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Pope Francis and Obama Think Alike About Wealth Redistribution

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 11, 2014

The Pope has come out in favor of “legitimate” wealth redistribution.
There is only one form of “legitimate” wealth redistribution and that is the free market.  The redistribution Pope Francis and Obama have in mind is the government controlled variety.
Commonly referred to as taxes and theft.
What about the war mongering, crony capitalist, empire building, money printing, money stealing governments?  Doesn’t Francis think they might be a contributor to income imbalance?  Francis says he does not like capitalism but he apparently likes the Fed and the marvelous job it has done over the last one hundred years.  The Fed’s first major accomplishment being the great depression.
I think I know the reason Francis is not taking the free market approach.  Government and the power centers of organized religion are about…Power.  Let’s not forget Power’s evil twin Control.
When any group or individual starts advocating
for our own good
for the children
for sustainability
one should follow the money trail and then remember this means more Power and Control over me.
Much of mankind’s troubles are the result of government meddling and religion that strays from its job of teaching the Bible.  A market free of the interference of money printing and incompetent government meddling can’t any worse than what we have now and likely much better.
That is not the solution Francis has in mind.  Pope Francis bears close watching.  The Jesuits and governments have never gotten along well.  It looks like they have found common ground.
Bottom line every time.  It is about Power and Control over you.
Be seeing you


3 Responses to “Pope Francis and Obama Think Alike About Wealth Redistribution”

  1. The Papacy is basically just another power structure like a government or autocratic parent figure. Screw the Pope. Screw the Canonical power elite. Have’nt we outgrown these things as we would have or should have outgrown the autocratic patent. Lets grow up, think for our selves without looking to authority figures for approval. If we don’t think for our selves, think free and act free we only tighten ties that should have been thrown off centuries ago.

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