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ISIS, Iraq, Syria, The Entire Middle East-Time to Toss the Hot Potato

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 1, 2014

One could say the latest round of Middle East discontent began with Bush I giving a green light to Hussein invading Kuwait, then pulling the rug out as it were. Clinton, Bush II and Obama have each made the situation exponentially worse.

Pat Buchanan has recently expanded on Ran Paul’s question: What did Hillary accomplish as secretary of state? Wrecking havoc is about all.

The CIA, National Endowment for Democracy and Hillary’s coercion in the overthrow of Libya, Eqypt and Ukraine have unleashed tribal and ethnic chaos. ISIS and Boko Haram being a direct result.

John Kerry is considered a buffoon. He is continually sent to trouble areas and that is the last we hear. Kerry has accomplished nothing. The only good thing to happen lately is the on/off truce Gaza truce and that was all Egypt’s doing.

The real reason we are in the Middle East has more to do with oil and pipelines and less having our democratic ways being accepted with open arms. No matter why we are there, the results of our efforts could not be any worse. The Middle East has gone from relative peace, aside from our helping Hussein gas Iran, to pan-Islamic jihad and talk of Ukraine starting world war III.

There are many actors in this play. Hard line Sunni Saudi Arabia and Yemen who finance the jihadists. The Kurds who want to be left to sell their oil. Turkey’s Erdogan who hates Syria and Iraq and plays them against the Jihadists. Israel wants US bodies to do all their heavy lifting. Contrary to what Feinstein says we have little to fear from ISIS but Europe cannot say the same. Their immigration policies have resulted them not having a clue as to or what is in their countries. Europe is much closer to the action.

Our Middle East and European “friends” have the dogs in this fight. Let them figure out an answer. We don’t even have to declare victory before we leave.

All we have to do is leave.

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One Response to “ISIS, Iraq, Syria, The Entire Middle East-Time to Toss the Hot Potato”

  1. This is a well planned series of chess piece moves designed to totally change the Mid-East. Not very well concealed though. Soon Saudi Arabia will be in flames. The Royal Family will flee as well as the Jordanian King. All having out-lived their usefulness to their Western patrons. The oil will stop flowing to the USA bringing what’s left of the economy to a grinding halt. Obama having effectively shut down the Coal Industry will have succeeded in Fundamentally Transforming America into a stagnant Socialist Utopia. Couple that with a False Flag Terror Op on America the Elite will be able to wrest from us what’s left of our Constitution. I hope you’re all Preppers. If not you better get started.

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