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Erie Times-News Doesn’t Print Another Letter

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 14, 2014

I must return to the original purpose of this blog, to circumvent the limitations imposed by my beloved local rag.  The lamestream media has been really getting to me and I had to vent via a letter to the editor.  Apparently it hit too close to home.  Here goes.

We read about supposed Russian aggression next door to them in Ukraine. Yet we never hear how the State Department (search for assistant secretary Victoria Nuland’s “$%@& the EU” cell phone conversation), National Endowment for Democracy and CIA aided and abetted the overthrow of the previous government. All because Victor Yuschenko decided Billions in Russian bailout money trumped Millions from the EU. Food is big business in Ukraine. US agribusinesses that advertise on Sunday morning news shows have much to gain with a US sock puppet in charge.

We are still told Syria launched poison gas attacks when Seymour Hersch (in the London Review of Books online) has convincingly placed the blame on Turkey’s Recep Erdogan who supplied gas to the rebels. The goal was to blame Assad and get a recalcitrant Obama moving. Total media silence.

Center for Disease Control whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson says he lied. The CDC suppressed and modified data that links the MMR vaccine to autism, particularly in African American children. Thompson signed off on the report and can no longer take the guilt. Read about it in Jon Rappoport’s blog-“The Big One-CDC whistleblower goes public”. The media is again silent.

The mainstream media is Washington’s drooling lapdog and no friend to us.

That’s it.

Be seeing you.


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