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Welcome To The Aussie Police State

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 23, 2014

We visited Tasmania a few years ago and I like to listen to the local station on line.  936 Hobart.

The item today was the police shooting of an ISIS flag waving youth that stabbed two officers.

Here is my comment to the station.

I was listening to your Wednesday morning show. The big news was the ISIS flag waving youth shot by police. It was really sad to hear some of the interviewees saying loss of rights was OK with them if the government made them safe. They will soon learn there is no correlation between government and safe. Full porno scans, pat downs, data bases full of your EVERY phone call, text and internet search all saved for future reference. Police down loading your phone data during a traffic stop. Random search and seizures based on nothing. Forfeiture laws let police confiscate money and by simply stating it must be drug money. Probable cause? Don’t need no stinkin’ probable cause. Airport searches have contributed zero to stopping terrorists. Most terrorist arrests have been the result of tip-offs by third parties. These are falsely attributed to government efforts. Most FBI arrests of ‘terrorist’ are the result of entrapping some rube who otherwise would have spent their time talking big in a bar.

The shooting of the youth that stabbed the police officers is another preview of things to come under your future police state. When the government starts supplying automatic weapons, tanks, armored personnel carriers and submarines you know the end is near. Yes, New York City has their own submarine. Your listeners naively ask why the police shot instead of using a taser. It is because they can, silly! Here in the US the common citizen is quickly becoming crap that must be wiped from the officer’s government issued boot. “To protect and to serve” is now “to enforce and arrest”. When a mere citizen is killed it is just another annoyance to the cops. But when one of their own is killed the whole state is put on the job. It is different when it is one of them. The punishment is different too.

When your government bent over and grabbed its ankles after Obama ordered it to station US marines I could see things were not looking good for you. You let Obama put you in China’s sights. Your government is no different than the UK or EU.

Welcome to the police state.


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