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Fighting ISIS With Our Friends-With Friends Like Them…

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 29, 2014

The broad coalition of countries fighting ISIS with US sure aren’t shouldering much of the load. A few planes here and there and that is about it. Mostly the help amounts to cheer leading. But considering the integrity of our “friends” this comes as no surprise.

Take Turkey, please. Our NATO “partner” funds “moderate” rebels in Syria. They supply gas to the rebels and blame it on Syria hoping to suck the US in deeper. Thanks to Putin and some rare push back from the US citizenry we aren’t as deep as we could be.

Saudi Arabia funded the 9/11 attackers, most of them home-grown. SA does not want to become overtly seen as fighting fellow muslims and has only lately become a cheerleader.  SA takes our money and what weapons they don’t get for free they get at bargain rates. Thank you Import-Export bank.  SA knows it is next on ISIS list.  But why put your own people at risk when you can throw your weight (spelled “oil”) around and intimidate Washington into sacrificing US bodies.

Speaking of beheadings (   if no link) they are common as dirt in SA. What are a few chopped off heads or women stoned to death between friends?

Then there are the Iraqi soldiers we trained and armed. A lot signed up. They all got paid. Many forgot to show up for training. Some fight ISIS, some have deserted, the rest have taken their US supplied training and US supplied arms to fight with ISIS.

Our presence in Iraq has rapidly gone from “only” 100 to over 1700 boots on the ground advisers. That doesn’t count the always present CIA and special ops personnel.

McCain was canoodling with ISIS a year ago and didn’t know it! This moron is the flag bearer for the neo-con warparty.

Deja vu all over again, welcome to “Ground Hog Day”.

This a Middle East problem, not ours. The Middle East has the money and manpower. Let them have at it. Why does the US have to pay for, then end up doing, all the heavy lifting?

Like Ron Paul says-they came over here because we are over there. Let us not be over there.

Our UK sock puppet has just volunteered cannon fodder. Planes and bombs no doubt paid in large part by US. Their NIH better stock up now. It can’t deal with the load as it is. Six months are a long time for the dismembered to wait for a wheelchair or cat scan.

Be seeing you


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