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What the Hell am I Talking About? Ebola or ISIS? I Can’t Remember.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 19, 2014

We will send as many 100 “advisers”, no make that 300, no 1000+ to fight the enemy.

The “advisors” are fully armed and accompany the locals to fight the enemy. But they will magically steer clear of the fighting. We will not mention the “specialists” nor the inevitable CIA presence.

The enemy can mutate into an unrecognizable form in an instant leaving us at a complete loss as how to fight it. Not that we knew how to fight it to begin with.

What DOES the enemy look like today?

We will no doubt end up helping to feed and spread the enemy even as we are battling it. Our lack of knowledge of even the most elementary aspects of the enemy will result in an epidemic of collateral damage and innocent lives lost.

Most of these government advisers are trained to kill people and break things, but this is a humanitarian mission.

We are from the US government and we are here to help.

We will kill the enemy, anything that looks like the enemy and just to be sure anything that doesn’t look like the enemy.

We will likely destroy the country in order to save it, winning hearts and minds in the process.

We won’t cut and run when the mission is over. We will stick around to keep an eye on things and will likely have to start over when the mission results in complete failure.

Because that is the real reason we are there. To stick around.

Be seeing you


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