.

The internet came through. Mainstream Media? Nada!

The Erie Times-News gets their “news” from wire service feeds-AP, McClatchy and others. The Erie Times makes no independent effort to get us the truth.

The mainstream media does not do “journalism” any more but relies on government press handouts. Stray from the script and you are shut off. A probing question about Israel will get you a spot in the unemployment line.

The mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the government, the military and their corporate cronies. This is slowly dawning on those that pay attention. They are opting out.

Notice how the physical size of newspapers is shrinking? Like the Incredible Shrinking Man the Erie Times, the NYT and others of their ilk are shrinking out of sight.

Extinction in real-time, right before our eyes.

The only reason we are halfway aware of the events mentioned above is because of the internet. The internet Hillary is so anxious to filter. The last thing the Hillaries want is the unwashed having access to truth. One of Hersch’s revelations was that the Benghazi state department outpost was nothing more than a conduit for leftover Libyan arms to Syrian rebels, aka Al Qaida. When you hear of proposed internet regulation, fight it tooth and nail.

A revolution is happening before our eyes. Public education, commercial marketing, news and truth about government are undergoing dramatic changes because of the ‘net. It is changing everything and mostly for our benefit.

We may need a few muzzles but no filters.

Be seeing you.


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