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Congress Or The IRS – Who Has More Integrity?

Posted by M. C. on June 25, 2014

Darrel Issa is putting the screws to new IRS Commish Koskinen.

Why anyone with any integrity would work for the IRS is a mystery. We will have an IRS integrity level dipstick check very soon. The results should not be a surprise. There will be no effective change. The IRS has the guns and badges to get the goods from the 50% of the population that is relieved of their hard-earned pay. Money talks everywhere but especially in government.

Now we find out that the IRS’ email backup system keeps so much data the IRS can’t find anything.  Try telling them that next April.

One thing you can say about this administration and their media lapdogs is that no lie is too big. Say what you want about Edward Snowden but he provided us with much entertainment. The administration would announce a denial of NSA wrongdoing and the next day there would be the incriminating email for all to see via a London paper or Glenn Greenwald. Time after time.

Previous administrations had enough black art skill to keep most of their lies secret until after the next administration or at least the next election. Not Obama.

Not that it matters these days. When the president is a progressive, the media describes him as a god, the unions all have their Obamacare waiver and half the population is on the dole, the fix is well in place.

We need more from the media. We need less (from the) government.

This would not be happening if we were not a nation of complacently ignorant sheeple.

No one cares past the next news cycle unless of course it’s about Lebron James leaving the Heat.

Be seeing you


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