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Thank Cheap Oil For Perpetual War

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 13, 2014

I have wondered since fracking took hold how energy independence will affect our foreign policy. I think I have the answer.

We are back bombing Iraq to stave off ISIS. ISIS, the “moderates” we trained and armed to defeat the only stabilizing force in the Middle East, Bashar Assad.

If there were no ISIS the pentagon would just make up a terror group. Oh wait a minute. They already have.

One hundred “advisers” in Iraq has grown to several thousand in just a few weeks. (Don’t be fooled. Advisers don’t sit on the top of a hill smoking cigars and watching the action). Timelines for eliminating ISIS are now in the 10-20-30 year, “generation” range. Take your pick.

Judging by the West’s Middle East invasion success rate since the crusades a generation is a conservative estimate.

Oil, that dastardly weapon used by evil OPEC in the 70’s, is now a legitimate foreign policy tool.

Oil starvation is now an accepted government tool to keep the world’s rabble in line.

Once Washington figures it can get by with the Strait of Hormuz shut down war in Iran will not be far away.

Tell me again. Why do we need 4000 (more) US victims troops in Liberia to build pole barn hospitals and tell patients “stand over there and wait”? I predict once the crisis is gone the troops won’t be.

We have been primed to accept war as a natural a part of our daily lives. Perpetual war has arrived.

Randolph Bourne said “War is the health of the state”. The corollary being war is also the health of the crony capitalist military/banking industrial complex.

Be sure to thank your warparty representatives in congress. I thank mine every November.

Be seeing you.


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