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NSA Oversight-Don’t Worry Be Happy

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 1, 2014

When I heard that the proposed new rules over the NSA had been watered down I wanted to know what were rules before and after.  Then I realized it doesn’t matter.
A secret spy organization requests a secret warrant from a secret court that issues secret rulings.
After the secret ruling the NSA (FBI, DHS take your pick) does whatever they want anyway.  If there is a chance a stink will be raised the regime’s “teams of lawyers” will come up with slimy double talk to cover their backsides.
Reform is never meant to happen.  Reform legislation is meant to fool the public into believing expansion is shrinkage. Government agencies never allow themselves to shrink.  Limited always becomes unlimited.  Temporary always end up being permanent.
The resolution is dissolution.
The “how” is here.

Be seeing you


One Response to “NSA Oversight-Don’t Worry Be Happy”

  1. It would seem that the Rubes on Main Street don’t know and don’t care. They’ve got the government that they deserve. They’re like a simple minded girl on a date. Just lie to her, tell her what she wants to hear and you’re in like Flynn. The American people must like getting that big collective screwing on a regular basis. And they don’t even get kissed first.

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