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We Arm ISIS In Syria To Defeat Assad While Battling ISIS In Iraq – The World Was A Much Saner Place Before Desert Storm

Posted by M. C. on June 21, 2014

Figuring out our Middle East policy makes explaining how WW I started look simple.

The modern era of Middle East destabilization began with the CIA’s overthrow of the Iranian government. It has been downhill ever since.

Ten years of Iraqi nation building, unwanted democratizing and the sacrifice thousands of US lives and a million innocent Iraqi citizens is instantly down the drain. A total waste.

Now Obama, McCain, Graham, Hagel and their war party want to start all over. Just like all the other government spawned programs that make things worse their answer is throw more money at it, not to mention the lives. It is easy when war is just something on a capital office TV screen.

Remember when the government says “no boots on the ground” that does not include special ops nor CIA. There will be more than the promised 300 advisors. I recollect we started with just 50 advisors in Vietnam. A year from now remember “300”.

Bush I was a CIA man but at least he or his handlers could foresee the chaos with no Hussein to hold the tribes in check. We can’t say the same for Clinton, Bush II and Obama.

Currently we funnel leftover arms from the Libyan overthrow to Al Qaida rebels in Syria, some of which end up with ISIS. Now that the US taxpayer trained and equipped Iraqi forces threw down their arms and ran ISIS gets the benefit of those also.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey send US supplied weaponry to Syrian rebels to squash Shia Syria when they could very well be next in line for a visit due to their being “friends” with the US. They may regret their choices.

If we were smart we would be helping Assad defeat the rebels as he is the only thing keeping ISIS from conquering Syria and possibly Iraq.

But then if we were smart we would not have meddled in the first place.

Think about it. We arm ISIS in Syria to defeat Assad and simultaneously battle ISIS in Iraq. We are helping ISIS and Al Qaida create the pan Islamic nation that our soldiers are sacrificing their lives to stop. I would like to hear Kerry rationalize that. Remember next election time that Hillary set the stage for this foreign policy triumph.

Just like in all the other countries where we have helped overthrow government no one has a clue who will take over. History will likely repeats itself and Washington will help install jihadists in both Syria and Iraq.

The morons in Washington are being played like fiddles. They are making the Shia’s work easy for them. We need to get out and let the Middle East sort itself out. We have really messed things up but hopefully things will eventually settle out. It likely won’t be in our lifetimes. Arabs have longer memories than those in the West.

Washington and its cronies want perpetual war. War is a racket. Politicians, the military industrial complex and banksters profit from battlefield deaths. There are some who believe NATO expansion to the borders of Russia, the US sponsored Ukraine coup and the antagonism towards China is the start of a planned new cold war. Maybe even a winnable US first strike nuclear war.

The madness has to stop and soon. The only way that will happen is with a massive overhaul in Washington. The Libertarian party, FreedomWorks and the Tenth Amendment Center offer much good guidance.

A Panarchist government about 5% of what we have now is a good place to start. Even less could be more. See here.

If we don’t light a fire under the sheeple, twenty years from now will be 1984 and you will be living in Caves of Steel.

Be seeing you

One Response to “We Arm ISIS In Syria To Defeat Assad While Battling ISIS In Iraq – The World Was A Much Saner Place Before Desert Storm”

  1. problem, reaction, solution. The U.S. causes the problem, reacts to the situation. Which is almost always war, or a further loss of freedom which is the solution for the Zionist elite and their bootlicking goyem lackeys.

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