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Michael Gerson Sports His Warparty Spokesman Hat Today

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 6, 2014

He blames Obama’s supposed reluctance to jump into the Syrian civil war as the reason for the current Iraqi mess.  See here.

Obama effectively canceled air strikes against the Syrian regime, which had used chemical weapons on civilians in defiance of an American “red line.”

Gerson chooses to ignore Seymour Hersch’s London Review of Books expose of how Turkey’s president enabled the gas attacks to spur more US intervention in Syria.

We already know the US is already heavily involved in Syria by way of funneling arms left over from the Libyan war to Syria.  That project resulted in getting four state department employees killed.  Then there are the CIA and special ops boots on the ground that are not counted as “boots on the ground”.

On this foreign policy theory, challenges can be managed by narrowing them. Pick the solvable problem that relates most directly to U.S. interests — in this case, chemical weapons — without becoming embroiled in broader conflicts. And a message was duly sent to friends in the region (the Gulf states, Jordan, the Free Syrian Army): Apart from U.S. humanitarian assistance, they were on their own.

As it should be.  Let the Middle East settle its own problems.  Then again why should they bother?  Saudi Arabia wants a hard-line Sunni ruled Islamic state and the US is unwittingly doing their heavy lifting.

The warparty wants to make the Middle East their colony when it is obvious to anyone with a working brain cell that we are awarding Bin Laden his Islamic state.

The death, suffering and chaos of Syria have spilled out across the region, as many predicted. Syria’s civil war fed Sunni militancy, which took advantage of Sunni grievances within Iraq. Lebanon and Jordan are vulnerable to the same sectarian brushfire.

Even George, New World Order, H.W. Bush knew that, after he used April Glaspie to sucker Iraq into war, there would be chaos if he toppled the Iraq government.  Washington repeats this mistake over and over in Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya, Egypt, Ukraine.

In this case, “somebody else’s civil war” has produced complex layers of global threat. The caliphate that Sunni radicals abortively declared in Iraq in 2005 has reemerged, strengthened by freed prisoners, seized weapons and hard currency.

It is indeed a complex situation that Washington has never come close to understanding.  Where did those seized weapons and money come from?  They were the pallets of CIA cash used to buy Iraq’s allegiance and abandoned US military industrial complex supplied weaponry.

After ten years of unwanted democratization, thousands of US maimed and dead the so-called Iraq army fell apart in just a few days.  Now the we are going to do it all over again.

“War is a Racket”  Major General Smedley Butler.

As usual, the impressive (and sometimes derided) professionals fighting terrorism must be right 100 percent of the time.

We wish.  We have $billions in US weapons left for the taking in Iraq.  We shower “moderate” Al Qaida, whatever that is, in Syria with weapons and money to defeat the only person left that is fighting Sunni jihadists.  These same moderate Al Qaida are using the same weapons and money to fight US troops in Iraq.  That is the Michael Gersons idea of knowing what we are doing.

After a swift, brutal and profitable terrorist advance, the United States is arguably worse off — more vulnerable, more threatened — than before 9/11.

No Kidding! After thirteen years of war, “democratization” and DHS, FBI and NSA spying what does that say?
If there truly is a greater terror threat, we gave the terrorists the inspiration, training and where-with-all to do it.

The Obama administration now is engaged in a major course correction: proposing half a billion dollars in aid to the Syrian rebels, sending hundreds of military advisers to help stiffen Iraqi resistance, encouraging the creation of a unity government with greater legitimacy, discouraging Iran and the Gulf states from turning Iraq into another endless proxy war. This is all welcome.

Deja vu all over again.  How long before we realize no one wants our presence in the Middle East except to help create a pan-Islamic state?

The Middle East does not want democracy.  Just US money and blood and we are providing it.

There is little doubt that delay has weakened America’s overall position (and the position of our friends in the region).

We have never had friends in the Middle East and that includes Israel.  They are con men with an all to willing dupe.

A successful effort might more closely resemble the initial stage of the Afghan war in 2001, in which U.S. Special Operations and intelligence forces married up ground-based fighters (the Northern Alliance and Hamid Karzai’s forces), supported by airstrikes.

That successful effort must have been very initial.  The Karzai brothers, two of the most corrupt government officials in the galaxy.  Hamid too received his pallets of cash, his brother received the military transportation contracts plus more taxpayer money to pay off the Taliban not to attack truck convoys.  Hamid Karzai played both ends against the middle.  The US of course being the eventual loser.  When Afghanistan was close to where to where Karzai wanted it to be the US is told to take a hike.  Afghanistan, the   success story.  See if you have a Harper’s subscription.

The modern saga of the Middle East began with Allen Dulles’  CIA overthrow of the Iranian government in 1953.  The latest phase is the warparty/oil company/Wall Street Middle East colonization plan thinly veiled as peacemaking and democratization.

Can we honestly say:

The Middle East and the US are better off now than before Desert Storm or…
A whole lot worse.

Contrary to what Mr. Gerson thinks, we had better start keeping out of other people’s business.

Be seeing you


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