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Citi Bank Wants To Lose The Cash

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 18, 2015

An exec from one of our more corrupt institutions is re-iterating the call to eliminate cash.  See here.

There are two problems with cash.

It makes it harder for the government to pay for its mistakes and line crony mercantilist pockets by creating counterfeit assets.  Central banks are how war is “paid” for.

Cash makes government tracking of your purchases difficult.

Despite the propaganda a cashless society is not intended for your benefit.

Like we have said before: keep your money out of banks and use cash.  Besides debt enslavement credit cards (and membership discount cards) are nothing more than devices to data bank your life, then sell info.

The only thing a bank should be used for is a place to store the minimum cash required to function.  Debit cards should be used  to access this cash and nothing else.

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One Response to “Citi Bank Wants To Lose The Cash”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    I have for years considered a cashless society to be the closing step to a lock down tyranny. Someday there will be a cashless society. Even ordering a beer in a bar will be paid for without cash. It will be illegal to even accept a small gift without reporting it and adding it to your electronic inventory of assets. This is why I think the borders are left to be so porous. Eventually a terrorist will enter the country and set the plan in motion. The answer will be a cashless society. That, combined with a personal asset inventory control system, will enable the powers that be to know, and control, every activity of every person. Crimes too, such as robbery and drug dealing would not exist because possessing any asset without an electronic documentation trail on how it came into one’s possession would be the most serious of crimes.

    The technology exists right now. The computers are ready. As soon as the right horrific event occurs people will demand it. The last deal in trading what’s left of freedom for “security” could be implemented very quickly.

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