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Watch Out For Those Terrorist Farmers

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 16, 2014

The USDA is buying machine guns and body armor.

I don’t really think farmers are the primary target.  Every department of the government is buying guns and ammunition.  The government is spreading the wealth.  No one department is buying a large volume except the DHS.

The definition of terrorist has quickly evolved to include radicals.  Who are radicals?

The definition of radical hasn’t changed for a thousand years.  Radicals are anyone that does not conform to what the rulers want.  Antiwar activists, freedom lovers, anti-government types and anyone that doesn’t do or act as they told.

Terrorism is one crisis that is not being wasted.

The government has bought enough ammo to have a couple magazine’s worth for everyone.  That includes you.

What have you done lately to stop the madness?  Nothing?  Better get your own body armor.

The “I haven’t done wrong” excuse won’t cut it.  Not when the man decides he needs a better arrest/kill ratio.  The cops can arrest, kill or make you forfeit your money at will in many areas now.

I can see it getting worse fast, especially when the current bubble bursts.

You should have voted for Ron Paul.

Be seeing you.


One Response to “Watch Out For Those Terrorist Farmers”

  1. We’re all going to be labeled a “terrorist” when the next big false flag operation gets the green light. There is going to be an astounding number of every stripe of “terrorist” out across America. This way our Dear Leaders can start to fill up the FEMA CAMPS for that slave labor therapy that will keep us from dangerous thoughts. And when the numbers grow to be unmanageable, the government will put to use all those plastic grave liners that they have made ready.

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